We Must Fight the Hellenists!!!

Tonight is the 7th night of Chanuka... but it is also the goyish "New Year". Funny that. The "new year" of the hellenists has fallen on the day of their crushing defeat at the hands of the few Jews of great Faith... On the very day that they get drunk and party, we know that we defeated them all those centuries ago - and will yet defeat them again. But it is still indeed an intruiging situation to find ourselves in. Why are things being "rubbed in our face" in such a way?

The lights of the Menorah show our victory over the hellenists - but their xmas lights and "new year" celebrations are their reply. They are shoving this in our faces and it has to stop! How DARE they celebrate their hideous "new year" in our Land?! How DARE they celebrate their service of the "man-god" idol IN OUR LAND!?

Is this not the greatest insult?!

So I put it forward to Jews of all stripes and colours - do not celebrate this "new year". It's not ours - and why should we want it anyway?

Look at the murderous history that the xtian "new year" has towards us Jews: http://www.arutzsheva.com/news.php3?id=95750

It's time to fight against hellenism and this is the ideal time - when their festivals clash with ours! When the choice is shown to us in such a stark, undeniable way. This year has seen it happen once before: Rosh HaShana clashed with both Ramadan and a Greek Orthodox festival for the first time in many many years. All faithful Jews must see this as a sign from HaShem. The battle-cry has been called - let's step up to the task! Let this JEWISH Year (which was kicked off with that very battle-cry on Rosh HaShana) be a year of victory for us and one of defeat for them.

If WE don't act (from Rosh HaShana), then THEY will act (from their "new year" of sodomy).

This clash of Chanuka and the non-Jewish new year should be a great opportunity for introspection. The Maccabim beat the hellenists once - but that is not enough.

It is time to put aside our petty differences and knock them down one last time...

I'd say "the war has begun," but we have been fighting it already for a long time - we just weren't all aware of it...

Chanuka Sameach.

Who's Afraid of Hamas?

Cries of dismay could be heard simultaneously from all directions when the PA announced that Hamas would be permitted to run in both local and parliamentary elections. In protest, Israel barred voting from taking place in Jerusalem, and the US and EU threatened to withhold funding if Hamas is permitted to participate. Security officials in Israel and abroad warn about the dire situation that will occurr if Hamas is allowed to take over an that there is a real fear of them winning a majority in Gaza and other major cities in the West Bank.

It has always puzzled me that Hamas has continually been a taboo subject for both Israelis and world leaders. Arafat and his successors in the PLO have been deemed "partners in peace". Convicted mass murderer Marwan Barghouti is a "legitimate candidate" and there are even calls to release him from jail so that he can campaign, Azmi Bishara and Ahmed Tibi regularly call for the destruction of Israel from WITHIN the Israeli Knesset and no one says a word, but Heaven Forfend Hamas should be permitted to run!

It doesn't take much research or critical thought to realize that there is NO negotiable difference between the PA. Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, or Hizbollah, the Israeli Arab political parties or any other Arab terror group. All of these organizations are directly involved in terrorism, the routine murder of Jews and work towards the eventual destruction of the State of Israel. The time has come to stop whitewashing arch terrorist Arafat and his good old boys and treat them as what they are- wolves in sheep's clothing. Are we really supposed to trust Abu Mazen, whose PHD dissertation was a flamboyant piece of holocaust revisionism? Does Fatah, or the Al-Aksa brigades, the official military wing of the PA, have any less blood on its hands than its radical rivals in green? Was Arafat not directly responsible for killing the most number of Jews since Hitler and Stalin? It is time to take the wool off of our eyes and call a spade a spade. The PA is no better than Hamas and their goals are the same. The only difference is their tactics and willingness to use deception to achieve them.

There is however, ONE major difference between Hamas and the PA. The PA is rife with corruption and is in essence nothing more than a government sanctioned mafia. A party which has completely lost touch with the will of the people, has been stealing their money for years and is widely viewed as willing to sacrifice ideology for money power and prestige. Hamas on the other hand, is seen as the honest ideological party, the "party of the people" so to speak, and that is why they are becoming more and more popular. This is not only in theory, they managed to do very well in many municipal elections especially in big cities such as Schem.

If Hamas were merely some marginal fringe party the powers that be would have no problem with them running and showing poorly in the polls. The fact is that they have a very good chance at winning, or at least taking a significant percentage of the electorate. This is why they are so feared and why there is so much pressure to exclude them from the elections.

But why should we be afraid of Hamas? Haven't we already established that from a standpoint of terrorism or ideology they are no worse than the current regime? Wouldn't their victory mean a major decrease in corruption and mishandling of funds which are meant to go to the "Palestinian people"? Why are the very people who for so long demanded free elections in Palestine, now attempting to censor the ballot? Don't "free elections" and the democratic process trump every other political concern? Shouldn't the "Palestinian People" be permitted to vote for whomever they choose, not a pre-decided set of candidates who will maintain the status quo?

