Monday, May 22, 2006

Join the Protest!

For those of you who have not already heard, there will be a demonstration held tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd May, at 12:00 noon in Washington DC to coincide with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's visit to the US.

It is every able-bodied Jew's duty to make it there and show Olmert that the faithful oppose him entirely, and as a show of force to warn President Bush against backing Olmert and Kadima's suicidal "convergeance" policy of expulsion and capitulation to terror. We must not allow this violation of Halacha and threat to Jewish life to go on unopposed! Show your support and be there!

See more details at:,1865.0.html


More information about the rally may be obtained from Jonathan Silverman (, telephone: 718-304-3193.

1 comment:

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Thanks for keeping folks informed.
Now, with the rally behind us, the question is what are we to do next.
One thing is for sure: Olmert will not get any rest from us!