Israelis Continue to Wake Up to the Arab Threat...

Some very positive news indeed:

For those of you who cannot read Hebrew here is a quick summary (courtesy of the Revava forum):

40% say that they support encouraged Arab emigration from Israel
63% say Israeli Arabs are a security threat.
68% wouldn't live near Arabs.
50% wouldn't let an Arab into their home.
41% say there should be separate places of entertainment for Arabs.
34% believe Arab culture is inferior to Jewish culture.

Well, it seems that slowly but surely the public are beginning to wake up. Is it too late? Well, I suppose it's never too late to do Teshuva, but if things don't change drastically very soon it'll get worse before it gets better.

If only they'd listened to Rabbi Kahane when he was still alive and not waited 16 years after his murder to realise how right he was! How different things would be now...

But let's hope that this trend continues, and the way to help things along is to spread the Idea. May G-D give us success in this noble endeavour!

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