The real reason that there is so much international opposition to Hamas is obvious: If they are permitted to run and then win or do well at the polls it will unequivocally prove to the world once and for all that the "Palestinian People" = Hamas. The Emperor will be naked and the lies that have been fed to us since the Oslo accords about the "moderate peace loving majority" of the "Palestinian People" will finally be exposed as complete fabrications and political sophistry. It will show that in a TRUE free election, the Palestinians will not vote for peace or compromise, they will vote for HAMAS, in essence a vote to continue the campaign of murder and mayhem until no Jew is left on Palestinian soil. They will vote for radical Islam and not Western Democracy or Liberalism. They will choose the battlefield over the negotiating table and the sick game we have been playing will finally be over. In the end, the "Palestinians will not even settle for the trojan horse, "jack in a box" called the PA, who is more discrete about its goals and tactics. They want the real thing -Hamas -Terrorism no holds barred.....

So why not let the Arab inhabitants of Israel finally vote their conscience? Why not allow them to have a truly free and unencumbered election? Why not once and for all allow them to show their true colors to the world publicly embarrassing the EU, UN, US State Department and most of all the Israeli Left who for so long have tried to cover up their atrocities, squarely placing the blame on Israel's shoulders? There is an old expression in Yiddish "A good enemy is better than a bad friend." We all know where Hamas stands, wouldn't we be in a far better position dealing with them than a lying cheating PA who says one thing in English and the opposite in Arabic? Why not finally let the truth come out; that the Arabs of Israel actively seek its destruction and MUST be treated like enemies of the State instead of "partners in peace". They must be fought against and expelled not given more concessions and "confidence building measures". Because if they will be allowed to vote, their "confidence" in Hamas and radical Islamic terrorism will be as clear as day and no amount of rationalization or political maneuvering will be able to cover that up. Let Hamas run, let the Arabs once and for all show their true intentions. And if they run I hope they win, because as strange as it may sound, A Victory for Hamas is a Victory for Israel!

Down With Hanukah!!!

Down With Hanukah!!!
By Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D

One of my favorite articles of all time written by the Rav--KRebbe

If I were a Reform rabbi; if I were a leader of the establishment whose money and prestige have succeeded in capturing for himself the leadership and voice of American Jewry; if I were one of the members of the Israeli Government's ruling group; if I were an enlightened sophisticated, modern Jewish intellectual, I would climb the barricades and join in battle against that most dangerous of all Jewish holidays - Hanukah.

It is a measure of the total ignorance of the world Jewish community that there is no holiday that is more universally celebrated than the "Feast of Lights," and it is an equal measure of the intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy of Jewish leadership that it plays along with the lie. For if ever there was a holiday that stands for everything that the masses of world Jewry and their leadership has rejected - it is this one. If one would find an event that is truly rooted in everything that Jews of our times and their leaders have rejected and, indeed, attacked - it is this one. If there is any holiday that is more "un-Jewish" in the sense of our modern beliefs and practices - I do not know of it.

The Hanukah that has erupted unto the world Jewish scene in all its childishness, asininity, shallowness, ignorance and fraud is not the Hanukah of reality. The Hanukah that came into vogue because Jewish parents - in their vapidness needed something to counteract Christmas; that exploded in a show of "we-have-lights-just-as-our- goyisha-neighbors" and in an effort to reward our spoiled children with eight gifts instead of the poor Christian one; the Hanukah that the Temple, under its captive Rabbi, turned into a school pageant so that the beaming parents might think that the Religious School is really successful instead of the tragic joke and waste that it really is; the Hanukah that speaks of Jewish Patrick Henrys giving-me- liberty-or-death and that pictures the Maccabees as great liberal saviors who fought so that the kibbutzim might continue to be free to preach their Marx and eat their ham, that the split-level dwellers of suburbia might be allowed to violate their Sabbath in perfect freedom and the Reform and Conservative Temples continue to fight for civil rights for Blacks, Puerto Ricans and Jane Fonda, is not remotely connected with reality.

This is not the Hanukah of our ancestors, of the generations of Jews of Eastern Europe and Yemen and Morocco and Spain and Babylon. It is surely not the Hanukah for which the Maccabees themselves died. Truly, could those whom we honor so munificently, return and see what Hanukah has become, they might very well begin a second Maccabean revolt. For the life that we Jews lead today was the very cause, the real reason, for the revolt of the Jews "in those days in our times."

What happened in that era more than 2000 years ago? What led a handful of Jews to rise up in violence against the enemy? And precisely who was the enemy? What were they fighting for and who were they fighting against?

