The Galut Mentality of today's "Kahanists"

Now first of all I'd like to point out that I am entirely aware of what an oxymoron it is to suggest that a follower of either Rav Kahane could be a "Galut-Mentality Jew", but things have gotten just that sad I'm afraid...

I want to focus on the fact that just like the typical Galut Jew who has no direction and simply panicks and/or acts irrationally whenever he is confronted by evil and Jew-haters - this too is how many of those who today profess to be followers of the Holy Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd act.

Instead of fighting together as a unit despite any minor - and they are ALL minor - and petty differences, we instead attack each other, refuse to help each other, and act like complete babies!...And I'm not even talking in terms of the whole nation or even the whole "religious-public" - I'm talking about simply those who claim to follow the words of Rabbi Kahane!

The Rav taught us not to be knee-jerk reactionist lemmings - but that is exactly what we have become. We shoot ourselves in the foot repeatedly, and even when it is 100% neccessary (e.g. the expulsion of Jews from the Land of Israel), many "Kahanists" refuse to work together. We simply run to the edge of the cliff and throw ourselves off!

It's pathetic. Not only that though, we continually - really again just like little stupid kids - throw in G-D's Face (so to speak) everything He gives to help us. Every opportunity there is to make a difference - we don't! And that is because we refuse to accept the concept of "shiv'im Panim laTorah"! We don't help each other out, and instead see fit to argue about whos way is better - meanwhile nothing gets done at all!


Either we act now or we're finished. As Mordechai said to Esther in the Meggillah on Purim: if you don't do it, someone else will.

No "Kahanist" has a monopoly on the Torah. Of course any G-D-fearing Jew will recognise that the words of Rabbi Meir Kahane are the One Truth - but that is because they are Torah!!! The world - and more importantly, G-D - will not wait for "the Kahanists" to get their act together and act. Every second wasted is a terrible tragedy, and so there is only so much HaShem can take of this. We have a limited time and then I'm sure HaShem will be more than glad to let us sit down infront of the restored Sanhedrin and King Mashiach and put forward our disputations with one another (because it's anyway all just one big "teiku" - to use the words of the Gemara - in that incase anyone hasn't realised, noone is going to be proven right or wrong in these stupid little arguements...). But until that moment - and in order to speed up the coming of that moment - it's time to put this babyishness and arrogant stubborness aside.

Time to take the Galut out the Jew so we can take the Jew out the Galut!!!

Why we should vote marzel.

These days we are a lost nation, We are a flock of sheep with no sheaperd. Gone are our great leaders. Zev jabowtinsky, the Lubavitcher rebbe, hakadosh Rav kahane Hy'd, Rav kook, hakadosh Rav binyamin ze'ev kahane Hy'd and hakadosh Rachamim (gandi) ze'evi Hy'd.
But we have memories, writings, video's, and recorded speeches. Most importantly we have ideaoligy. We have a derech (a path) we simply need to follow this path and we will reach our destination. But we are a lost nation, We have wanderd off this path.... we have gone so far away,
And even worse we have been blinded, Our eyes have been coverd over by a cloth that prevents us from reaching our path to get to our destination. But we still have that flame alive in us,
The holy flame that our rabbi's and leaders ignited in us...

So we lost jews decide to find a guide, Someone who knows the way and is capable of bringing us back onto the path, The holy derech and lead us to our destination. And so we look for a guide but as jews we squable, We fight. Some choose one guide, Others choose another guide. And so the group gets split, With some following one guide and others following another guide.

But these guides are deceptive... Not only do they not take us back onto the corect path but some lead us into quicksand, And yet other guides lose us in the desert, and in a forest.

Night time arrives... and we have not reached the saftey of the path... We are attacked by barbarians but our hopeless guides cannot and will not help us! "Have patience" they tell us
"in the morning we will continue" But is a long and bloody night. Many choose to leave the guides and find the path on their own, But it is too dark...

And then dawn comes and the sun rises.... Thousands of been killed and tens of thousands maimed.... The hopes and beliefs of hundreds of thousands have been crushed...
And they are taunted by the traiters from within "Cant you see you will never get there ?"
They mock us. "Lets go back to egypt, Why should we die here in this g-d foresaken place"
"Let us appoint a new leader and go back to Egypt" (Num. 14:4).

Then along comes a man... A man who from the begining had warned about these corupt and evil guides. A man who knows the way... he may not be a leader but if we follow him we will get to the right path and reach our destination...

And then the arguing begins again! "He is not a good guide!" some say...
"Nobody will follow him" yet others bemoan.

And so the lost jews have a choice, To remain in the desert for 40 years or to follow their guide.
But these are diffrent 40 years....they are 40 years to doom. Its a countdown,
The 40 years g-d gave the jews to repent, or the temple will be destroyed and judea shall fall.
40 years our great leader rav kahane gave us before we will fall!
But these jews have been blinded, They continue to squable and fight. And yet more are killed.
If they choose to go back, remain in their places or follow these lost guides....
The end will be the same. They will perish!

It is our choice!! So i tell you now...


R. Shimon bar Yona said: 'Now will I arise': As long as the Congregation of Israel lies trodden in the dust, I will not rise. Only on that day regarding which it says (Isaiah 52:2), 'Shake yourself from the dust! Arise and sit down, O Jerusalem!'

Awake from your slumbering! Ripp off the cloth that covers your eyes. Follow the guide that we know will lead us back to the path... For if we don't we will perish!

A tribute to a giant of men!

Nothing i say can bring rav kahane back, Most of us will never understand a drop of his greatness. A man who was raised near zev jabotinsky, And like his mentor he was scratched off as a crazy! As zev jabotinsky ran thue europe screaming "JEWS! get out of the furnaces of europe" Sadly very few listend and thye rest cgalked him up as a nut. So too as rav kahane hy'd screamd of the dangers of the arabs, No one listens......

Rav Kahane was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1932. He came from a family that adhered to Orthodox Judaism. His father, Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga Kahane, was born in Safed, Palestine in 1905 and studied in yeshivot in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Later he emigrated to America, where he served as rabbi of two congregations. Meir Kahane received rabbinical ordination from the Mir yeshiva in Brooklyn. He was fully conversant with the Talmud and Tanakh, and worked as a pulpit rabbi and teacher in the 1960s. Subsequently, he earned a degree in international law from New York University.

As a teenager he became an admirer of Zeev Jabotinsky, who was a frequent guest in his parents' home, and joined the youth wing of Revisionist Zionism called Betar. He personally led protests against Ernest Bevin the British Foreign Secretary who opposed the foundation of Israel on the grounds that Britain should side with the Arab Muslims aspirations for an independent state. Kahane also organized and launched public demonstrations in the US against the Soviet Union's policy of persecuting Zionist activists and curbing Jewish emigration to Israel. He was a central activist in the "Free Soviet (Russian) Jewry" movement and is widely credited with the release of the Russian refuseniks to Israel.

In 1971 he emigrated from the United States to Israel (known as "making aliyah" in Judaism). He quickly moved to establish the Kach Party. In 1980 Kahane stood unsuccessfully for election to the Knesset, after which he was sentenced to six months in prison for plotting to attack the Al Aqsa mosque. Upon his release, in 1984 Kahane stood again for election to the Knesset, and was finally successful. The Central Elections Committee banned him from being a candidate on charges of racism, but the Israeli High Court found that the Committee did not have the legal power to do so.It is notable that at his trial Kahane refused to accept the standard oath of office for the Knesset, insisting on adding Biblical quotations to it. In a later session, the Knesset Chairman demanded that Kahane repeat his oath, which he did.

Kahane's legislation proposals centered on revoking Israeli citizenship from non-Jews, and banning Jewish-Gentile marriages or sexual relations. To his detractors, Kahane defended his positions by unapologetically citing Jewish religious doctrine regarding the Jewish marriage.As his political career lengthened Kahane was more and more shunned in the Knesset. His speeches were boycotted by Knesset members and were made to an empty parliament, except for the duty chairman. Kahane's legislation proposals (and motions of no-confidence in the Government) were all rejected by vote, until the Knesset modified its charter to outlaw legislation proposals, not requiring rejection by vote. Kahane himself called the other Knesset members "Hellenists" (in Hebrew; this is a historical term glommed from Jewish religious texts for ancient Jews who assimilated into Greek culture after Judea's occupation by Alexander the Great. Jewish religious books assert that "Hellenists" were responsible for weakening the Jewish relationship to God.)

In 1987 Rabbi Kahane opened his Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea (Yeshivat Haraayon Hayehudi) in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood of Jerusalem where he would regularly give lessons. Rabbi Avraham Toledano was the Mashgiach Ruchani, and other Rabbis included Yehuda Kroizer, the Chief Rabbi of Mitzpe Yericho, and Rabbi David Bar Hayim.In 1985 the Knesset passed an amendment to Israel's Basic Law: The Knesset banned "racist" candidates from standing for election. The Committee applied it to Kahane, who appealed against the decision to the Israeli High Court. This time the Court found in favour of the Committee, declaring Kahane to be unsuitable for election. Kahane asserted that the reason for the Kach party ban was that polls showed it about to become the third largest party in Israel.

Was Kahane right?Interestingly, in an October 2004 survey commissioned by Israel's Channel 2 TV, it revealed that 58% of adults aged 18-22 support "transfer" (the expulsion of Arabs from Israel), 26.4% believe the slain Kach Party founder, Rabbi Meir Kahane, was correct in his call to expel the Arabs, while one-third believe the Kach Party should be declared a legal organization once again. According to a concurrent Maariv report, a survey questioning 500 Israelis (representing a cross-section of society) revealed that 13.1% favor a national leader like Rabbi Meir Kahane (pro-Jewish, strong, and consistent).

