Transfer? It’s Time!

Arlene Peck
30 September 2002
I’m too young to be a political pundit, but the fact is that for more years than I care to remember, the thought of transfer-the forced movement of the Arab population of Israel, Judea and Samaria to Arab countries- has been criticized as irrational, immoral and impossible to implement. However, after the past two years of living through the horror of sometimes-daily terror attacks, almost fifty percent of the Israeli public supports transfer.
Despite that fact, the only party advocating it in the Knesset is Moledet, and with only one representative in the Knesset, they are continuously held back by the political system. Since transfer has gained so much support among the Israeli public it is unconscionable that the politicians do not reflect that position. Unfortunately, the peoples´ voice is drowned out by the Israeli political system, which so far refuses to accept the idea, though it would eliminate the Arab demographic threat to Israel.
I remember having long dialogues with Rabbi Meir Kahane twenty-five years ago. At that time he prophesied to me, “At the rate that the Arabs are populating the Jewish state, they won’t beat us with bullets. No, they’ll beat us with ballots. Who but the Jews would put the enemy in power to vote them out? The average Israeli will have two children while the Arabs have a dozen.”
Today it is easier to see that the transfer Kahane advocated would solve that problem immediately: and the Jewish state would no longer have to concern itself with the Arab population doubling itself every sixteen years. At this point in time, the 22 Arab states have 289 million people and their numbers are soaring worldwide daily. By the year 2020 they will be 410 to 459 million strong. Even now, they are growing up violent and illiterate and taking over much of Europe. Today, many European countries are finding their cultures changing with churches disappearing and mosques being built in their places.
Do you really think that the Arabs who walked away from 97% of everything on their ‘wish list,’ in the misplaced leadership of Ehud Barak, would be satisfied with the land they’ve received from Gaza, Judea and Samaria? Pu-lease. The present day Arab considers the entire state of Israel as "Historically Palestinian”.
It’s interesting that the world sees nothing wrong though, with uprooting over a quarter of a million people from lands that they have been residing in for over thirty years. Where do they think the Jews living in the ‘settlements’ come from? Did they drop out of a pineapple tree? What about making it possible to have all the Jewish residents of Israel who were chased out of the Arab world ´return´ to claim their property, or at the very least, be compensated? If the despots in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or any of the surrounding Arabs states had not wanted to create and exacerbate the Palestinian refugee problem in their attempts to destroy the Jewish state, they would have been resettled with their Arab brothers fifty years ago.
Knowing the Jewish mentality as I do, I am confident that Israel would be the first one to assist in building a Palestinian state on Arab land, helping their neighbors in terms of agriculture, finance, industry and trade and all the other trappings of statehood. If the situation were reversed, the Arabs wouldn’t be happy until every Jew was dead and all of their historical sites renamed after Mohammed.
Despite claims to the contrary by virtually all of the Arab states, the religious and historical tie of the Jews to their land is basic to their history. Unfortunately, too many have lost their roots and are uncaring or unaware of the actual ‘rights’ to the land. Arafat and his ilk have been spouting the ‘big lie’ for so long that there has to be an educational campaign to remind the world, and even the Israelis, of their ownership and birthright.
Hey, I don’t blame the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs for wanting to leave the oppression they suffer by their own people and move to a place that offers a life they have never had nor could ever have. A recent UN report cited that out of the seven major regions of the world it’s the Arab region that has the lowest freedom score. They are at the bottom of the barrel in political rights, civil liberties, and press and religious freedom. There is no government accountability. Most of the women and a large chunk of the male population are totally illiterate. Good Lord, the whole Arab world translates only about three hundred books annually, and their Internet connectivity is just about nil. Maybe a couple of generations of learning about freedom and democracy, a few generations learning to give up the anti-Jewish hate that they’ve spent the past fifty-four years acquiring and ten years perfecting, will help them dig out of the hole in which they now find themselves.
That could make a difference. Meanwhile, the answer isn’t in opening the floodgates and setting up statehood for the enemy within the confines of the Jewish state. Sure, the logistics of transfer are difficult. However, it’s been done within their own communities many times. That’s the way the Palestinians got there in the first place, when their brothers in Jordan expelled them. I believe that Israel is in a fight for its life, a battle it can’t afford to lose.
Transfer can be done gradually. Each time Hamas or any other of the state sponsored terrorist groups attack, announcing they will “Kill all of the Jews”, each time a terrorist bombs a restaurant, disco or school, Israel should announce they will annex ten percent of the land they have previously handed over…. and then do it!

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