Mafdal finally dropping the chirade?... Again?!

According to Arutz Sheva, Mafdal (the "National Religious Party") have announced that they are "contemplating allowing non-shomer shabbat Jews to join their party" as long as they "keep to the party rules" (but hold on, shouldn't the National Religious Party's rules be the Torah?!... Oy, never mind!). ( Apparently they want to be seen as more "liberal" - and we all know what that means when such a group still insists on posing as "Torah-observant Jews"... (see reform/conservative movement website for details...).

Now, I don't actually have a problem with this per-sai - as long as it doesn't mean non-Torah Jews actually running for the Knesset on a "religious platform" (because that would be lying, and the Knesset doesn't tolerate liars right?) - but this does perplex me somewhat. Were Mafdal actually still trying to masquerade as a Torah-based party even after their passive compliance with Sharon's expulsion plan?! As far as I knew, the National "Religious(?)" Party had already dropped this chirade de-facto, seeing as they insisted on staying in a government that was actively going about trying to expel Jews from the Land of Israel, thus trampling on the Torah and its Halachot (and even after they begrudgingly left, their "leadership" in the fight against the expulsion was far from laudable...) Rabbi Shapira shlita had already stated that such an aveira of uprooting Jews from Eretz Yisrael is at least equal to public Chillul Shabbat. So nu, what is the chiddush here?! Someone please explain! Hadn't they already announced to us all davka with actions and not just mere words (as is the normal custom in the Knesset) that they had taken the route counter to Torah values?! Wow, Israeli politics sure is confusing! And I'll tell you what'll be even more comical and sad all at once: that the UTJ party (who are actually still in the Sharon government...), along with their freinds in Shas will no doubt have a field-day with this, or at least will be shaking their heads sagely when they hear about it. I mean, how can people just dilute/abandon Torah values just for a warm seat in the Knesset right?!

Oy vey, this is getting beyond a joke!... This distortion of Torah is truly tragic.

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