In the prophecy of jermiah it says "And you all know that a cohen and a prophet dewelled amongst you" Like jermiah the prophet, Rav kahane was a priest as well.And like jermiah who warned of the destruction of israel, Rav kahane warned as well.Jermiah the prophet tried to warn the king but instead the king orderd jermiah killed.Rav kahane warned us and in the end he was killed. Our forefathers ignored jermiah for 40 years! Will we ignore rav kahane's call??

Marzel to keneset!

Baruch Marzel Announces He’ll Run as Head of a New Party

Baruch Marzel, a prominent right-wing activist from Hevron, announced Tuesday at a press conference that he would be forming his own party to run in Israel’s upcoming general election.Marzel’s party will be called the Jewish National Front.Marzel said, “People are looking for a new party. Many people won’t go out and vote if the alternatives are Orlev or Litzman. We will become the only alternative for people who have all but given up on the political system, and for people who are unhappy about supporting parties that served as a bridge for Sharon to expel residents from Gush Katif.”

Among those joining Marzel’s new party is Professor Israel Hanukoglo, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (1996-99), and Professor Paul Eidelberg, the president of Yamin Yisrael, a small right wing movement.MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union), who was offered the number six slot on a unified list with the National Religious Party, reportedly is considering running on Marzel’s new list. Most people do not know much about marzel so here is some info:Baruch Marzel was born in the United States, is married with 9 children and currently lives in Hebron. Mr Marzel graduated the "Itaray" Yeshiva of Harav Merkaz.. He served in a tank regiment in the IDF and was injured during the Lebanon war.He began his political activity as a member of the "KACH" (Kahane) movement, and was the speaker and secretary of the party.

He founded the "Admot Yshay" neighborhood in Hebron. Mr. Marzel currently serves as the chairman of "Ha'Va'd Le'ma'an Hachayal" in Hebron, and works tirelessly on a daily basis in the public arena, fighting for the good of the Israeli Nation and the Land of Israel.

As for Baruch Marzel, I really don't know what his true feelings are. I know this much. I know that Ahmed Tibi isn't scared of Arik Sharon or anyone in the Likud. I know that he isn't scared of the National Union with Benny Alon, Avigdor Lieberman, and Tzvi Hendel. I know that he's scared like hell of Baruch Marzel

I will be voting for marzel and eidleberg, I know they wont compromise! I kno baruch marzel personally and he is a true jew! Salt of the earth.


Following my previous, most recent post, I am interested in hearing people's alternatives to voting for the Chayil party as just one of several methods of implementing change in the Land of Israel. Seeing as so many people are rejecting the idea, I would like to hear of any other methods and ideas that people have in order to implement change in Eretz Yisrael, and finally bring down the ruling clique of Hellenists...

But I'll say it again: it's not "either, or"! It is true that Salvation will not come through the Knesset, but it can still be used as a tool (even if just a minor tool, but not the ikkar) to help achieve our goals.

However, it seems that some people know something that I (and others) do not, and seem to think that if people vote for Chayil (and remember, I'm talking about specifically voting for Chayil, as it is run by probably the only Torah-true candidate for election - ex-Kach leader Baruch Marzel - who has not sold out to anyone), it will scupper some other mystery plan to implement change.

So nu, what do you guys have up your sleeves?

And just by the way:

Rabbi Meir Kahane always said that the "right-wing" are full of "don'ts": "don't give away land... don't negotiate with the PLO" - and they're quite right about that (even if some of them sell out eventually). But they don't offer an alternative!!! The left at least say "to get peace we need to do xyz", so the people say: "look, it's the only alternative we're being given, so let's take it!"

We need to offer an alternative or noone will choose us. It's time to DO and stop procrastinating and infighting. Even if you disagree that a certain method will work but you are able to still help and take part in it then why not give it a shot? The Kahanist camp is SO split it's a tragedy! Why don't we just help each other out? That way the likelyhood of at least one method working will be greatly increased!!!

So please post your suggestions here (comments) or on the forum (on this thread: Alternatives?... ), or the Revava forum . I'm seriously interested to hear:

1. Why not to band together and help each other out

2. Why not to vote as part of an overall strategy to implement change (because like I said, I totally agree that it is not the ikkar),


3. What alternatives people have...

Back to the polls...(?)

Well, here's a quick run-down of recent events in Israeli politics in brief (because I know most people will have been following them very intently anyway):

Sharon decides to leave Likud due to internal pressure, infighting and opposition to his increasingly Labour-like stance, and decides to form his own party "National Responsibility" (that name should get an award for "most ironic name ever given to to a political party"... and with some of the other Knesset parties such as the "National" Religious Party and "United" "Torah" "Judaism [yes, every word there is ironic], such an award would be no small feat!)

Labour, led by their new ultra-leftist leader - extreme socialist Amir Peretz - have decided to leave the government.

The supreme loser of Israeli politics - the one and only Shimon Peres - will most probably join his long-time freind and opportunistic ally Ariel Sharon in his new ideologically honest party... ideologically honest because unlike most other Knesset parties they do not pretend to have any kind of ideology.

And finally, we have confirmation of new elections in February-March.

So now: what does this mean to us as G-D-fearing Jews?

At the memorial service for our holy Rabbi and teacher Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd this past Sunday, some interesting things came up that I think are neccessary to thrash out once and for all, namely: should the "Kahanist" public be voting? After all, this state and its Knesset have shown time and time again to be morally bankrupt and anti-Torah, so why have anything to do with it?

Personally, I think that this is a very strong arguement indeed, and my gut-reaction would be to support exactly that idea. However; after thinking about it, I feel that to take on such an attitude here and now would be a terrible mistake...

Instead I'm going to ask the opposite: why NOT vote?!

Now let me explain myself. During the Kahane memorial service, Baruch Marzel (a former head of Kach) was in attendance. Marzel is a determined and honest Torah Jew who is running for a seat in the Knesset under his new party the "Chayil" ("Valor") party, also know as the "Jewish National Front/National Jewish Front". Also in attendance were various other Kahane activists - among them another determined and honest Torah Jew, Baruch Ben Yoseph. Ben Yoseph came out very strongly against voting in the elections and was quoted by the Jerusalem post as saying: "I will not vote and am calling on people not to vote..." ( see article ) some fliers read: "The rabbi's [Kahane] real students understand that today's Knesset is a source of impurity that kosher Jews keep away from. It is clear that if the rabbi was alive today he wouldn't have run for the Knesset and would have forbidden us from doing so"

Baruch Marzel was quoted by the same article as saying: "The people's disenchantment is the exact reason why I need to run for the Knesset, if I don't run then these people will just not vote."

The issue at hand here is simple: pull away from the current hellenistic state, or try to change it by running for a seat in the Knesset, and perhaps taking it over from within. Both arguements are strong - but in my humble opinion, such an arguement is inherently flawed...

Why must it be one or the other?!

We must be honest with ourselves: beggars can't be choosers. HaShem is the King and every single other being in existence is in essence a beggar (those who do not realise this should read Or Hara'ayon for a start...). HaShem is the ultimate One Who directs history - but we are His servants and He gave us free-will - we CAN make a difference! G-D asks only one thing from us in this regard: hishtadlut - effort. If we make our own effort and use the tools He gives us in order to fulfil our Holy Task as His Chosen People, The Alm-ghty will do the rest for us.

But in essence we are mere mortals. As the great and wise King David taught us: our origins are dust, and to dust we shall eventually return. What are we doing here? Do we dare have the chutzpah to not utilise every possible avenue for the fulfillment of G-D's Word? Again, at the memorial service HaRav Yehuda Kroizer shlita of the "Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea" said: "Our goal is the establishment of a Jewish state with a Sanhedrin and Jewish institutions. We cannot give up!"

That is our goal. See it. Now we must go out and do what must be done to achieve that goal. Whether that is by protesting, showing up to prevent the police/IDF from uprooting yet another community of G-D-fearing Jews, running for Knesset, or anything else - all methods (that are within the realm of Halacha of course) must be utilised. For such tools are from G-D (as is everything we have), and in this case we need every last one of them.

And what is this hypocrisy? Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd "ruled" that noone must ever run for Knesset? This is untrue! The Rav was thrown out of the Knesset and they banned him simply for what he stood for - and that is: the Torah. Therefore it follows that all those parties who did such a thing stand on the opposite side to Torah. They are our enemies and of course it is forbidden to vote for them! Be they Labour, Likud, Mafdal or whoever! But what follows is that were an individual who IS a Torah-true Jew and who IS G-D-fearing and who IS committed to the ideals of the Torah would be allowed to run, it would be a terrible misjudgement at best and a self-inflicted wound at worst not to use such a candidate as yet another avenue to fight against the current regime.

Of course, only a fool would say "our salvation will come from the Knesset", because at least for the foreseeable future that would be a laughable statement to make. But on the other hand, only a fool would say to not fight the hellenists in whatever way we can and with whatever weapon G-D puts in our hands.

And hey - why not bring the battle back to their own back-yard like in the days when the Rav would get up and not mince any words when telling those fat-cats, hellenists and arabs in the Knesset what he (and more importantly the Torah) thinks of such people!?

And anyway, compared to the other more painful battles, simply filling out a form and posting it in a ballot box is such a relatively easy way of sticking it to the government again!

But what of those who say "he doesn't stand a chance. We'll never get in!"? I say to them: who knows? But that's what they said about the Rav and that attitude may very well have been what got him banned in the end. For had those people who were predicted to vote Kach in to get 20 or so seats in the next elections (had they not been banned) voted in the first place, perhaps things now would be very different.

