Plant a Tree in Yesha for Tu Bi'Shvat with "Trees4Yesha"

The Charity of Light Fund Presents:

The Gift that Keeps on Growing
Our - Online Fruit Tree Planting Center

Planting a tree in Yesha is the perfect way to show you care. For $24 per fruit tree, you can show the Jews of Yesha that you stand together with them in these troubled times.

Our goal is to plant 10,000 new fruit trees adjacent to the settlements and hilltops throughout Yesha, enabling growth, security, and financial freedom to the people of Yesha.

The fruit trees of Israel have always represented prosperity, ownership and peace, and today it is no different.

The Talmud teaches us that when the fruit trees of Israel will once again give of their fruits, there is no surer sign that the Redemption of the Jewish people is at hand!

You, too, can take part in this tradition and at the same time help the settlements to strengthen themselves and expand and become financially independent!

With each order of trees a beautiful certificate will be mailed to the recipient with your personal message.
Plant trees for all occasions: Birth, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Graduation, Birthday, or in memory of a loved one.

What greater way is there to remember a loved one or to send a gift, then by
purchasing a fruit tree in the land of Israel- the symbol of strength, endurance and prosperity.

"But I am like an ever-fresh olive tree in the house of G-d,
I trust in the kindness of G-d forever and ever"
Psalms 52:10.

Over the past two years the Charity of Light Fund has planted thousands of
fruit trees in Yesha (Yehuda-Shomron-Gaza).

Help us to continue to grow and to strengthen our brethren who are on the front lines.

For pictures of last year's plantings, visit the trees4yesha website

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