Marzel to keneset!

Baruch Marzel Announces He’ll Run as Head of a New Party

Baruch Marzel, a prominent right-wing activist from Hevron, announced Tuesday at a press conference that he would be forming his own party to run in Israel’s upcoming general election.Marzel’s party will be called the Jewish National Front.Marzel said, “People are looking for a new party. Many people won’t go out and vote if the alternatives are Orlev or Litzman. We will become the only alternative for people who have all but given up on the political system, and for people who are unhappy about supporting parties that served as a bridge for Sharon to expel residents from Gush Katif.”

Among those joining Marzel’s new party is Professor Israel Hanukoglo, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (1996-99), and Professor Paul Eidelberg, the president of Yamin Yisrael, a small right wing movement.MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union), who was offered the number six slot on a unified list with the National Religious Party, reportedly is considering running on Marzel’s new list. Most people do not know much about marzel so here is some info:Baruch Marzel was born in the United States, is married with 9 children and currently lives in Hebron. Mr Marzel graduated the "Itaray" Yeshiva of Harav Merkaz.. He served in a tank regiment in the IDF and was injured during the Lebanon war.He began his political activity as a member of the "KACH" (Kahane) movement, and was the speaker and secretary of the party.

He founded the "Admot Yshay" neighborhood in Hebron. Mr. Marzel currently serves as the chairman of "Ha'Va'd Le'ma'an Hachayal" in Hebron, and works tirelessly on a daily basis in the public arena, fighting for the good of the Israeli Nation and the Land of Israel.

As for Baruch Marzel, I really don't know what his true feelings are. I know this much. I know that Ahmed Tibi isn't scared of Arik Sharon or anyone in the Likud. I know that he isn't scared of the National Union with Benny Alon, Avigdor Lieberman, and Tzvi Hendel. I know that he's scared like hell of Baruch Marzel

I will be voting for marzel and eidleberg, I know they wont compromise! I kno baruch marzel personally and he is a true jew! Salt of the earth.

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