I'm not pretending that Baruch Marzel is Rabbi Meir Kahane - but noone else is either! It's time we realised that as Jews each and every one of us can do our part. This is not an endorsement of Baruch Marzel specifically: this is just a reminder that we have to fight this battle in every way we can because at the moment we do not have the luxury of choosing how and where we fight it all the time.

And even if, despite the votes, Baruch Marzel does not get in, at least we will have once again shouted loud and clear that we want the Torah - we want the Authentic Jewish Idea - instead of ducking our way out of it by simply not voting!

So let us humble ourselves before HaShem and come together. Enough with the infighting and enough with the indecisiveness! Yes the hellenists are rotten to the core and yes they are powerful but look at yet another opening HaShem has given us to exploit! They are now even more split than before! Check out the polls, see the statistics: this next Knesset could end up so split it will be near-impossible to govern! Shinui and Labour will never sit togethe (not whilst extreme-socialist Peretz is head of Labour, and staunch capitalist (and anti-Semite actually) Lapid is head of Shinui), and neither will Likud sit with Arik's new one-hit-wonder party (as it is sure to be). Likud most probably will not agree to sit with Labour so easily either.

Divide... and CONQUER! HaShem is doing the "dividing" for us, and we need to just open it up even more and irritate their wounds before they can heal by making it into their house of sin and giving it to them there on home turf for the first time since the 80s! Then we can do more from outside the Knesset... with a perfect public platform inside the Knesset!

Time is of the essence but we must still try! Either way we most certainly won't be losing out! We have to rally together and fight each and every single battle as one and with all our strength and with faith in the All-Powerful, Almighty G-D!

We must show them: Kahane Chai!!! In the end - B'Ezrat HaShem - we WILL succeed!

Parshat Veyera (from the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea)


Jerusalem, Israel
HaRav Yehuda Kroizer SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva

17 Cheshvan, 5766/18-19 November, 2005


And how was your week? In the Holy Land the craziness never stops. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flew into town to once again pressure and force Israel into concessions that will weaken her and cause more dead
Jews. This time around, the issue was the Gaza's Rafiah border crossing, which Israel has been holding off on, being that this would open an easy avenue for bloodthirsty Arab terrorists to enter. But Rice, being on a tight schedule, made it clear to the Prime Minister that she wanted to resolve the matter before the end of her current visit to the region, which was in 24 hours. For, you know, those State people are always busy-busy-busy! So what if it will endanger Israel? Who cares, Ms. State has a schedule to keep, maybe some pork chops at the White House later in the week?

And, in any case, we all know how easy it is for the U.S. to pressure Israel into suicidal concessions: Uncle Sam talks and we walk. And so, at the end of the day, Israel once again caved in, and instead of having live monitors at the crossing 24/7, believe it or not Israel will get video tapes (not live) of the crossing after the Palestinians first give it over to the European monitors. Right, and of course the Arab terrorists will wait around until Israel can find them.

And while Ms. State was at it, she also told the Prime Minister to open up the roads for freer travel for the poor Arabs and to ease living conditions for them, and lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it, the Israeli government announced it would be easing restrictions on PA Arabs entering the country’s pre-1967 borders to work. This, of course, after restrictions on PA Arabs were imposed some three weeks ago following a terrorist attack in Hadera in which six Israelis were killed. And now the clock is once again ticking until the next time that there will be more dead Jews, but hey, Aunti Rice has laid down The Law.

And what else was happening around town this past week? Of course, the election results from the Labor party came in, now how exciting is that?! Between Loser Peres and Moron Peretz, in truth, we all came out on the down
side. What went unnoticed by the news (because they were too busy celebrating their new false messiah) was the fact that Peretz won the chairmanship only by the votes of the Arabs. Believe it or not, Peres the Loser actually got 300 more votes from the Jewish vote, but what put Peretz over the top was the Arab vote. Think about it, here in the Jewish state the Arabs have been able - democratically - to override what the Jews of Israel wanted! It will only be a matter of time now that the road is open for them to be able to - democratically - change the State of Israel to the state of Palestine.

All of this and more, added to the usual weekly rockets being fired from Gaza to Sederot and drive-by shootings outside of Gush Etzion. The Jewish refugees from Gush Katif are still without a place to live, and the stories
go onand on and on. And of course, this week we once again witnessed the annual bashing and blood libel on the National Religious camp on Rabin Day, on which the media will spare no expense to try to totally destroy the settlement movement. And let's not forget our good friend, the "bald eagle", the prime minister's son, who copped a deal with the state to unload the case against him. If it were you or I, we would be seeing real jail time, but oh, not him - and "justice" has been served...

One could be just sick to his stomach by seeing and hearing all of the above, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Or one can open up the parsha to see past all of this. By Abraham and Sarah, things were also not looking so good. Here Hashem was telling Abraham that his descendents would inherit the Land and that they would multiply as the stars above. A great promise - the only trouble being that there was no one around to do the inheriting. Would it be Eliezer the Damascene or Ishmael? Oh, come on, let's get real! Still, Abraham, the great believer, did not give up but continued down the long and winding path, and in the end, even though he and Sarah were quite old, Yitzchak came onto the scene to save the day - and all of us.

Today, too, we cannot look at the rotten pieces of the puzzle that we have in front of us, but we must rise and see down that long and winding path. And, as in the days of Abraham, when Yitzchak finally arrived - so, too, on our path that we are on - at the end of the day we will surely see the Redemption of the Jewish people.

With love of Israel,
Levi Chazen

DON'T FORGET: 15th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT"L HY"D Motzei Shabbat Parshat Vayera 18 Cheshvan/19 November at the Yeshiva: English program starting at 7:45 pm. Sunday 20 November - Hebrew program including learning Mishnayot - starting at noon, graveside memorial at 4 pm, memorial program at Heichal David 6 pm.

Today we all know that Rabbi Kahane was right! Help spread the Jewish Idea - Join the Jewish Idea's E-mail list and spread the word!

Ken Livingstone interview |

Ken Livingstone interview |

This guy is horrible, Claims he isnt anti israel but look what he says

We’ve only got remnants of that here – Catholics can’t marry the heir to the throne, for example – lucky old Catholics, some people would say. But I was amazed to discover for example only a couple of months ago that in Israel a Jew can’t marry an Arab. What a load of crap! And what I tend to find usually here, whenever Sheikh Qaradawi says anything religiously conservative, which he often does – all you have to do is go to the website and find out what the Chief Rabbi in Israel has said and it’s often exactly the same.

Daniel Pinner: Letter from Masiyahu #2

A funny thing happened in court the other week.
/>It was Wednesday 28 September, and I was up for the second hearing ofmy trial. the time, I had been held under arrest for more thanthree months (since June 22nd 2005 to be precise). justice wasproceeding at its usual sedate, calm pace, undisturbed by such conceptsas presumption of innocence, factual evidence, or the right to a speedytrial.

The hearing itself was comparatively brief--aboutan hour or so, in which two police officers in charge of theinterrogation testified that:

  • yes, they had interrogated me; />
  • yes, they found a spent cartridge from my Uzi; />
  • no,they had not bothered to check the range or angle of fire to see ifthat could possibly have been the bullet which allegedly hit NasserWafi; />
  • no, they had not been able to run an identity parade to ask the Arab eye-witnesses if I was the shooter; />
  • no, they could not explain why it was impossible to do an identity parade; />
  • no, they could not find any photographs of me to carry out a photographic identity parade; />
  • yes, the police have both cameras and photographers; />
  • yes, I was in police custody at the time; and />
  • no, they could not explain why the police did not think of photographing me in order to run a photographic identity parade.

The next hearing--the third--had been scheduled for 10 October, a weekand a half later. at the end of the hearing, the funny thinghappened: the Judge, Ruth Barkai, casually mentioned that, by the way,she has another case that day, a more important case, in which she willbe one of the panel of three judges. therefore, she postponed thenext hearing by another 6 November. />
Myattorney, Baruch Ben-Yosef, drew her attention to the fact thatmeanwhile, while the court takes its own sweet time, a man is sittingin jail. Barkai, with admirable restraint and a sharp glance atattorney Ben-Yosef, said: "Yes, I know. no problem. November,9:00 in the morning." />
Now, it's not that the court isincapable of acting quickly; after all, when it comes to bringing inthe alleged Arab eye-witnesses (who, the court said, had to appearbefore the disengagement) there was no problem at all in speeding upthe process. more that the individual's liberty is consideredcheap and dispensable. />
And so, I have a recommendation forthe honorable Court of Justice: instead of postponing the next hearingto 6 November 2005, postpone it instead to 22 June 2008. willsolve a lot of problems: no one--neither the lawyer for theprosecution, nor the lawyer for the defense, nor Her Honour the Judgeis yet taken up on that day. more importantly: by then, I willhave been under arrest for three years, by which time the verdict ofguilty/not guilty will be irrelevant. if I am not guilty, I willbe released forthwith; and if the Court should decide that I am guilty,then I will already have served the required time in prison. that2008 hearing can be brief--no more than a few moments needed to rise asHer Honour the Judge enters the courtroom. this, of course, willsave the Honourable Court much of its precious time. />
On the other hand, maybe I had better not suggest this. all, Her Honour Ruth Barkai might take the idea seriously.