For years the people of Judea had been the vassals of Greece. True independence as a state had been unknown for all those decades and, yet, the Jews did not rise in revolt. It was only when the Greek policy shifted from mere political control to one that attempted to suppress the Jewish religion that the revolt erupted in all its bloodiness. It was not mere liberty that led to the Maccabean uprising that we so passionately applaud. What we are really cheering is a brave group of Jews who fought and plunged Judea into a bloodbath for the right to observe the Sabbath, to follow the laws of kashrut, to obey the laws of the Torah. In a world where everything about Hanukah that we commemorate, and teach our children to commemorate, are things we consider to be outmoded, medieval and childish!

At best, then, those who fought and died for Hanukah were naive and obscurantist. Had we lived in those days we would certainly not have done what they did, for everyone knows that the laws of the Torah are not really Divine but only the products of evolution and men (do not the Reform, Reconstructionist, and large parts of the Conservative movements write this daily?) Surely we would not have fought for that which we violate every day of our lives. No, at best Hanukah emerges as a needless holiday if not a foolish one. Poor Hannah and her seven children; poor Mattathias and Judah; poor well meaning chaps all - but hopelessly backward and utterly unnecessary sacrifices.

But there is more. Not only is Hanukah really a foolish and unnecessary holiday, it is also one that is dangerously fanatical and illiberal. The first act of rebellion, the first enemy who fell at the hands of the brave Jewish heroes whom our delightful children portray so cleverly in their Sunday and religious school pageants, was not a Greek. He was a Jew.

When the enemy sent his troops into Modin to set up an idol and demand its worship, it was a Jew who decided to exercise his freedom of pagan worship and who approached the altar to worship Zeus. (After all, what business was it of anyone what this fellow worshiped?) And it was this Jew, this apostate, this religious traitor who was struck down by the brave, glorious, courageous, (are these not the words all our Sunday schools use to describe him) Mattathias, as he shouted: "Whoever is for G-d, follow me!"

What have we here? What kind of religious intolerance and bigotry? What kind of a man is this for the anti-religious Ha'shomer Ha'tzair, the graceful temples of suburbia, the sophisticated intellectuals, the liberal, open-minded Jews and all the drones who have wearied us unto death with the concept of Judaism as a humanistic, open-minded, undogmatic, liberal, universalist (if not Marxist) religion, to honor? What kind of nationalism is this for Shimon Peres (he who rejects the 'Galut' and speaks of the proud, free Jew of ancient Judea and Israel)?

And to crush us even more (we who know that Judaism is a faith of peace which deplores violence), what kind of Jews were these who reacted to oppression with force? Surely we who so properly have deplored Jewish violence as fascistic, immoral and (above all) un- Jewish, stand in horror as we contemplate Jews who declined to picket the Syrian Greeks to death and who rejected quiet diplomacy for the sword, spear and arrow (had there been bombs in those days, who can tell what they might have done?) and "descended to the level of 'evil'" thus rejecting the ethical and moral concepts of Judaism.

Is this the kind of a holiday we wish to propagate? Are these the kinds of men we want our moral and humanistic children to honor? Is this the kind of Judaism that we wish to observe and pass on to our children? Where shall we find the man of courage, the lone voice in the wilderness to cry out against Hanukah and the Judaism that it represents - the Judaism of our grandparents and ancestors?

Where shall we find the man of honesty and integrity to attack the Judaism of medievalism and outdated foolishness; the Judaism of bigotry that strikes down Jews who refuse to observe the Law; the Judaism of violence that calls for Jewish force and might against the enemy? When shall we find the courage to proudly eat our Chinese food and violate our Sabbaths and reject all the separateness, nationalism and religious maximalism that Hanukah so ignobly represents? Down with Hanukah! It is a regressive holiday that merely symbolizes the Judaism that always was; the Judaism that was handed down to us from Sinai; the Judaism that made our ancestors ready to give their lives for the L-rd; the Judaism that young people instinctively know is true and great and real. Such a Judaism is dangerous for us and our leaders. We must do all in our power to bury it.

Parshat VaYeshev: "For the Righteous There is no Tranquility"

For the Righteous, There Is No Tranquility (1993)

Weekly Parsha Commentary by Binyamin Zev Kahane

Translated by Lenny Goldberg

Parshat Vayeshev begins with the words, "And Jacob sat (or dwelled)". From this seemingly mundane phrase the sages teach (Breishis Raba 84): "When the righteous desire to live in tranquility, the Accuser comes (before G-d) and declares: Is it not enough (for the righteous) that they will receive their rewards in the World to Come; must they also request to dwell in this world in tranquility, he was punished with the troubles of Joseph."

