The Galut Mentality of today's "Kahanists"

Now first of all I'd like to point out that I am entirely aware of what an oxymoron it is to suggest that a follower of either Rav Kahane could be a "Galut-Mentality Jew", but things have gotten just that sad I'm afraid...

I want to focus on the fact that just like the typical Galut Jew who has no direction and simply panicks and/or acts irrationally whenever he is confronted by evil and Jew-haters - this too is how many of those who today profess to be followers of the Holy Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd act.

Instead of fighting together as a unit despite any minor - and they are ALL minor - and petty differences, we instead attack each other, refuse to help each other, and act like complete babies!...And I'm not even talking in terms of the whole nation or even the whole "religious-public" - I'm talking about simply those who claim to follow the words of Rabbi Kahane!

The Rav taught us not to be knee-jerk reactionist lemmings - but that is exactly what we have become. We shoot ourselves in the foot repeatedly, and even when it is 100% neccessary (e.g. the expulsion of Jews from the Land of Israel), many "Kahanists" refuse to work together. We simply run to the edge of the cliff and throw ourselves off!

It's pathetic. Not only that though, we continually - really again just like little stupid kids - throw in G-D's Face (so to speak) everything He gives to help us. Every opportunity there is to make a difference - we don't! And that is because we refuse to accept the concept of "shiv'im Panim laTorah"! We don't help each other out, and instead see fit to argue about whos way is better - meanwhile nothing gets done at all!


Either we act now or we're finished. As Mordechai said to Esther in the Meggillah on Purim: if you don't do it, someone else will.

No "Kahanist" has a monopoly on the Torah. Of course any G-D-fearing Jew will recognise that the words of Rabbi Meir Kahane are the One Truth - but that is because they are Torah!!! The world - and more importantly, G-D - will not wait for "the Kahanists" to get their act together and act. Every second wasted is a terrible tragedy, and so there is only so much HaShem can take of this. We have a limited time and then I'm sure HaShem will be more than glad to let us sit down infront of the restored Sanhedrin and King Mashiach and put forward our disputations with one another (because it's anyway all just one big "teiku" - to use the words of the Gemara - in that incase anyone hasn't realised, noone is going to be proven right or wrong in these stupid little arguements...). But until that moment - and in order to speed up the coming of that moment - it's time to put this babyishness and arrogant stubborness aside.

Time to take the Galut out the Jew so we can take the Jew out the Galut!!!

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