Kol Tov
Daniel Pinner
Kele Masiyahu
Disengagement Torah Section
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"A Fearless Leader" - by Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane z"tl h"yd

This article written by Rav Binyamin Kahane z"tl h"yd in 1996 - 6 years after the murder of his father Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd (pictured above) - is still very relevant to us today, years on. These words should serve as an inspiration to all of us in these times of trouble. Perhaps within this essay lies one of the possible reasons for the Jewish People's loss of Gush Katif and other parts of the Land of Israel... Fear. We suffer from a fear. Fear of "what will the goyim say?"; fear of "what will the goyim do?!"; but yet it does not occur to so many Jews of such little faith: "What will He who controls all things say?!"; "What will HaShem do?!" if we do not follow his words!? Surely if for no other reason, it makes sense that we fear the Creator over the creations; the Master over His servants; the King over His slaves!

But as this article proves it is more than just that. For such lack of fear in G-D is more than just illogical - it is an affront to the Holy Name of G-D! And this makes a lot of sense, because surely if Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd taught us anything, it is that the reason for man's existence on this world is to accept the Yoke of Heaven (for that, our Sages teach, is the very reason that we perform the Mitzvot).

If we do not fully accept this Yoke then we rebel against our very mission, and thus perform the ultimate aveira - the ultimate chillul HaShem! Because what is "chillul HaShem"? As Rabbi Kahane teaches in his Sefer "Or Hara'ayon" (Chapter 14: Sanctifying G-D's Name): the word "Chillul" (chet lamed lamed) has the same letters as the word "chalal" - which means "empty", "void" - "a vacuum". Thus, "Chillul HaShem" is an act that intrinsically denies G-D and "creates a vacuum" so to speak in His existence! We can learn out from this then that there is then no greater chillul HaShem than an act that outright denies G-D's ability to save and protect us as He promises He will!

We must have faith, and we must fight for HaShem - for HaShem saves those who fear Him!

And so speaks Rav Binyamin:

A Fearless Leader - Six Years Since the Murder Rabbi Kahane, HY"D (1996)

(from: )

Weekly Parsha Commentary by Binyamin Zev Kahane

Translated by Lenny Goldberg

The following article was written for the 6th year's Yohrzeit for Rabbi Kahane.

When people think of Rabbi Kahane, ZT"L, HY"D, they remember a daring and courageous leader who did not know the meaning of fear. His many years of standing in the front lines for Jewish causes in Israel and abroad, confronting empires and well-oiled establishment bodies and enduring along the way constant hatred and antagonism which endangered his very life, inspired admiration in the eyes of most Jews (even if more often than not their admiration was kept in the closet!)

For good reason the Rabbi was perceived in such a way. More than anything else, the Rabbi warned us about the illness of our generation - FEAR OF THE GENTILE. It wasn't so difficult for the Rabbi to come up with such a diagnosis. After all, whenever he spoke to Jews ("religious" ones as well), he was always confronted with the same line: "You're right, but what will America say?..." And thus, there was the need to stress in a big way the subject of trust ("Bitachon") in G-d and the prohibition of fearing mortal man.

It is fear that has caused us to constantly give in and surrender, to the point where fear of going to war has become a legitimate component in our political thinking. But one who studies the Torah outlook on war (parshat Shoftim) will reveal that the central theme concerning war is the prohibition of being afraid! The midrash (Tanchuma, Shoftim) even says: "Your forefathers did not fear them - and they were victorious!" In other words, the key to victory is lack of fear, and faith that "Your G-d is with you!" As an example, the midrash brings down the war in our parsha between Avraham against the four kings: "Do not fear Avraham, I will protect you" (and this is the source for the blessing in the silent prayer, "The shield of Avraham"). And so, when Avraham went out to war to sanctify the Name of G-d and save Lot who represented at the time the side of Avraham and G-d, he fearlessly went out with only 318 men against four powerful kings, and was ready to die in the process - "I will go out and fall on Kiddush Hashem". (Midrash Raba, Lech Lecha)

This concept is also the "halacha", as the Rambam brings down in Hilchot Milachim (7:15) "And when entering into war, one must lean on the Saver of Israel in time of stress... and one must not fear or be intimidated, nor should one think of his wife and children...and he who starts to ponder these things at war time and frightens himself - has transgressed a negative commandment!.." The Rambam continues: "And if he did not win and did not perform in the war with all his heart and soul, than he is like one who spills everyone's blood!"

These shocking words apply to the collective no less than they apply to the individual Jew. If an individual who cannot overcome his natural fears is considered a sinner who has spilled the blood of all Jews, what can one say about leaders whose very mindset and national policy is based on fear of war, fear of the gentile, and tie the hands of the soldiers while they are being shot at!? And so, before Succot last year we saw our soldiers lay bleeding to death before the very eyes of their comrades in battle who sat helplessly by screaming for help, and the help never arrived, because it would have meant having to kill mobs of Arab rioters and murderers - this is all because of the fear of the gentile reaction! If an individual is considered a spiller of blood, what can one say about LEADERS, other than they are downright murderers!!

On the other hand: "And he who fights with all his heart and all his soul without being afraid, and all his intention is to sanctify G-d's Name, it is guaranteed that he will not suffer damage nor will bad come unto him..." Thus is the case for the collective as well. If we fight under the headline of "Kiddush Hashem", "Emunah", and a willingness to wipe out the enemy who is desecreating the Jewish G-d and nation, we are guaranteed to win, and the gentile won't dare open his mouth!

Rabbi Kahane, HY"D, predicted all the events that are happening now. One who reads the things he wrote 15-20 years ago could think he was reading words of prophecy. But no. Rabbi Kahane simply dared to open his eyes and see, refusing to be blind like so many others who were afraid to open their eyes, lest they come to conclusions which would make life uncomfortable for them.

While others were afraid, Rabbi Kahane was not. He fought - and in the end fell upon the altar of the Jewish Nation, with the confidence that his words were not wasted, and in the end the truth will win out.

And if the majority of Jews still don't dare to open their eyes and understand, we the few, the students of Rabbi Kahane will continue to cling to his way, and to carry the torch of truth until we bring the revolution and the Messiah.

Rav kahane memorial.

Commemorating the Yahrzeit of our leader and Rabbi, Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D on the day of his murder: We will all gather at the Yeshiva on Motzei Shabbat, the 18th of Marcheshvan (19th of Nov.) at 7:45 PM. All Classes in English. Program: 7:45 PM Professor Herbert Sunshine - The Rabbi Kahane that I knew 8:30 PM Rabbi Yehuda Richter - From "Never Again" to the Jewish Idea 9:15 PM Rabbi Baruch Ben-Yosef - The Vision of Rabbi Kahane 10:00 PM Rabbi Levi Chazen - Why prophecy stopped At 4:00 PM on Sunday, we will meet at the Rabbi's gravesite on Har HaMenuchot At 6:00 PM the Kahane family invites all to the annual ceremony for Rabbi Kahane at Heichal David, 14 Ohaliav St., Jerusalem


By Rabbi Meir Kahane

(January, 1988)

There is a specter haunting Israel and its American Jewish supporters. It is called guilt. Guilt over the "repression of Palestinian human rights". Guilt over the refusal to remove "the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East, the occupation of the Arab land seized in 1967". Guilt over the unwillingness to give the "Palestinians" their own state in the "occupied lands". And now, guilt over the killing of "Palestinians" and innocent civilians in the "Occupied territories". It is a powerful weapon, this guilt; Jews have a difficult time coping with it. A people that has been the most debased of losers for 2,000 years finds it difficult to cope with victory. It finds it extraordinary difficult to remain normal. It inherits insecurities, complexes-guilt. It begins to to believe its enemies' slanders. It loses its self-respect and longs for the love of a hating world. That is especially true for the Jewish liberal! It is important that those who have retained their self-esteem and sense of Jewish survival speak out against the disease of guilt and moral insecurity. No guilt.

Are the lands of 1967, "occupied" by the Jews, the main obstacle to peace? Is the year 1967 the origin of the conflict? How peaceful it must have been in 1966 when Sinai and Gaza were in Egyptian hands and the Golan was possessed by the Syrians to shell, for 19 years, the Jewish settlements below, and when Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem were in the hands of the "moderate" King Hussein. Why did they go to war? What did they want then? When they had all the "occupied lands" before they were "occupied"? When one has East Jerusalem and attacks Israel, can it be that he desires West Jerusalem? And Tel Aviv? And can it be that that is what they really want again? Now? And why did the "innocent Palestinian women and children" take to the streets then, in 1967, when Jordan and Egypt ruled them to call for "Israel in the sea"? What "occupied lands" did they want back then? And could it be that that is what they want now?

And what did they wish in 1947 when they rejected the "Palestine" state offered them by the United Nations and went to war, killing fully 1 % of the population? And what did they wish in the riots of 1936-38 when there was no country called Israel and they murdered more than 500 Jews? And in 1929 when no "Zionist occupation troops" were in Hebron, why did the "Palestinians" rise up to murder 67 Jews in one day? And why the pogroms in Jerusalem and Jaffa in 1920 and 1921? What troubles the Arabs is the very presence of large numbers of Jews in the land, and Israel of any size. Zionism. That is what troubles the Arabs. That is the obstacle to peace. Let us inscribe that on our hearts lest we open the doors to a repitition-on a grand scale-of that which the Arabs have done to Jews since 1920. A horror of slaughter by knives and axes. And the bearers of guilt would do just that.

No guilt. There is one sublime reason why we should not give up a centimeter of belongs to us. If we have no right to Judea and Samaria and Gaza, then we indeed have no right to Tel Aviv. Abraham did not walk on Dizengoff Street nor did our ancestors live in Israeli cities that were built in the 20th century. But Abraham, who lived in Hebron, and Jacob who lived in Shechem, now Nablus, and David in Bethlehem are the sole legitimate reasons that Jews can lay claim to a Tel Aviv and the kibbutzim of the guilt-ridden Left. The land belongs to us because the G-d of Israel, creator and Titleholder of all lands, gave it to us. No guilt.