Amazing! All Jacob wanted was to settle down and raise a family in the way of Torah. What more could God ask of him? Here was a man beset with troubles from the very outset of his life (including in his mother's womb)- the feud with Esau, the despicable treatment he received at Laban's house, the rape of his daughter and the subsequent fear of attacks by the local gentiles after the daring liquidation of Shchem by his two sons. Didn't he deserve at least at this stage to relax a little, learn Torah, and enjoy life?

However, it is exactly this outlook on life that the sages come to negate. And it is a concept we must drill into our hearts. The attainment of comfort, even if it is combined with a life of Torah and mitzvot, must not be the goal of the Jew. The real tranquility will be received in the World to Come. This world, by its very nature, is one of struggle and strife, and thus it is not the place designated for the achievement of comfort: "The days of the years in this life are 70 years, or, given strength, 80 years; but the best of them are trouble and sorrow. They pass by speedily, and we are in darkness" (Psalms 90:10) The essence of a Jew is selfless devotion and self-sacrifice for G-d, His Torah, and His People.

My father, Rabbi Meir Kahane (may G-d avenge his blood) would frequently bless newlyweds with this blessing. Already under the "chupah", he would tell the couple that he does not wish for them to live in tranquility and comfort but rather they should always fulfill their tasks as Jews with "msirus nefesh" (self-sacrifice). This strange blessing often startled many of the guests. However, it was the message that the Rav continually stressed - a Jew must give of himself to sanctify God's Name. This includes his time, his money, and sometimes, even his life.

This lesson is quite relevant to the holiday of Hanukkah that draws near. One who ponders the sequence of events of the Hanukkah story may be confounded by an enigma: What were the Jews doing before Matitiyahu and his sons began the rebellion? During the period that the Greek entourage traveled from village to village to force the Jews to sacrifice pigs to their idols, why did no one else rebel until then? Were there no other righteous Jews in Israel? This is exactly the point. What differentiated Matitiyahu and his sons from the other righteous Jews was their willingness for "mesirut nefesh". Surely there were many Jews who observed the commandments, but they placed their personal comfort and safety above their Jewish mission and destiny.

The implications for today are obvious, and if there were only a few Maccabees back then, there are even less "Maccabees" today. The slogan "never again" was never intended to mean that another Holocaust could never again occur. It meant that Jews would never again sit quietly, in tranquility, while other Jews are suffering. It meant that Jews would do everything in their power, even at great personal cost, to help their brethren. Let us pray that the observant Jew, who observes with great vigor each and every halachic stringency, will grasp this simple and valuable lesson of "and Jacob sat".

The Truth is Being Set Free - the Light of Redemption is Near...

Never have I seen such honesty in Israel politics! It is absoloutely amazing!

According to Arutz Sheva Yossi Beilin's slogan for his party in the upcoming Israeli elections is (and I kid you not!): "Beilin Will Divide Jerusalem"!

Sharon is (in his own, typically slimey way), showing pretty open signs that he intends to offer the PA/PLO 90% of Yehuda and Shomron - including parts of Jerusalem!

One can only imagine, then, what Labour will step up to offer the blind Israeli voter in an attempt to outdo Arik and Yosseleh...

Well what about voting for one of the "religious" parties, such as Shas, UTJ or Mafdal? Or maybe the "right-wing, nationalist" National Union?... What a joke! As if they have done anything of worth when they WERE in the government! Mafdal - well, we've spoken about them before. Shas/UTJ - same old same old. Give them some money for their Yeshivas and they'll keep quiet while the hellenists divide the Land of Israel among our enemies. NU - give me a break; again, what have they done of worth recently? If anything they're so mixed up they don't know what they want. "Arab cantons"? Or perhaps some other vague "negotiated agreement" with the Arab world. Wow, yeah, I sure can see that happening...

So what other options are there? They way I see it there are 3 - and only 1 (naturally, the hardest) is credible.

1. Feiglin. Ah, so much promise... but just you wait till Bibi wins the Likud primaries. What will all the Feiglinites say then? There has been so much written on this subject it is just annoying to go through it all again, but in short: Feiglin will not win. And if he does so what? The Likud is finished, doomed to lose about 3 quarters of its seats and be left with 10-15 max. And if Feiglin wins I doubt it will be even that because a large chunk of the actual Likud voters won't vote for him, as most of his support comes from Likud members who do not vote Likud but rather wanted to have another dig at Sharon. Feiglin is a sincere man but once the Likud primaries are over so are his hopes of taking over the Likud. Besides, after all they've done, who could bare to vote for such a party of weasels and haters of the Torah?!

2. Marzel. At first my hopes were high but now I'm waivering. His new "Chazit" party doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I haven't heard from them, and if the seat minumum has been pushed up from 2 seats to 3 seats - even though he didn't even get 2 seats when running under Herut - I don't see how he has any chance (unless he suddenly pulls his act together - which at this point would require no less than a miracle!)

