Sharon Government to Disengage from Netanya Mall

It has just been announced that for the sake of Israel's security, and as a result of pressure by the American Government and the UN, the Sharon government will immediately be "disengaging" from the Netanya Mall, the site of repeated terror attacks against Israeli civilians. All shopkeepers will be expelled from the mall and given monetary compensation and be provided with alternative stores in the (not so) near future in a yet to be decided location. As the government is unsure as to where to relocate the shopkeepers, they will be temporarily be placed in hotel lobbies across Israel. For the sake of expediency, all of the contents of these stores will be placed in storage in an unsecured location open to thieves and looters, and only be made available to the expelees when a new permanent location is found.

The cabinet decision was made as a result of the latest murderous terrorist attack at the Sharon Mall in Netanya, where a moderate peace-loving Islamic Jihad suicide bomber snuck under the nose of the IDF, bypassed all the security checkpoints in the Northern West bank and somehow managed to cross the "impenetrable" separation wall which PM Ariel Sharon had solemnly sworn would keep suicide bombers from entering "green line" Israel. Apparantly all of Israel's security experts did not take into consideration that the clandestine tactic of hitchikng across the green line might be employed. In addition, the terrorist was spotted by security guards and police officers who were guarding the entrance to the mall, forcing him to explode himself outside killing at least one guard and injuring many others. As this was not the first time that a security guard was killed or injured defending the mall, outgoing Meretz Leader Yosi Sarid condemned the "arrogant shoppers at the Netanya mall" and asked how many good security guards and policeman must die defending them while they "frivolously squander money in peace and security at the expense of our soldiers". "Why can't they shop in a safer place?", Sarid asked. How many of our children must be placed in danger in order to protect these shoppers? The four mothers organization and Peace Now have threatened to pickett the mall until it is closed. Islamic Jihad and Hamas issued a joint statement calling for Israel to immediately withdraw from all malls and shopping centers built after 1967 and promised that there would be continued bloodshed until the Palestinian People are granted equal shopping rights as their Israeli counterparts.

Sharon admitted that although the withdrawal from the Netanya Mall was a "painful concession" and would undoubtedly be perceived as a victory for Terror, encouraging terrorists to attack other malls across Israel, that the "historic step" was necessary for the security of Israel and that nothing would stop him from carrying out the disengagement. "The withdrawal from the Netanya Mall will allow shoppers in all other malls across Israel to shop in peace", Sharon said. He, however, neglected to explain how or why that would be the case. Sharon continued by explaining that "Israel cannot spare the resources to defend every mall and shopping center in the country, it has been decided that any area which has been the target of multiple terrorist attacks or even failed attempts will be immediately evacuated and relocated." "Nobody, loves to shop more than me", exclaimed Sharon, "but for the good of Israel and for the sake of our security forces we must leave the Netanya Mall at once" Sharon reassured Israeli shoppers that worst case scenario, if all the malls in Israel needed to be evacuated, people could always still shop online.

It is still unclear whether the mall will be demolished, or be purchased by the World Bank to serve as a shopping mall for nearby Palestinians from the West Bank. If that is the case, Israel has promised to provide free bus and train service between all major West Bank cities and the Netanya Mall, which would be named after the late PLO chairman Yassir Arafat and proudly fly a Palestinian flag.

Sounds absolutely absurd doesn't it? But when push comes to shove, what is preventing the Israeli government from enacting such an insane policy? After all, people are dying, and are all the malls in the world really worth even one human life? If Israel could "disengage" from Gaza, expelling over 8000 residents who built their homes and made the land blossom with their own blood sweat and tears, why not Netanya also, or Tel Aviv, or Haifa? Are the heroes of Gush Katif worth less than the heroes of the 1948 War of Independence (or subsequent wars) who gave their lives defending Israel from decimation? Once we decide to "retreat" from insecure areas and set unilateral borders where do we draw the line? Are places like Netanya really safe? What will we do when we run out of places to retreat?

Attacks like today's reveal the complete farce of the Sharon regime and the danger of his policies. Sharon promised that building the "Separation Wall", an obscene ugly cement barrier that literally cuts Israel in half, once again relegating Jews to ghettos, would prevent terrorists from infiltrating Israel. Sharon promised that withdrawing from Gaza would usher in a new era of peace and security to all of Israel. Ironically or not, a short time after today's bombing, Kassam rockets were launched from Gaza and struck several Negev communities. Sharon insists he committed to further withdrawals, and following the Road Map religiously, further endangering Israel's security. He has promised to provide free bus and rail links between Gaza and the West Bank. He has opened the Gaza/Egyptian border to anyone who wants to come in, and has invited foreign soldiers to patrol Israel's border. He has joined forced with Shimon Peres and is enthusiastic about keeping alive his suicidal legacy. What did we receive in return? 5 dead Jews in Netanya.

When will Israel learn that there is only one way to bring peace in the Middle East? That building and cowering behind ghetto walls and making concession after concession only exacerbates the situation? That the Arabs are not merely interested in gaining control over the West Bank and Gaza but over every last inch of Israel including the Netanya Mall? Why are security guards trained and policemen ordered to "restrain" and "tackle" suicide bombers instead of shooting them on sight? Why does the IDF allow Arab terrorists so much freedom of movement that they can easily hitchhike their way into Israel in the name of "human rights and compassion" Why is it acceptable for security forces to die repeatedly in Netanya but not Kfar Darom or Karnei Shomron?

Rabbi Kahane presented the solution to all of Israel's problems decades ago. He was not a prophet or fortune teller, he merely saw where Israel's suicidal polices were going to lead us and presented the only solution, the Torah solution. "And you shall expel the inhabitants of the land..." - Jewish Disengagement. How can this be done? For starters by maintaining a Jewish army which operates according to Torah ideology, not compassion for the enemy and a sick distorted concept of "purity of arms". By deciding once and for all that Israel will be a State for Jews ONLY and that Jews and Jews alone will be the masters of our own fate. A State based on Torah and Halacha, not Western Liberalism and Democracy for all citizens.

We didn't listen then and we still refuse to listen now. As long as hostile Arabs are allowed to roam freely in Israel, Jews WILL die. Retreating will not help, nor will building walls, or hiding in underground bunkers. We must stand up and make a decision- Do we want to maintain the existence of a Jewish Israel, or not? If we answer positively the solution is right in front of our eyes and has been since the Torah was given on Mount Sinai. "And you shall expel the inhabitants of the Land..." Arabs OUT, OUT, OUT!!!!
If we refuse, you might actually see the above news story, in the not so distant future, as the Torah continues
"But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then shall those that you let remain will be as thorns in your eyes, and as pricks in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land where you will dwell.
And it shall come to pass, that as I thought to do to them, I will do to you."

G-d save us.

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