There is no such thing as a "Palestinian people". They are Arabs, part of the Arab nation, possessor of 21 lands. Let them live in peace in any or all of them. But there are no "Palestinians". It was the Roman emperor Hadrian who, after the Jewish revolt against the Romans, angrily erased the name of the state, Judea, and invented the name "Palestine" after the Philistines. In every normal case, an existing people gives its name to a land. The Franks named it France and the Angles, England, and the Germanics, Germany. Only in this ludicrous case does a Roman invent a name, give it to a land, and the arriving Arab trespassers become "Palestinians". One presumes that had Hadrian not changed the name, Israel today would be fighting Yasir Arafat and the Judean terrorists. There are no "Palestinians" and there is no "Palestine" in the land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael. No guilt.

The "Palestinian" civilians in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Lebanon cheered and supported every P.L.O murder and terror of Jews. They are united in hatred of Israel. It would be nicer if they did not stone our soldiers and try to kill Jews. It would be nicer if they did not rise up in revolt in order to force us out of Judea, Samaria and Gaza as the first step to the elimination of the State of Israel. But since they do, let Jews not allow themselves to be destroyed by "Palestinian" women and children. And if the only way to survive is to take the lives of people who attack us we have no choice. I wonder how many mourned and protested the killing of German civilians during World War II bombings of Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden? And Israeli General Yekutiel Adam was gunned down and murdered by a 14 year old "innocent Palestinian child" No guilt.

There is nothing ethical about dying or anything moral about another holocaust. There is nothing immoral about winning and nothing necessarily noble in a loser. Let us cast off the chains of guilt and reject the accusations of its bearers. The greatness of Judaism is its spirit, but no spirit can survive without a living body. If we do not want to kill Arabs--and we don't; and if we want to put an end to the nightly television pictures of violence; and if we do not want to see those pictures tomorrow inside Israel itself, with Israeli Arabs fighting soldiers; and if we do not want to see the threat of Arab demography destroying the Jewish State--then let us have the corage to take the one difficult but immutable step that will free us of all this and guarantee a Jewish State: Remove the Arabs from the land and let them live with their brothers and sisters in any of the 22 Arab states. Anything short of that will see the horrors of today escalated a hundred-fold tomorrow. And let us not fear the world. Those who stood by during the Holocaust and when Israel faced destruction in 1948 and 1967 have nothing to tell us.

Faith in the G-d of Israel and a powerful Jewish army are the only guarantors of Jewish survival. Let us not fear the world. Far better a Jewish State that survives and is hated by the world, than an Auschwitz that brings us its love and sympathy. No guilt Rather faith in G-d and a return to authentic Torah laws; rather pride and strength, and the love of Jews rather than the enemy would destroy them. That is sanity; that is Judaism.

Measure for Measure

"This land is ours!!!" they screamed; "Allahu Akbar!" they yelled at the top of their lungs as they marched through the street; rioting, burning cars, throwing stones and bottles as they clashed with the police. And where is this? No not Israel - but Denmark and Paris - some of the very countries that have supported and aided the arab cause for so long!

In Birmingham in England, gangs of blacks clashed with gangs of muslims in an ongoing vendetta supposedly sparked off by the rape of a young black teenager by Asian immigrants. Madness, rioting, death... and all in the heart of Europe!

If anyone has missed the beautiful justice that G-D is meting out to the nations it is not this simple Jew.

After years of supporting the arabs, harbouring the islamic extremists, and turning a blind eye to the funding of arab terrorists in Israel, the monster that the EU helped to create is coming back to haunt them. This is not mere irony - it is the Hand of G-D. The battle of Edom vs Yishmael is moving into full-swing: just as it is predicted in the prophecies regarding Mashiach! Slowly, with each 9/11, Madrid, "7/7", the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the now these riots, both the West and the arabs are getting a taste of their own medicine! But for us Jews this justice must not be thought of in terms of "hahaha - we told you so", for this is not the Torah way. As Jews we need to look at it on an even deeper level and thus appreciate just how Great is the Work of G-D!

The West are getting back all of the terror that they funded/ turned a blind eye to/ morally supported against Israel. For all the harsh words against any pathetically meek Israeli actions taken against the "palestinians" in response to their blood-thirsty attempts on Jewish lives; HaShem pays them back in kind, and they are then forced to do the exact things that they condemned the "Israeli aggressor" for doing. The actual terrorism is a part of the retribution, but in my opinion in it not the ikkar - not the main issue here - it is just a part of it. The ultimate punishment for someone who has constantly humiliated, passively fought against and gloated at the misfortune of another party is that the former is forced into the exact same position as his enemy! Yes it is true that the US may have enough clout on the international arena to play down the similarities to an extent - but the rabid dogs of the radical left have smelled fresh meat and are howling against America, Britain, and everyone else involved in the West's "war on terror" now. Just like they howled and gnashed their teeth against Israel for all those years of "occupying palestinian land", they now do the same against the West for "occupying arab land in Iraq"!

The words "measure-for-measure" suddenly spring to mind!

The Arabs/Muslims are also getting a taste of their own medicine too, but I don't think that this is noticed by many people so much though, as perhaps we have very short memories. So let's remember then shall we?

Who remembers 1948? 1967? 1973? Three big wars, three major invasions that - although defeated - the Arabs never really were paid back for in kind... until now. Afghanistan was just the beginning, and Iraq is even more significant because not only was Bavel where our exiles were originally formed - it was also the only country to manage to shoot missiles into Israeli cities (during the Gulf War). Next on the chopping board is either Syria or Iran. Syria has invaded Israel many a time, and Iran has aided and abetted Arab terrorism against Israel for as long as the Ayatollahs have been in power. Now it seems that, if they are not going to be invaded, they will surely feel the wrath of America in another way. The invasion of Iraq is very symbolic indeed. Who would've thought it in 1948, 1967 or even 1973? The mightiest of Arab countries reduced to a bloodbath of invasion and civil war! And hold on... when the invasion of America didn't "finish them off", what suddenly took root? Terrorism! Or "insurgency" as the media now call it... (again, a measure-for-measure slap in the face for both the West (and the Arab states themselves to some extent), who would of course never refer to terrorists in Israel as such but rather as "militants"!) The resemblance to the Arab-Israeli conflict is startling to all those who wish to open their eyes and see it!

This is surely the Hand of G-D, and I have a feeling it most certainly is just a taster of what is to come...


Seems that Sharon is now ok with letting Hamas run for PA elections, which means we could see Arik shaking hands with Hamas terrorists in the not too distant future in some resort in Sharm El Sheikh, possibly on a TV screen near you!


...This comes after the IDF liquidated another Hamas terrorist - who was funnily enough in the car with an associate of Abu Mazen! (just to show you how fine the line is between Arik sitting down for coffee with Abu Mazen and with Khaled Mashal (Hamas leader)). Surprised?

...It also comes after many statements made by "the bulldozer" (Sharon) himself about how he would "never allow Hamas to run". Surprised?!

...This strange about-turn ALSO comes after another meeting between Shaul Mofaz (Defense Minister) and US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice... Surprised?!?!

Well I have to say, you shouldn't be surprised at all - and here's why:

1. Sharon has proven himself to be a compulsive liar. What he says vis-a-vis Hamas echos certain statements of his in the past about how "Netzarim is like Tel Aviv". Nothing he says should be taken at face-value.

2. Arik has shaken hands with Abu Mazen on several occasions. Now let's just remember: who is Abu Mazen? Abu Mazen is the author of a thesis on holocaust denial; Abu Mazen played a part in the Olympic Massacre in Munich; Abu Mazen has reiterated that he intends to "march onto Jerusalem" and keep up Arafat's (yimach shemo) legacy. Abu Mazen = Fatah = Hamas because guess what - they all kill Jews. So when Arik shakes hand with one Jew-killer, it follows that he'll shake hands with them all! So don't be surprised!

3. Sharon made a statement a while ago that everyone (especially in the right) has chosen to push to the back of their minds because they just cannot deal with it. Sharon said that the Israeli "occupation" of "palestinian lands" must end some time, and he constantly talks of a "democratic palestine, side-by-side with a secure Israel" (funny, that sounds like an oxymoron to me...). Well guess what folks: Arik's already given them some land (Gaza), and now all he's doing is giving them the right to vote for who they really want to rule that land for them - and I garaunty you that the "palestinian" people will vote according to who chalks up the most kills in this war... so Hamas should be front-runners (Abu Mazen please step aside!). But don't be surprised!

So big deal. All the news outlets talk about this as a major political and diplomatic step, but all I can see is a natural progression from what started all the way in the 1970s with Menachem Begin and Egypt...

Two percieved "heros" turned zeros: one starting the process off (Begin), and the other trying to finish it (Sharon) - how apt... Well, we all know what Rav Kahane had to say about that perception of these two (and other) Israeli "heros", ( ) and he was dead on!

4. The hallowed and sacred law in recent (and even not-so-recent) Israeli politics is clear and you should all know it by now: "I am the lord your god... America!" Israel is effectively a banana-republic in that what the Whitehouse says, goes. The Knesset has abandoned the Word of the Infinite, Almighty, All-Powerful G-D, and has foolishly decided to follow the words of the United States of America (who can't even look after its own people - as the recent hurricanes have shown - let alone Israel's!)...

So, another step in the relationship between the Israeli PM of the day and the nazi Jew-haters of the day is formed. How sad...

But surprising? Hardly!!!

Mafdal finally dropping the chirade?... Again?!

