The great apikores yossi beilin writes Rather than plead with the rabbis to be more liberal, we should change Law of Return saying "Instead of bemoaning, year after year, the shrinking Jewish world and pushing away people who consider themselves Jews, instead of pleading with rabbis to become more liberal with regard to conversion - we must remove their monopoly on Jewish identity.

We must define for ourselves, in the Law of Return, that in the eyes of the State of Israel, anyone with a Jewish parent, father or mother, is also Jewish."

In other words he is implying that we should start recruting new jews.

Rabbi yisrael eichler attempts to answer beilin but in actuality all he does is explain what beilin is refering to...

Years ago rav kahane wrote on this topic in his book Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews
"And this concept, "a Jewish State," we made the focus of the central and moving paragraph of Israel's Declaration of Independence which declared: "We hereby proclaim the establishment of a JEWISH STATE in the Land of Israel."
What in the world does this "Jewish State" mean? What is its minimal and fundamental definition, the one that every Zionist — religious or not, rightist or leftist, whatever his political, social and economic hue —will agree upon? Why surely it is the definition of a Jewish State as one with a majority of Jews. Of course this is the most basic and bottom-line definition possible.
Only a state with a majority of Jews guarantees all the things that Zionism and Zionists dreamed of, worked for, demanded. Only a state with a majority of Jews guarantees Jewish sovereignty, and independence. Only a state with a majority of Jews guarantees that the Jew will be captain of his ship, master of his fate, free from dependency on and prostration before strangers.
Only a state with a majority of Jews will insure that, never again, will we enjoy such dubious benefits as Crusades and Inquisitions and pogroms and holocausts —small and very large. Only a state in which the Jew controls his destiny will free him from both gentile Church and State, from both the intolerance of the non-Jew as well as his humiliating "tolerance." A Jewish majority is a Jewish State and a Jewish State is the repudiation of the ghetto, the Exile, humiliation, degradation, weakness and the shame of raising our eyes unto the stranger, "from the gentile shall come forth our salvation. ..."
Anything less than a Jewish majority is not a Jewish State. Surely Brooklyn has many, many Jews but it is not a Jewish State for it. It is not a sovereign, independent one, and this is what Zionism and its founding fathers understood and fought for: A Land of Israel with a majority of Jews in it. A Jewish State."

In his interview in Israel’s Ayatollahs: Meir Kahane and the Far Right in Israel
"Q: So you make a distinction between being a Jew and being an Israeli.
A: Of course. And that’s where the great insanity of this country, the great sickness, comes from. The problem here is not so much the Arabs but the Jews. The secular Jew has a problem of identity. He doesn’t know who he is. So he says he is an Israeli. Not a Jew. This is insanity. Because an Arab can also be an Israeli. To be an Israeli means having citizenship of this country. It’s not a nationality. So the sabra lives in a state of complete confusion. He doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know where he’s going. People in this country are sick. Intellectually sick. For me, there are no Israelis. There are Jews. Some of them live in Israel. Others live in France. Others live somewhere else. There is a Jewish people. Because there is a Jewish people, we have the right to come to this country, and to take it from the Arabs.If the sabra isn’t a Jew, then I don’t know why his grandparents came to this country and took it from the Arabs. It isn’t because the Jews lived here 2,000 years ago that they have the right to come back. Who the hell cares whether they lived here 2,000 years ago?The biggest fascism is precisely that: to believe that one has a right to conic back here solely because one lived here 2,000 years ago. The legitimate reason why we have the right to come back here is that we are Jews and because we are Jews we have a 2,000-year bond with this land. We have always prayed three times a day to be able to come back to this land. And we have never given up this hope. It’s not the fact that we have come back and that we have created an Israeli state. That’s not the reason. The reason is that, first and foremost, we are Jews."

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