Besides, other problems have cropped up in my mind. I just don't feel comfortable with the fact that Baruch Marzel had to get up and reject "Kahane" to get in. It's not that I don't understand why he did it, and it's not that I think he actually meant it - but it's just that how does he expect this all to work? Besides for it being rather unscrupulous (which by itself isn't such an issue for me - for such is the murky nature of politics), but it is also impractical! If he gets voted in - then what?! He can't say what he truly believes or they'll kick him out! But if he doesn't he'll (G-D forbid) just become another sell-out...

In short: if your mind is 100% set on voting, then vote for Marzel - but the problem is: should we be voting at all?...

3. The 3rd option is - as I said - the most difficult... but it is also the most pure and acceptable in my mind. It, too, is impossible to fully enumerate within one post, but I will give a quick summary of it here, and those who wish to discuss it further can do so on the revava.org forum.

We must find an alternative to the impurities, lies and hellenism of the Knesset. The Knesset AS A WHOLE rejected the Torah Way when they banned Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd and later his son Rav Binyamin z"tl h"yd. They have not changed, and in fact things have gotten even worse as the rot begins to really set and the malignancy reaches its most advanced stages yet. The alternative HAS to come from the outside, because the Knesset simply will not accept the Torah Derech. In fact, recent events are making this clearer than ever. Whilst one can say "divide Jerusalem! Divide our most Holy of Holies" and it is deemed to be a completey acceptable political opinion; one who declares: "Keep the Torah of HaShem! No compromise!" and actually means it is thrown out of the Knesset. So the Hellenists have chosen.

On the other hand, for the first time in centuries we have an alternative - THE Alternative: the Sanhedrin. Yes it is still in the works, but it has already begun to operate and it is imperative that the faithful of Am Yisrael throw ourselves behind this wonderful, righteous body of Torah. It is time to seperate from the State - but not from the Land, People and Torah of Israel. We must do all in our power to spread the True Torah message to all Jews worldwide and we must make the greatest of efforts to save and protect the Torah and Land of Israel. But as for this rotten shell of a "state"... from within this rotten "seed of redemption" shall sprout forth a completely new and beautiful flower. Precisely when the seed of a plant appears to be rotting away without a trace, something entirely new sprouts forth from within.

No one can deny that the state of Israel paved the way for the Redemption in some way - warts and all - but now it is time to move on. We cannot stay and stagnate and rot in our own nostalgia, lack of vision and unwillingness to move on. As a Proud and Faithful People we must stand and declare that the Holy Torah is the only way forward for Am Yisrael! It may sound vague, but we can only do our own hishtadlut - effort on this matter. Amongst ourselves we must unite and slowly but surely form our own alternative to the State of Israel. Call it a State of Judea or call it something else - either way, it must replace the currect lamentable state of affairs with the Light of Redemption, soon Please G-D...

Preparations for 5th Yahrzeit of Binyamin and Talya Kahane

Jan. 5 is the Yahrzeit date for Binyamin and Talya Kahane, h"yd. Two
blockbuster events are planned:

Wednesday, Jan. 4, a day of Torah learning in Kfar Tapuach, with Rabbi
Yisrael Ariel (past rabbi of Yamit, and head of the Temple Institute)
and Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzberg

Wednesday, Jan. 11, in honor of Binyamin Kahane's Final Message:

Taking Our Destiny Into Our Hands – Jewish Autonomy in Judea and Samaria

Details to follow....

From the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea: Parshat Vayishlach


Jerusalem, Israel
HaRav Yehuda Kroizer SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva

16 Kislev, 5766/16-17 December, 2005


Today’s headline appearing in the Israeli newspapers stated that America is demanding from Israel to open up the free travel route from Gaza to the West Bank, agreed upon from last month's meeting with Secretary of State Rice, enabling Arabs to travel the roads at will. This came just a day after Defense Minister Mofaz stated that Israel will not open the route because of continuous Arab terror that has gone unchecked. The European Union added its voice with a strong condemnation of Israel for even bringing up the idea of not allowing the Arabs free access to the roads.

And why not? America's foreign policy has always been and should always be what is best for the U.S., as any normal nation's policy should be what is best for itself. With oil and other concerns their number-one priority, leaving behind Israel’s security was a non-issue for them. Israel, though, should have its own agenda as to what is best for it and its people, regardless of whether or not it fits into U.S. policy, as would be the case in any normal country.

Still, when all is said and done, Israel will do as directed by the U.S. - even though this will mean freedom to roam for Arab terrorists who will build an infrastructure of terror in Yehuda and Shomron, which will bring disaster, death and destruction to the Jewish people.