According to Arutz Sheva, Mafdal (the "National Religious Party") have announced that they are "contemplating allowing non-shomer shabbat Jews to join their party" as long as they "keep to the party rules" (but hold on, shouldn't the National Religious Party's rules be the Torah?!... Oy, never mind!). ( Apparently they want to be seen as more "liberal" - and we all know what that means when such a group still insists on posing as "Torah-observant Jews"... (see reform/conservative movement website for details...).

Now, I don't actually have a problem with this per-sai - as long as it doesn't mean non-Torah Jews actually running for the Knesset on a "religious platform" (because that would be lying, and the Knesset doesn't tolerate liars right?) - but this does perplex me somewhat. Were Mafdal actually still trying to masquerade as a Torah-based party even after their passive compliance with Sharon's expulsion plan?! As far as I knew, the National "Religious(?)" Party had already dropped this chirade de-facto, seeing as they insisted on staying in a government that was actively going about trying to expel Jews from the Land of Israel, thus trampling on the Torah and its Halachot (and even after they begrudgingly left, their "leadership" in the fight against the expulsion was far from laudable...) Rabbi Shapira shlita had already stated that such an aveira of uprooting Jews from Eretz Yisrael is at least equal to public Chillul Shabbat. So nu, what is the chiddush here?! Someone please explain! Hadn't they already announced to us all davka with actions and not just mere words (as is the normal custom in the Knesset) that they had taken the route counter to Torah values?! Wow, Israeli politics sure is confusing! And I'll tell you what'll be even more comical and sad all at once: that the UTJ party (who are actually still in the Sharon government...), along with their freinds in Shas will no doubt have a field-day with this, or at least will be shaking their heads sagely when they hear about it. I mean, how can people just dilute/abandon Torah values just for a warm seat in the Knesset right?!

Oy vey, this is getting beyond a joke!... This distortion of Torah is truly tragic.
The great apikores yossi beilin writes Rather than plead with the rabbis to be more liberal, we should change Law of Return saying "Instead of bemoaning, year after year, the shrinking Jewish world and pushing away people who consider themselves Jews, instead of pleading with rabbis to become more liberal with regard to conversion - we must remove their monopoly on Jewish identity.

We must define for ourselves, in the Law of Return, that in the eyes of the State of Israel, anyone with a Jewish parent, father or mother, is also Jewish."

In other words he is implying that we should start recruting new jews.

Rabbi yisrael eichler attempts to answer beilin but in actuality all he does is explain what beilin is refering to...

Years ago rav kahane wrote on this topic in his book Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews
"And this concept, "a Jewish State," we made the focus of the central and moving paragraph of Israel's Declaration of Independence which declared: "We hereby proclaim the establishment of a JEWISH STATE in the Land of Israel."
What in the world does this "Jewish State" mean? What is its minimal and fundamental definition, the one that every Zionist — religious or not, rightist or leftist, whatever his political, social and economic hue —will agree upon? Why surely it is the definition of a Jewish State as one with a majority of Jews. Of course this is the most basic and bottom-line definition possible.
Only a state with a majority of Jews guarantees all the things that Zionism and Zionists dreamed of, worked for, demanded. Only a state with a majority of Jews guarantees Jewish sovereignty, and independence. Only a state with a majority of Jews guarantees that the Jew will be captain of his ship, master of his fate, free from dependency on and prostration before strangers.
Only a state with a majority of Jews will insure that, never again, will we enjoy such dubious benefits as Crusades and Inquisitions and pogroms and holocausts —small and very large. Only a state in which the Jew controls his destiny will free him from both gentile Church and State, from both the intolerance of the non-Jew as well as his humiliating "tolerance." A Jewish majority is a Jewish State and a Jewish State is the repudiation of the ghetto, the Exile, humiliation, degradation, weakness and the shame of raising our eyes unto the stranger, "from the gentile shall come forth our salvation. ..."
Anything less than a Jewish majority is not a Jewish State. Surely Brooklyn has many, many Jews but it is not a Jewish State for it. It is not a sovereign, independent one, and this is what Zionism and its founding fathers understood and fought for: A Land of Israel with a majority of Jews in it. A Jewish State."

In his interview in Israel’s Ayatollahs: Meir Kahane and the Far Right in Israel
"Q: So you make a distinction between being a Jew and being an Israeli.
A: Of course. And that’s where the great insanity of this country, the great sickness, comes from. The problem here is not so much the Arabs but the Jews. The secular Jew has a problem of identity. He doesn’t know who he is. So he says he is an Israeli. Not a Jew. This is insanity. Because an Arab can also be an Israeli. To be an Israeli means having citizenship of this country. It’s not a nationality. So the sabra lives in a state of complete confusion. He doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know where he’s going. People in this country are sick. Intellectually sick. For me, there are no Israelis. There are Jews. Some of them live in Israel. Others live in France. Others live somewhere else. There is a Jewish people. Because there is a Jewish people, we have the right to come to this country, and to take it from the Arabs.If the sabra isn’t a Jew, then I don’t know why his grandparents came to this country and took it from the Arabs. It isn’t because the Jews lived here 2,000 years ago that they have the right to come back. Who the hell cares whether they lived here 2,000 years ago?The biggest fascism is precisely that: to believe that one has a right to conic back here solely because one lived here 2,000 years ago. The legitimate reason why we have the right to come back here is that we are Jews and because we are Jews we have a 2,000-year bond with this land. We have always prayed three times a day to be able to come back to this land. And we have never given up this hope. It’s not the fact that we have come back and that we have created an Israeli state. That’s not the reason. The reason is that, first and foremost, we are Jews."

Some sweet quotes worth reading!!

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994
In 1923, radical Zionist Ze'ev Jabotinsky-- spiritual father of not only of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin but of Brooklyn Rabbi Meir Kahane-- wrote that the "sole way" for Jews to deal with Arabs in Palestine was through "total avoidance of all attempts to arrive at a settlement"-which Jabotinsky euphemistically termed the "iron wall" approach. Not coincidentally, a picture of Jabotinsky graces Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's desk. Source: The Village Voice, "Death Wish in the Holy Land," Dec. 12, 2001
During a sermon preceding the 2001 Passover holiday, the influential Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef exclaimed: "May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arab heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them." He added: "It is forbidden to have pity on them. We must give them missiles with relish, annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones." Source: Ha'aretz April 12, 2001
"We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel...Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours."-Rafael Eitan, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, quoted in Yediot Ahronot, April 13, 1983, and The New York Times, April 14, 1983. "[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs."-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' New Statesman, June 25,1982. "We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return."-David Ben-Gurion, in his diary, July 18, 1948, quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's "Ben-Gurion: the Armed Prophet," Prentice-Hall, 1967, p. 157.
"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."-Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum."
"We shall reduce the Arab population to a community of woodcutters and waiters."-Uri Lubrani, Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion's special adviser on Arab Affairs. Source: "The Arabs in Israel" by Sabri Jiryas.
"...the need to sustain the character of the state which will henceforth be Jewish...with a non-Jewish minority limited to 15 percent. I had already reached this fundamental position as early as 1940 [and] it is entered in my diary."-Joseph Weitz, head of the Jewish Agency's Colonization Department. From "Israel: an Apartheid State" by Uri Davis, p. 5.
"Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Palestinian) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them."-Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of the Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, Nov. 15, 1998.
"Spirit the penniless population across the frontier by denying it employment... Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly."-Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, "Complete Diaries," June 12, 1895 entry.
Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, head of the Kever Yossev Yeshiva (school of Talmud) in Nablus stated, "The blood of the Jewish people is loved by the Lord; it is therefore redder and their life is preferable."
The four - Michael Ben-Chorin, Netanel Uzari, Yoel Lerner, and Yosef Dayan - issued the book in honor of Goldstein who slaughtered 40 Palestinian men and boys while they knelt in prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque at Hebron's Machpela Cave, on Purim 1994. (Purim is the Jewish commemoration of vengeance against non-Jews).
The book, Baruch Hagever ("The Blessed Man"), has sold thousands of copies among Jews, and includes an article written by Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, the head of an Israeli yeshiva (religious school). Ginsburg's article "sings the praises" of the killer and calls Goldstein, a 'saint.' "The entire book is indeed full of his praises. It should be noted that no Israeli rabbi (including the 'moderates' among them) has said a word against the contents of the book."
Ginsburg declares in Baruch Hagever that what Goldstein did in murdering the unarmed Palestinian civilians at their house of worship, constitutes, "a fulfillment of a number of commands of Jewish religious law...Among his (Goldstein's) good deeds, as enumerated, are...taking revenge on non-Jews, extermination of the non-Jews who are from the seed of Amalek...and the sanctification of the Holy Name.
"The murders have led, in the rabbi's opinion, to...clear knowledge among the Jews that 'the life of a Jew is preferable to the life of a non-Jew'... "Goldstein is indeed being worshipped as a saint in (the Jewish settlement ) Kiryat Arba. His intercession before God is asked by pilgrims and it is reported that he cures the ill and generally helps those Jews who ask his help."
The Israeli Chief Rabbi of the Sephardim, Eliahu Bakshi Doron, in a radio broadcast on Tuesday, July 9, 1996, praised the Biblical figure Phinehas for having killed the Israelite Zimri, because Zimri had sex with a Midianite woman. Rabbi Doron said that Phinehas had committed a "pure" act. He then referred to Zimri as "the first reform Jew."
Yediot Aharonot reports that Lederman had only served two years of his murder sentence when then Israeli Chief of Staff Rafael Eitan, who once compared Palestinians to "cockroaches scurrying in a bottle," pardoned and released him. Two years later, Lederman snatched a baby out of the arms of a Palestinian mother .
In his own defense, Rabbi Hecht stated, "All I said was that according to Jewish law, any one person--you can apply it to whoever you want--any one person who willfully, consciously, intentionally hands over human bodies or human property or the human wealth of the Jewish people to an alien people is guilty of the sin for which the penalty is death.
"And, according to Maimonides--you can quote me--it says very clearly, if a man kills him, he has done a good deed."

