Why we should vote marzel.

These days we are a lost nation, We are a flock of sheep with no sheaperd. Gone are our great leaders. Zev jabowtinsky, the Lubavitcher rebbe, hakadosh Rav kahane Hy'd, Rav kook, hakadosh Rav binyamin ze'ev kahane Hy'd and hakadosh Rachamim (gandi) ze'evi Hy'd.
But we have memories, writings, video's, and recorded speeches. Most importantly we have ideaoligy. We have a derech (a path) we simply need to follow this path and we will reach our destination. But we are a lost nation, We have wanderd off this path.... we have gone so far away,
And even worse we have been blinded, Our eyes have been coverd over by a cloth that prevents us from reaching our path to get to our destination. But we still have that flame alive in us,
The holy flame that our rabbi's and leaders ignited in us...

So we lost jews decide to find a guide, Someone who knows the way and is capable of bringing us back onto the path, The holy derech and lead us to our destination. And so we look for a guide but as jews we squable, We fight. Some choose one guide, Others choose another guide. And so the group gets split, With some following one guide and others following another guide.

But these guides are deceptive... Not only do they not take us back onto the corect path but some lead us into quicksand, And yet other guides lose us in the desert, and in a forest.

Night time arrives... and we have not reached the saftey of the path... We are attacked by barbarians but our hopeless guides cannot and will not help us! "Have patience" they tell us
"in the morning we will continue" But is a long and bloody night. Many choose to leave the guides and find the path on their own, But it is too dark...

And then dawn comes and the sun rises.... Thousands of been killed and tens of thousands maimed.... The hopes and beliefs of hundreds of thousands have been crushed...
And they are taunted by the traiters from within "Cant you see you will never get there ?"
They mock us. "Lets go back to egypt, Why should we die here in this g-d foresaken place"
"Let us appoint a new leader and go back to Egypt" (Num. 14:4).

Then along comes a man... A man who from the begining had warned about these corupt and evil guides. A man who knows the way... he may not be a leader but if we follow him we will get to the right path and reach our destination...

And then the arguing begins again! "He is not a good guide!" some say...
"Nobody will follow him" yet others bemoan.

And so the lost jews have a choice, To remain in the desert for 40 years or to follow their guide.
But these are diffrent 40 years....they are 40 years to doom. Its a countdown,
The 40 years g-d gave the jews to repent, or the temple will be destroyed and judea shall fall.
40 years our great leader rav kahane gave us before we will fall!
But these jews have been blinded, They continue to squable and fight. And yet more are killed.
If they choose to go back, remain in their places or follow these lost guides....
The end will be the same. They will perish!

It is our choice!! So i tell you now...


R. Shimon bar Yona said: 'Now will I arise': As long as the Congregation of Israel lies trodden in the dust, I will not rise. Only on that day regarding which it says (Isaiah 52:2), 'Shake yourself from the dust! Arise and sit down, O Jerusalem!'

Awake from your slumbering! Ripp off the cloth that covers your eyes. Follow the guide that we know will lead us back to the path... For if we don't we will perish!

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