In this week's parsha we read about the historical meeting between Jacob and Esau. "Jacob raised his eyes and saw and behold, Esau was coming. . . and he went ahead of them and bowed down seven times until he reached his brother." Time and time again, Jacob went overboard with flattery for brother Esau: "And I have seen your face, which is like seeing the face of a Divine being." The acts of the fathers are signs to the children, and with Jacob's acts he sets the stage for our long and bitter exile of 2000 years that, without the path that Jacob paved for us, we would surely not have been able to survive. For Jacob instilled in us the strength to make it through that long night of exile.

Still, there are many commentaries, amongst them the Ramban (Nachmanides) who maintained that Jacob was in error and that through his acts of overflattery of Esau, he condemned the Jewish people to fall by the hand of the Romans in the time of the Second Temple. Also, our Rabbis teach us that because Jacob bowed down to Esau 7 times, 7 foreign kings would rule over the Land of Israel, before the kings of Israel.

"And Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until the break of dawn,... Your name will not be called Jacob any more but Israel, for you have striven with the Divine and with men and you have overcome." Jacob's
striving with the ministering angel of Esau takes place at the break of dawn, after the long and dark exile. It is at this point that Jacob is able to overcome the evil of Esau as the dawn breaks into a new day. So, too, his children, the children of Israel, who today have returned to the Promised Land and are at the dawn of the Redemption, after the long exile of 2000 years. Try as the Esaus of today might, they cannot overcome us either, nor stop the Redemption process. And as the dust settles over the Land, they will also concede to us the blessings that were given to us as the rightful owners.

It is time to shed the skin of Jacob and the exile, and take the name "Israel", the one who can overcome Esau and all who follow in his path. It is time that we put our own policies and our own agenda first and foremost, for we have striven both with the Divine and also with men, and have overcome. It is time to act like the people of ISRAEL!

With love of Israel,
Levi Chazen

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No Jews or Dogs!!

I have been following the recent saga in the Red Cross with growing disgust. For those of you who are not familiar with the issues at hand, Israel and its official relief agency Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) has traditionally been rejected membership as an official member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies because of its refusal to adopt either a cross or crescent as its official symbol. When Israel suggested allowing the additional symbol of the Red Magen David in 1949, the organization rejected the request for the reason that "They don't want to have too many symbols." Contrast this to the refusal of the Muslim world to display a cross on their equipment, and the almost immediate acceptence of the Red Crescent as an official symbol. Since that initial refusal, the Arab countries have fought tooth an nail to keep Israel out of the organization; that is until today.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today is an historic day for the State of Israel, the Jewish People and Magen David Adom. Finally, after over 50 years of ongoing struggle, despite the current objections of Syria, the governing body of the International Red Cross/Crescent societies have approved Israel's membership. Oh, there's just one more thing. In order to join Israel must adopt the newly created alternative symbol the "Red Crystal" and hereby refrain from using the Red Star of David.

Before you get excited, it is not as bad as it sounds. If MDA wants they can continue to use the Magen David INSIDE the red crystal on DOMESTIC and fundraising missions and even on foreign relief missions where the host country is not "offended" by the symbol. How magnanimous of them. Where do I sign?

Yes my friends, you have heard correctly. Jews may finally join the Red Cross/Crescent but only on the condition that they stop being Jewish. The benevolent nations of the world will allow us to join their "club" and participate in relief missions saving THEIR citizens from disasters, but only on the condition that we never G-d forbid reveal from whence we came.

I am not old enough to remember this myself, but I have heard many first hand accounts that in the recent past, even in "Jewish New York", hotels, businesses and places of entertainment used to prominently display signs in the entranceway that said "No Jews or Dogs!!" There was many a country club in the Northeastern US which did not allow any minorities including Jews to join. They still unofficially exist today on Long Island and New England although at least today (unlike the Red Cross), they have the decency to hide their "eligibility requirements". Of course, as Jews look similar to their WASP neighbors, they would often "make an exception" and let you in as long as you paid an "extra" membership fee and promised never to reveal the fact that you were Jewish.

We need to ask ourselves, what does Israel or MDA gain from this newly found "acceptance"? The "privilege" to go and save the lives of people who hate us and won't even allow us to display a non offensive symbol of Judaism on our uniforms and ambulances? Is it really a positive thing that we try so hard to join a club that proudly displays a sign on its front gate "No Jews or Dogs"? Do we need to risk our lives and send our brave men and women over to countries who won't even acknowledge our existence as a people? People who are so repulsed by a non political historic symbol of the Jewish people, that they would rather die than accept aid from "dirty Jews"? Even if this new arrangement will allow Israel to benefit from extra funding, is it really worth the self-denigration that is required to be eligible to receive it?

The Torah records a prophetic blessing given to the Jewish People "Behold it is a nation that dwells alone and is not counted among the other nations" (Numbers 23:9).