Transfer? It’s Time!

Arlene Peck
30 September 2002
I’m too young to be a political pundit, but the fact is that for more years than I care to remember, the thought of transfer-the forced movement of the Arab population of Israel, Judea and Samaria to Arab countries- has been criticized as irrational, immoral and impossible to implement. However, after the past two years of living through the horror of sometimes-daily terror attacks, almost fifty percent of the Israeli public supports transfer.
Despite that fact, the only party advocating it in the Knesset is Moledet, and with only one representative in the Knesset, they are continuously held back by the political system. Since transfer has gained so much support among the Israeli public it is unconscionable that the politicians do not reflect that position. Unfortunately, the peoples´ voice is drowned out by the Israeli political system, which so far refuses to accept the idea, though it would eliminate the Arab demographic threat to Israel.
I remember having long dialogues with Rabbi Meir Kahane twenty-five years ago. At that time he prophesied to me, “At the rate that the Arabs are populating the Jewish state, they won’t beat us with bullets. No, they’ll beat us with ballots. Who but the Jews would put the enemy in power to vote them out? The average Israeli will have two children while the Arabs have a dozen.”
Today it is easier to see that the transfer Kahane advocated would solve that problem immediately: and the Jewish state would no longer have to concern itself with the Arab population doubling itself every sixteen years. At this point in time, the 22 Arab states have 289 million people and their numbers are soaring worldwide daily. By the year 2020 they will be 410 to 459 million strong. Even now, they are growing up violent and illiterate and taking over much of Europe. Today, many European countries are finding their cultures changing with churches disappearing and mosques being built in their places.
Do you really think that the Arabs who walked away from 97% of everything on their ‘wish list,’ in the misplaced leadership of Ehud Barak, would be satisfied with the land they’ve received from Gaza, Judea and Samaria? Pu-lease. The present day Arab considers the entire state of Israel as "Historically Palestinian”.
It’s interesting that the world sees nothing wrong though, with uprooting over a quarter of a million people from lands that they have been residing in for over thirty years. Where do they think the Jews living in the ‘settlements’ come from? Did they drop out of a pineapple tree? What about making it possible to have all the Jewish residents of Israel who were chased out of the Arab world ´return´ to claim their property, or at the very least, be compensated? If the despots in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or any of the surrounding Arabs states had not wanted to create and exacerbate the Palestinian refugee problem in their attempts to destroy the Jewish state, they would have been resettled with their Arab brothers fifty years ago.
Knowing the Jewish mentality as I do, I am confident that Israel would be the first one to assist in building a Palestinian state on Arab land, helping their neighbors in terms of agriculture, finance, industry and trade and all the other trappings of statehood. If the situation were reversed, the Arabs wouldn’t be happy until every Jew was dead and all of their historical sites renamed after Mohammed.
Despite claims to the contrary by virtually all of the Arab states, the religious and historical tie of the Jews to their land is basic to their history. Unfortunately, too many have lost their roots and are uncaring or unaware of the actual ‘rights’ to the land. Arafat and his ilk have been spouting the ‘big lie’ for so long that there has to be an educational campaign to remind the world, and even the Israelis, of their ownership and birthright.
Hey, I don’t blame the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs for wanting to leave the oppression they suffer by their own people and move to a place that offers a life they have never had nor could ever have. A recent UN report cited that out of the seven major regions of the world it’s the Arab region that has the lowest freedom score. They are at the bottom of the barrel in political rights, civil liberties, and press and religious freedom. There is no government accountability. Most of the women and a large chunk of the male population are totally illiterate. Good Lord, the whole Arab world translates only about three hundred books annually, and their Internet connectivity is just about nil. Maybe a couple of generations of learning about freedom and democracy, a few generations learning to give up the anti-Jewish hate that they’ve spent the past fifty-four years acquiring and ten years perfecting, will help them dig out of the hole in which they now find themselves.
That could make a difference. Meanwhile, the answer isn’t in opening the floodgates and setting up statehood for the enemy within the confines of the Jewish state. Sure, the logistics of transfer are difficult. However, it’s been done within their own communities many times. That’s the way the Palestinians got there in the first place, when their brothers in Jordan expelled them. I believe that Israel is in a fight for its life, a battle it can’t afford to lose.
Transfer can be done gradually. Each time Hamas or any other of the state sponsored terrorist groups attack, announcing they will “Kill all of the Jews”, each time a terrorist bombs a restaurant, disco or school, Israel should announce they will annex ten percent of the land they have previously handed over…. and then do it!

In defense of transfer

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
In all the furor that has been created in Israel and the world Jewish community over the suggestion by certain "radical" Jews that Israeli Arabs be transferred from the country, there appears to be forgotten the fact that such an action would only be the second part of an ultimate exchange of populations.
The fact is, that with the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab countries, almost all of whom left behind all their property for which compensation was never paid. It is worth while to look at the record before we dismiss the concept of the transfer of Arabs from Israel.
Algeria had 150,000 Jews in 1948. Pogroms in that country had occured almost every 10 years since tha 1890's, and during the 1930's, many Jews of Constantine were massacred despite French intervention. In 1961, the Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) attacked the large cities where most of the Jews lived and 100,000 were forced to flee the country, leaving behind all their belongings.The FLN desecrated the Great Synagogue at Algiers and the ancient Jewish Cemetary at Oran, and succeeded in driving out all but 900 Jews by 1973. And so: Algeria 1948: 150,000 Jews; Algeria 1973: 750 Jews.
In Morocco in 1948 there were 300,000 Jews. On June 7 of that year, mobs in Oujda sacked the Jewish quarter, killing and wounding hundreds of Jews, and in nearby Djerada, 30 Jews were massacred by Arab mobs the same night. The new revolutionary government passed anti-Jewish laws so severe that they drove out 300,000 Jews. With the return of the Sultan in 1961, there was some relaxation of the laws; but by 1973 only 25,000 of the original 300,000 Jews remained. Morocco 1948: 300,000 Jews; Morocco 1973: 25,000 Jews.
There were 23,000 Jews in Tunisia in 1948. Following the revolutionary government's program of Arabization, Jews became "instant scapegoats ," and many were arrested for "economic" crimes simply for being merchants or practicing any gainful occupation. By 1973, all but 9,000 Jews had been driven out of Tunisia. Tunisia 1948: 23,000 Jews, Tunisia1973: 9,000 Jews.
Syria had 45,000 Jews in 1948. They had prospered under the Turks and the French, but when the Arabs took over, they at once became the target for both official and unofficial violence. Anti-Jewish legislation froze bank accounts and confiscated property. New laws forbade Jews to sell their property or move more than three miles from their homes. Special identity cards were issued to them, and they were allowed to work only at certain jobs. Government employees and military personnel were forbidden to patronize Jewish shops. Today there are fewer than 4,000 Jews in Syria, and they are under constant attack. Syria 1948: 45,000 Jews, Syria 1973: 4,000 Jews.
There were 45,000 Jews living in Libya in 1948. In Tripoli in 1945, 120 Jews had been killed by mobs of Arabs. After independence, most of the others were driven from the country, many were murdered after the Six-Day War and numerous others were arrested. In 1976, there were only about 70 Jews remaining in the country ruled by Colonel Qaddafi. Libya 1948: 45,000 Jews, Libya 1976: 70 Jews.
Jews have been in Egypt since Biblical times, and Alexandria had once been, at least partially, a Jewish city. In 1945, the pro-Nazi "Young Egypt" group led anti- Jewish rioting in which many Jews were killed. In 1947, a new law for companies made it practically impossible for Jewish businesses to operate. Egypt had 75,000 Jews in 1948, when bombings, burnings and looting destroyed almost $50 million worth of Jewish property. After the overthrow of King Farouk by Nasser and his "Free Officers," life for Jews became intolerable in that country. After the Suez War, 3,000 Jews were arrested and imprisoned without trial.
Thousands of others were presented with deportation orders forcing them to quit the country within days and leave all their property behind. By 1967, Nasser had managed to force all but 3,000 Jews out of Egypt. There were fewer than 500 Jews remaining in the land ruled by the "moderate" el-Sadat in 1976; the rest were driven out to find new homes, mostly in Israel. Egypt 1948: 75,000 Jews, Egypt 1976: 500 Jews. ( Amnesty International reported in 1976 that there were only 350 Jews in Egypt.)
Iraq was the home of 125,000 Jews in 1948. Since then, the revolutionary government has conducted an almost incessant campaign of terror against them. Nine Jews were hanged in public and 68 tried as Israeli spies in January 1968 while chanting mobs moved through the streets beating up any Jew that passed their way, women and children included! By 1973, only 400 Jews remained in Iraq. Iraq 1948: 125,000 Jews, Iraq 1973: 400 Jews.
Yemen, where 54,000 Jews lived in 1948, had none in 1976. Hundreds were killed, and the rest found shelter in British bases until they were carried to Israel by Operation Magic Carpet. Before that, it was legal to stone a Jew to death, and the law decreed that " fatherless Jewish children under thirteen be taken from their mothers and raised as Muslims." Yemen 1948: 54,000 Jews, Yemen 1976: No Jews whatsoever!!
In Aden, there were 5,000 Jews in 1947, but in 1976 there were none. In December, 1947, Arab mobs attacked the Jewish quarter, killing several people and burning down buildings. Between 1948 and 1967, most Aden Jews fled to Israel. The 130 who remained fled after the riots in June 1967 to escape torture and certain death. Aden 1948: 5,000 Jews, Aden 1967: No Jews Whatsoever!!
A total of some 750,000 Jews fled Arab lands since 1948. Surely it is time for Jews, worried over the huge growth of Arabs in Israel, to consider finishing the exchange of populations that began 35 years ago.
4 Nisan 5743--March 18, 1983

