Measure for Measure

"This land is ours!!!" they screamed; "Allahu Akbar!" they yelled at the top of their lungs as they marched through the street; rioting, burning cars, throwing stones and bottles as they clashed with the police. And where is this? No not Israel - but Denmark and Paris - some of the very countries that have supported and aided the arab cause for so long!

In Birmingham in England, gangs of blacks clashed with gangs of muslims in an ongoing vendetta supposedly sparked off by the rape of a young black teenager by Asian immigrants. Madness, rioting, death... and all in the heart of Europe!

If anyone has missed the beautiful justice that G-D is meting out to the nations it is not this simple Jew.

After years of supporting the arabs, harbouring the islamic extremists, and turning a blind eye to the funding of arab terrorists in Israel, the monster that the EU helped to create is coming back to haunt them. This is not mere irony - it is the Hand of G-D. The battle of Edom vs Yishmael is moving into full-swing: just as it is predicted in the prophecies regarding Mashiach! Slowly, with each 9/11, Madrid, "7/7", the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the now these riots, both the West and the arabs are getting a taste of their own medicine! But for us Jews this justice must not be thought of in terms of "hahaha - we told you so", for this is not the Torah way. As Jews we need to look at it on an even deeper level and thus appreciate just how Great is the Work of G-D!

The West are getting back all of the terror that they funded/ turned a blind eye to/ morally supported against Israel. For all the harsh words against any pathetically meek Israeli actions taken against the "palestinians" in response to their blood-thirsty attempts on Jewish lives; HaShem pays them back in kind, and they are then forced to do the exact things that they condemned the "Israeli aggressor" for doing. The actual terrorism is a part of the retribution, but in my opinion in it not the ikkar - not the main issue here - it is just a part of it. The ultimate punishment for someone who has constantly humiliated, passively fought against and gloated at the misfortune of another party is that the former is forced into the exact same position as his enemy! Yes it is true that the US may have enough clout on the international arena to play down the similarities to an extent - but the rabid dogs of the radical left have smelled fresh meat and are howling against America, Britain, and everyone else involved in the West's "war on terror" now. Just like they howled and gnashed their teeth against Israel for all those years of "occupying palestinian land", they now do the same against the West for "occupying arab land in Iraq"!

The words "measure-for-measure" suddenly spring to mind!

The Arabs/Muslims are also getting a taste of their own medicine too, but I don't think that this is noticed by many people so much though, as perhaps we have very short memories. So let's remember then shall we?

Who remembers 1948? 1967? 1973? Three big wars, three major invasions that - although defeated - the Arabs never really were paid back for in kind... until now. Afghanistan was just the beginning, and Iraq is even more significant because not only was Bavel where our exiles were originally formed - it was also the only country to manage to shoot missiles into Israeli cities (during the Gulf War). Next on the chopping board is either Syria or Iran. Syria has invaded Israel many a time, and Iran has aided and abetted Arab terrorism against Israel for as long as the Ayatollahs have been in power. Now it seems that, if they are not going to be invaded, they will surely feel the wrath of America in another way. The invasion of Iraq is very symbolic indeed. Who would've thought it in 1948, 1967 or even 1973? The mightiest of Arab countries reduced to a bloodbath of invasion and civil war! And hold on... when the invasion of America didn't "finish them off", what suddenly took root? Terrorism! Or "insurgency" as the media now call it... (again, a measure-for-measure slap in the face for both the West (and the Arab states themselves to some extent), who would of course never refer to terrorists in Israel as such but rather as "militants"!) The resemblance to the Arab-Israeli conflict is startling to all those who wish to open their eyes and see it!

This is surely the Hand of G-D, and I have a feeling it most certainly is just a taster of what is to come...

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