How many of us remember this verse in our daily lives and really consider it to be a blessing? We dedicate our lives to being accepted by the world at large and the harder we try the more they remind us that "No Jews or Dogs" are allowed! Sure there is one way to gain their acceptance, and there always has - Stop being Jewish. Maybe we should once and for all, make Jewish history, take the last shred of dignity that we have left as a people, and tell the Red Cross and all other Anti-Semitic organizations of the world what they can do with their membership cards!

Sharon Government to Disengage from Netanya Mall

It has just been announced that for the sake of Israel's security, and as a result of pressure by the American Government and the UN, the Sharon government will immediately be "disengaging" from the Netanya Mall, the site of repeated terror attacks against Israeli civilians. All shopkeepers will be expelled from the mall and given monetary compensation and be provided with alternative stores in the (not so) near future in a yet to be decided location. As the government is unsure as to where to relocate the shopkeepers, they will be temporarily be placed in hotel lobbies across Israel. For the sake of expediency, all of the contents of these stores will be placed in storage in an unsecured location open to thieves and looters, and only be made available to the expelees when a new permanent location is found.

The cabinet decision was made as a result of the latest murderous terrorist attack at the Sharon Mall in Netanya, where a moderate peace-loving Islamic Jihad suicide bomber snuck under the nose of the IDF, bypassed all the security checkpoints in the Northern West bank and somehow managed to cross the "impenetrable" separation wall which PM Ariel Sharon had solemnly sworn would keep suicide bombers from entering "green line" Israel. Apparantly all of Israel's security experts did not take into consideration that the clandestine tactic of hitchikng across the green line might be employed. In addition, the terrorist was spotted by security guards and police officers who were guarding the entrance to the mall, forcing him to explode himself outside killing at least one guard and injuring many others. As this was not the first time that a security guard was killed or injured defending the mall, outgoing Meretz Leader Yosi Sarid condemned the "arrogant shoppers at the Netanya mall" and asked how many good security guards and policeman must die defending them while they "frivolously squander money in peace and security at the expense of our soldiers". "Why can't they shop in a safer place?", Sarid asked. How many of our children must be placed in danger in order to protect these shoppers? The four mothers organization and Peace Now have threatened to pickett the mall until it is closed. Islamic Jihad and Hamas issued a joint statement calling for Israel to immediately withdraw from all malls and shopping centers built after 1967 and promised that there would be continued bloodshed until the Palestinian People are granted equal shopping rights as their Israeli counterparts.

Sharon admitted that although the withdrawal from the Netanya Mall was a "painful concession" and would undoubtedly be perceived as a victory for Terror, encouraging terrorists to attack other malls across Israel, that the "historic step" was necessary for the security of Israel and that nothing would stop him from carrying out the disengagement. "The withdrawal from the Netanya Mall will allow shoppers in all other malls across Israel to shop in peace", Sharon said. He, however, neglected to explain how or why that would be the case. Sharon continued by explaining that "Israel cannot spare the resources to defend every mall and shopping center in the country, it has been decided that any area which has been the target of multiple terrorist attacks or even failed attempts will be immediately evacuated and relocated." "Nobody, loves to shop more than me", exclaimed Sharon, "but for the good of Israel and for the sake of our security forces we must leave the Netanya Mall at once" Sharon reassured Israeli shoppers that worst case scenario, if all the malls in Israel needed to be evacuated, people could always still shop online.

It is still unclear whether the mall will be demolished, or be purchased by the World Bank to serve as a shopping mall for nearby Palestinians from the West Bank. If that is the case, Israel has promised to provide free bus and train service between all major West Bank cities and the Netanya Mall, which would be named after the late PLO chairman Yassir Arafat and proudly fly a Palestinian flag.

Sounds absolutely absurd doesn't it? But when push comes to shove, what is preventing the Israeli government from enacting such an insane policy? After all, people are dying, and are all the malls in the world really worth even one human life? If Israel could "disengage" from Gaza, expelling over 8000 residents who built their homes and made the land blossom with their own blood sweat and tears, why not Netanya also, or Tel Aviv, or Haifa? Are the heroes of Gush Katif worth less than the heroes of the 1948 War of Independence (or subsequent wars) who gave their lives defending Israel from decimation? Once we decide to "retreat" from insecure areas and set unilateral borders where do we draw the line? Are places like Netanya really safe? What will we do when we run out of places to retreat?

Attacks like today's reveal the complete farce of the Sharon regime and the danger of his policies. Sharon promised that building the "Separation Wall", an obscene ugly cement barrier that literally cuts Israel in half, once again relegating Jews to ghettos, would prevent terrorists from infiltrating Israel. Sharon promised that withdrawing from Gaza would usher in a new era of peace and security to all of Israel. Ironically or not, a short time after today's bombing, Kassam rockets were launched from Gaza and struck several Negev communities. Sharon insists he committed to further withdrawals, and following the Road Map religiously, further endangering Israel's security. He has promised to provide free bus and rail links between Gaza and the West Bank. He has opened the Gaza/Egyptian border to anyone who wants to come in, and has invited foreign soldiers to patrol Israel's border. He has joined forced with Shimon Peres and is enthusiastic about keeping alive his suicidal legacy. What did we receive in return? 5 dead Jews in Netanya.