Poll: Israelis favor booting Palestinians

Poll: Israelis favor booting Palestinians
But survey company refuses to release results
Posted: February 14, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2005
JERUSALEM – A scientific poll allegedly suppressed in Israel last month has found a plurality of Israelis favor transferring the Palestinian population out of Israel instead of implementing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw Jewish settlements from Gaza and parts of the West Bank this summer, WorldNetDaily has learned.
The poll was commissioned by Mishalot Yisrael, a group formed to assess public opinion with regard to the withdrawal, and was conducted Jan. 12 with Mutagim, a major Israeli polling company.
Israelis were asked whether they "prefer the 'Sharon/Peres Disengagement Plan' which includes transferring Gaza and Northern Shomron to Palestinian control, and expulsion of all Jews who live there – a move that would bring Palestinian territory closer to major Israeli cities such as Ashkelon and Tel Aviv. Or do you prefer the 'Jewish Alternative Disengagement Plan,' which includes annexing these territories and expulsion of the Arabs living there to an area outside Israel, deep beyond a safe security buffer zone – a move that would effectively distance the Palestinian population from major Israeli cities like Ashkelon and Tel Aviv?"
The results showed 38 percent of the general Israeli population said they favor the mass transfer of Palestinians, while 37 percent favor Sharon's withdrawal plan, according to the poll.
But Mutagim refused to release the survey results, claiming a question was entered late and the company was only able to interview 397 people instead of the 511 originally planned. The company offered to conduct another survey for free.
Yekutiel Ben Yaacov, director of Mishalot Yisroel, told WND he demanded the poll results be released. In a conversation taped by Ben Yaacov because he says he suspected foul play, Mutagim market researcher Uri Pancier allegedly admits the results may be accurate and discusses his reluctance to release them.
An independent polling company told WND the survey of 397 people, if conducted appropriately, would still be accurate and would only increase the margin of error by 0.5 to 1 percent.
A second poll conducted by Mutagim, this time including 499 people, found 49 percent of the general Israeli population supports the Gaza withdrawal, while 27 percent favor the transfer of Palestinians. A third Mutagim survey, conducted earlier this month with 509 people, had 39 percent for Sharon's withdrawal, and 31 percent for Palestinian transfer. Both polls were released to Mishalot Yisroel.
A second Israeli polling company, Geocartography, was also commissioned to conduct the same poll, and found 44 percent in favor of Sharon's plan, 31 percent for Palestinian transfer.
But Ben Yaacov says he is upset the first poll, which found a plurality for the alternate plan, has not been released.
"The polling companies are afraid. They don't want to put anything out that shows the Israeli people would rather kick out the Palestinians and not evacuate the Jews," said Ben Yaacov.
Indeed, another Israeli polling company, Dahav Institute, refused to conduct the survey all together.
Veteran Israeli pollster and Dahav head Dr. Mina Tzemach told WorldNetDaily, "Yes, I refused to do it. The so-called alternative plan is unrealistic, immoral and it will never happen. Such ideas are damaging to the state of Israel."
Pancier made similar comments in the past. He told the Jerusalem Post in December his company is generally wary of surveys involving what he calls the right-wing community, as they tend to use results to express ideological opinions.
"Israelis are not racist," Pancier told WND. "Sure, people are accepting this Arab transfer as a theoretical option when asked in a poll, but if you ask them whether they believe it can happen, most will say no. This plan is not reality, it can't happen."
Ben Yaacov says he's aware of the controversial implications of the Palestinian transfer plan.
"Some say this is apartheid against the Arabs. But actually I got the idea from Ariel Sharon, who wants to remove the Jews in Gaza and the West Bank. I'm just applying the same concept to hostile Palestinians. As far as I am concerned, Arabs that are loyal can remain in our territories without any problems."
Ben Yaacov says his group plans to conduct a nationwide referendum in Israel pitting his plan against Sharon's. "Our goal is to get a bigger voter turnout at our referendum than there is in national Israeli elections," said Ben Yaacov.
Last week, Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom broke ranks with Sharon and announced he too will lead a push for a national referendum.
Ben Yaacov discounted earlier survey's on the Gaza withdrawal, explaining "they offered people no alternative. It was either you favor Sharon's withdrawal or things remain the same. Now we are offering another plan – Palestinian evacuation."
Andras Bereny, a key member of the Italian referendum party and a former candidate for the Italian Senate who helped pass over four referendum packages in Italy, has joined forces with Ben Yaacov and will assist in conducting an initial survey in select Israeli towns.
Bereny calls the referendum important and says it will contribute to "determining the destiny of the Jewish people."

With My Back to the Sea by Daniel pinner

The 29th day of Elul, the final day of 5765. A time for soul-searching, both personally and nationally. Today is the final time, before the Trial begins, to plead for mercy from the Judge. It is 104 days since I was arrested. The charge against me is simple. On Shabbat, three-and-a-half-months ago, I was strolling along the sea-front in Gush Katif (of blessed memory) when I was attacked by about 50 Arabs throwing rocks. With nowhere to go but heaven, hell or the ocean, I fired a few warning shots in the air, and, as the Arabs ducked, I retreated to the hotel in Hof Dekalim. Of course, I could have exercised havlaga (restraint), taken my chances on living or dying, and avoided court. That way, I could also have saved the Israeli police and court system a lot of unnecessary work. Actually, come to think of it, my situation was almost a paradigm of Israel: my back to the sea, surrounded by Arabs intent on my annihilation, outnumbered about 50 to 1 - and in the dock for the crime of having defended myself. In 1967, Israel had her back to the sea, surrounded by implacably hostile Arab states intent on her annihilation, outnumbered on all fronts. If, at that time, Israel would not have defended herself, then she could have won world sympathy - the sympathy that is always accorded dead Jews - and would have saved the United Nations so much time consumed in Security Council meetings condemning Israeli aggression. The famous Israeli satirist, Ephraim Kishon, expressed it succinctly in the title of his book So Sorry We Won! Maybe I should paraphrase this in the Israeli court: "So sorry I survived!" Israel's prime minister during the Six Day War, Levi Eshkol, conveyed the national mood: "We won the war," he said, "and thereby lost world sympathy." Tough. But we would rather that than the other way 'round. For myself - to paraphrase Rabbi Meir Kahane - I would rather have the court's condemnation than the media's eulogies. But now, in this time of judgment - when "all who walk in the world pass by Him like lambs" (Mishnah, Rosh HaShanah 1:2) - now is the time to pray for compassion for all Jews who are imprisoned for being loyal to Israel: For Shimshon Avichay ben Liora Chava, attacked in Gush Katif three months ago, and accused of attempted murder; For Tzviya bat Rut, who entered Sa-Nur "illegally" a couple of weeks ago, and is now alone, in solitary confinement, in N'vei Tirtzah prison - and she is just 16 years old. Above all, for the State of Israel, which has so lost its bearings, its ideological compass, its conscience. May the House of Israel merit to be inscribed in the Book of Life for the year 5766; and may we all merit to see the return of justice to Israel.


Rabbi Meir Kahane's last work which was published in 1990 shortly before his assassination. In this book, Rabbi Kahane outlines a blueprint of survival for Israel based on an emergency national referendum.

Read the full book online Here!
Intifada! What is it if not the continuation of the Arab revolt against the Jew and their Jewish state?
Rabbi Meir Kahane, who has an enormous following in Israel, and particularly among the young, says the intitada phenomenon could have been crushed in two days but, instead, has been permitted to fester for more than two years. In its wake, Kahane says it destroys Jews, physically and spiritually-and threatens the very existence of the Jewish state.
Today the frightening alternatives must be faced at last. Israeli Jews are angry, frustrated and bitter. They are deeply concerned for themselves and their loved ones. They are eager to strike back against those Arabs who are allowed by the government to destroy them.
Kahane warns that the situation cannot continue. If the government cannot or will not protect Jewish lives and property, it loses the legitimate right to rule, and will force desperate Jews to take the law into their own hands.
There is another alternative! Kahane suggests that the Israeli government allow its angry citizens to go to the polls themselves, to decide those life and death issues that are tearing the country to pieces.
A referendum is the only alternative to save mainline Jews from both murderous Arabs and incited Jews. Kahane points out that The most fundamental obligation of government-and the very source of its legitimacy and right to rule over people-is its responsibility to guarantee the lives and safety of its citizens. If it either cannot, or will not, fulfill that obligation, it has no moral or legal right to rule.
In this incisive critique of Israeli government policies-and its historical look-back of fatal mistakes of Israel's founding generation, Kahane points up impossible inconsistencies between Zionism and Western Democracy.
Ever the prophetic teacher, Rabbi Kahane makes the case for letting the electorate speak for themselves. In the pages of this book, he advocates a national referendum, calling for a yes or no vote on the following:
[1] Shall the Knesset be dissolved and new elections open to all parties be held?
[2] Shall the winner be bound to implement the following program:
-Crush of the Arab revolt by every means possible.
-Annex Jedea-Samaria-Gaza. -Remove all Arabs who are not prepared to accept the exclusive sovereignty of the Jewish people over all in the land of Israel. (This will allow those Arabs who do accept their right to remain in the land as non-citizens their personal rights but no national rights.)

Not Everyone is Included in the Four Species

From The Writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane in honor of Sukkot Organs of power at home joining the side of our enemy requires us t...