Rabbi Meir Kahane's last work which was published in 1990 shortly before his assassination. In this book, Rabbi Kahane outlines a blueprint of survival for Israel based on an emergency national referendum.

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Intifada! What is it if not the continuation of the Arab revolt against the Jew and their Jewish state?
Rabbi Meir Kahane, who has an enormous following in Israel, and particularly among the young, says the intitada phenomenon could have been crushed in two days but, instead, has been permitted to fester for more than two years. In its wake, Kahane says it destroys Jews, physically and spiritually-and threatens the very existence of the Jewish state.
Today the frightening alternatives must be faced at last. Israeli Jews are angry, frustrated and bitter. They are deeply concerned for themselves and their loved ones. They are eager to strike back against those Arabs who are allowed by the government to destroy them.
Kahane warns that the situation cannot continue. If the government cannot or will not protect Jewish lives and property, it loses the legitimate right to rule, and will force desperate Jews to take the law into their own hands.
There is another alternative! Kahane suggests that the Israeli government allow its angry citizens to go to the polls themselves, to decide those life and death issues that are tearing the country to pieces.
A referendum is the only alternative to save mainline Jews from both murderous Arabs and incited Jews. Kahane points out that The most fundamental obligation of government-and the very source of its legitimacy and right to rule over people-is its responsibility to guarantee the lives and safety of its citizens. If it either cannot, or will not, fulfill that obligation, it has no moral or legal right to rule.
In this incisive critique of Israeli government policies-and its historical look-back of fatal mistakes of Israel's founding generation, Kahane points up impossible inconsistencies between Zionism and Western Democracy.
Ever the prophetic teacher, Rabbi Kahane makes the case for letting the electorate speak for themselves. In the pages of this book, he advocates a national referendum, calling for a yes or no vote on the following:
[1] Shall the Knesset be dissolved and new elections open to all parties be held?
[2] Shall the winner be bound to implement the following program:
-Crush of the Arab revolt by every means possible.
-Annex Jedea-Samaria-Gaza. -Remove all Arabs who are not prepared to accept the exclusive sovereignty of the Jewish people over all in the land of Israel. (This will allow those Arabs who do accept their right to remain in the land as non-citizens their personal rights but no national rights.)

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