When will Israel learn that there is only one way to bring peace in the Middle East? That building and cowering behind ghetto walls and making concession after concession only exacerbates the situation? That the Arabs are not merely interested in gaining control over the West Bank and Gaza but over every last inch of Israel including the Netanya Mall? Why are security guards trained and policemen ordered to "restrain" and "tackle" suicide bombers instead of shooting them on sight? Why does the IDF allow Arab terrorists so much freedom of movement that they can easily hitchhike their way into Israel in the name of "human rights and compassion" Why is it acceptable for security forces to die repeatedly in Netanya but not Kfar Darom or Karnei Shomron?

Rabbi Kahane presented the solution to all of Israel's problems decades ago. He was not a prophet or fortune teller, he merely saw where Israel's suicidal polices were going to lead us and presented the only solution, the Torah solution. "And you shall expel the inhabitants of the land..." - Jewish Disengagement. How can this be done? For starters by maintaining a Jewish army which operates according to Torah ideology, not compassion for the enemy and a sick distorted concept of "purity of arms". By deciding once and for all that Israel will be a State for Jews ONLY and that Jews and Jews alone will be the masters of our own fate. A State based on Torah and Halacha, not Western Liberalism and Democracy for all citizens.

We didn't listen then and we still refuse to listen now. As long as hostile Arabs are allowed to roam freely in Israel, Jews WILL die. Retreating will not help, nor will building walls, or hiding in underground bunkers. We must stand up and make a decision- Do we want to maintain the existence of a Jewish Israel, or not? If we answer positively the solution is right in front of our eyes and has been since the Torah was given on Mount Sinai. "And you shall expel the inhabitants of the Land..." Arabs OUT, OUT, OUT!!!!
If we refuse, you might actually see the above news story, in the not so distant future, as the Torah continues
"But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then shall those that you let remain will be as thorns in your eyes, and as pricks in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land where you will dwell.
And it shall come to pass, that as I thought to do to them, I will do to you."

G-d save us.

World War One And Forever - By Rav Binyamin Kahane z"tl h"yd


Weekly Parsha Commentary by Binyamin Zev Kahane
Translated by Yitzhak Newman, ZT"L

The war in Rivka's womb is pretty intense. In one corner is Yaakov, who at this early stage is already waging the battle for Divine truth. And in the other corner is Esau, who is already denying God; who basically sees the
purpose of the world as a place to fulfill his needs and passions.

Good versus Evil

This turbulence in Rivka's stomach is how it all started. It is the beginning of the most essential war, an eternal one that has run the course of history. We are talking about the war of good versus evil. This is the real war which dwarfs all others. Whether one wants to accept it or deny it, this is the perpetual conflict that is taking place behind the scenes of history.

In a war so basic, of such substance, there is no lull. These two fetuses, who embody the good and the evil, are not able to stand one another even in their mother's womb. The bitter dispute is already underway, "and the children clashed inside her".

No Co-Existence

This war is the beginning of what later on will be known as the war of Yaakov and Esau. It has already been written: "The halacha is known: Esau hates Yaakov". It is an inherent, natural hatred, one that cannot be extinguished. Our sages add something else, to make things even clearer. They tell us that if someone comes to you and says: Jerusalem and Edom (which is the kingdom of Esau) are both thriving - do not believe him; both are destroyed - do not believe him; one is thriving and one is destroyed - believe him. The sages are conveying us an awesome message here --

There is no Peace With Evil

There are those who feel the time has arrived for "world peace", for co-existence between nations, religions and races of all kinds. The Torah comes and says: No way. No way can there be peace with Esau. These are two
opposites. One is good and one is evil. And there is no co-existence between good and evil!

A revolutionary idea? Hardly. Certainly not for someone who learns Torah properly. For the Jewish People, there is no aspiration to make peace with Esau. On the contrary. According to Jewish tradition, God is not complete and His throne is not complete until Amalek has been wiped out from the world. And who is Amalek? Amalek (Esau's grandchild) is an extreme manifestation of Esau in this world.

Peace at the proper time, and war at the proper time. Yes, we all want peace, but peace only with good, and with good, decent people. With evil, not only aren't we interested in peace, but the Torah even commands us to wage an all out war against it, "and you shall burn out the evil from thy midst!" Nothing less than that. For the war against evil is not a personal war, but rather a mission that God gave us the moment we breathed the air of this world, and even beforehand...


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