Help Save a G-D Fearing Jew from Imprisonment by the Authorities

The following is an email that was sent out by the Hameir L'David organisation. Please read it and pass it on to whoever you can. The freedom of an innocent, G-D fearing man is at stake here.

David HaIvri is the founder of Hameir L'David, and the co-founder of the Revava grassroots movement.

He is currently in the middle of a 5 month community service sentence, which was issued to him by the courts for the "sinister crime" of printing t-shirts with the words "No Arabs = No Terror," and with a picture of Rabbi Meir Kahane on the back. Of course, besides for the fact that this statement is blatantly true, and it's banning thus shows the extent that the Israeli authorities will go to in order to cover up the truth, the fact is that this proves that the whole idea of a "free democratic Israel" is a farce. It's not that democracy is mandated by the Torah - quite the opposite - it's very idealogy is that of taking the power of deciding between what's right and what's wrong away from G-D and gives it to mortal man to change as he wishes every few years; but rather, if a country/state decides to take on such an ideology and makes a big show of being the "only democracy in the Middle East," it should at least have the honesty and dignity to be objective in applying those "freedoms," or else just drop the chirade!

(And as if this wasn't enough: as I'm writing this, another Jew - Efraim Hershkovitz - has been sentenced to 4 months in jail and 9 months suspended for wearing a "Kach" t-shirt under his jumper on Purim 2 years ago! I wonder where all the leftist liberals are now with their "human rights" and "free speach"...?)


Fascism disease is spreading!

Ask these men to stop it from devouring David:

Rabbi Chananya Chollak
Ezer Mizion Founder and International Chairman
Yaakov Fried Building 5 Rabinov Street, Bnei Brak 51561, Israel Tel:
+972 3 614 4572 ,

Dear Correspondents:

It seems that the fascist government is causing the ordinary citizens
to act similarly. To my amazement, there are Israelis who do not yet
assume that virtually all Jewish arrestees are false accusations.

I am asking for everyone to take one minute out of your day to send a
short email on behalf of David Ha'Ivri. As you know, David was found
guilty of wearing a tee shirt, and therein, in this Kafka-esque world,

He was released into a work program at a charity, therein being
deprived of his ordinary income, and generally not appreciated. A
supervisor got upset and promptly called in the authorities, putting
David at serious jeopardy. There is a hearing to be held on Monday,
and the State would love to imprison our much valued brother.

Please drop a line, or make a call, to the head of the organization,
asking that they do everything they can to support David. Beg that
they show mercy, and not cause a family man to be imprisoned for
wearing a politically incorrect a tee shirt.

Thank you. Please do this now or at least today.
Also consider posting the letters on David's website, . Also, if you have a blog, please post a
directive similar to this.

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