Seems that Sharon is now ok with letting Hamas run for PA elections, which means we could see Arik shaking hands with Hamas terrorists in the not too distant future in some resort in Sharm El Sheikh, possibly on a TV screen near you!


...This comes after the IDF liquidated another Hamas terrorist - who was funnily enough in the car with an associate of Abu Mazen! (just to show you how fine the line is between Arik sitting down for coffee with Abu Mazen and with Khaled Mashal (Hamas leader)). Surprised?

...It also comes after many statements made by "the bulldozer" (Sharon) himself about how he would "never allow Hamas to run". Surprised?!

...This strange about-turn ALSO comes after another meeting between Shaul Mofaz (Defense Minister) and US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice... Surprised?!?!

Well I have to say, you shouldn't be surprised at all - and here's why:

1. Sharon has proven himself to be a compulsive liar. What he says vis-a-vis Hamas echos certain statements of his in the past about how "Netzarim is like Tel Aviv". Nothing he says should be taken at face-value.

2. Arik has shaken hands with Abu Mazen on several occasions. Now let's just remember: who is Abu Mazen? Abu Mazen is the author of a thesis on holocaust denial; Abu Mazen played a part in the Olympic Massacre in Munich; Abu Mazen has reiterated that he intends to "march onto Jerusalem" and keep up Arafat's (yimach shemo) legacy. Abu Mazen = Fatah = Hamas because guess what - they all kill Jews. So when Arik shakes hand with one Jew-killer, it follows that he'll shake hands with them all! So don't be surprised!

3. Sharon made a statement a while ago that everyone (especially in the right) has chosen to push to the back of their minds because they just cannot deal with it. Sharon said that the Israeli "occupation" of "palestinian lands" must end some time, and he constantly talks of a "democratic palestine, side-by-side with a secure Israel" (funny, that sounds like an oxymoron to me...). Well guess what folks: Arik's already given them some land (Gaza), and now all he's doing is giving them the right to vote for who they really want to rule that land for them - and I garaunty you that the "palestinian" people will vote according to who chalks up the most kills in this war... so Hamas should be front-runners (Abu Mazen please step aside!). But don't be surprised!

So big deal. All the news outlets talk about this as a major political and diplomatic step, but all I can see is a natural progression from what started all the way in the 1970s with Menachem Begin and Egypt...

Two percieved "heros" turned zeros: one starting the process off (Begin), and the other trying to finish it (Sharon) - how apt... Well, we all know what Rav Kahane had to say about that perception of these two (and other) Israeli "heros", ( ) and he was dead on!

4. The hallowed and sacred law in recent (and even not-so-recent) Israeli politics is clear and you should all know it by now: "I am the lord your god... America!" Israel is effectively a banana-republic in that what the Whitehouse says, goes. The Knesset has abandoned the Word of the Infinite, Almighty, All-Powerful G-D, and has foolishly decided to follow the words of the United States of America (who can't even look after its own people - as the recent hurricanes have shown - let alone Israel's!)...

So, another step in the relationship between the Israeli PM of the day and the nazi Jew-haters of the day is formed. How sad...

But surprising? Hardly!!!

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