We Must Fight the Hellenists!!!

Tonight is the 7th night of Chanuka... but it is also the goyish "New Year". Funny that. The "new year" of the hellenists has fallen on the day of their crushing defeat at the hands of the few Jews of great Faith... On the very day that they get drunk and party, we know that we defeated them all those centuries ago - and will yet defeat them again. But it is still indeed an intruiging situation to find ourselves in. Why are things being "rubbed in our face" in such a way?

The lights of the Menorah show our victory over the hellenists - but their xmas lights and "new year" celebrations are their reply. They are shoving this in our faces and it has to stop! How DARE they celebrate their hideous "new year" in our Land?! How DARE they celebrate their service of the "man-god" idol IN OUR LAND!?

Is this not the greatest insult?!

So I put it forward to Jews of all stripes and colours - do not celebrate this "new year". It's not ours - and why should we want it anyway?

Look at the murderous history that the xtian "new year" has towards us Jews: http://www.arutzsheva.com/news.php3?id=95750

It's time to fight against hellenism and this is the ideal time - when their festivals clash with ours! When the choice is shown to us in such a stark, undeniable way. This year has seen it happen once before: Rosh HaShana clashed with both Ramadan and a Greek Orthodox festival for the first time in many many years. All faithful Jews must see this as a sign from HaShem. The battle-cry has been called - let's step up to the task! Let this JEWISH Year (which was kicked off with that very battle-cry on Rosh HaShana) be a year of victory for us and one of defeat for them.

If WE don't act (from Rosh HaShana), then THEY will act (from their "new year" of sodomy).

This clash of Chanuka and the non-Jewish new year should be a great opportunity for introspection. The Maccabim beat the hellenists once - but that is not enough.

It is time to put aside our petty differences and knock them down one last time...

I'd say "the war has begun," but we have been fighting it already for a long time - we just weren't all aware of it...

Chanuka Sameach.

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