Resistance to the Rescheduled Homosexual Parade in Jerusalem - How To Get Involved!

Shalom to all Who Revere the Holiness of Jerusalem!

Resistance to the rescheduled parade (Friday, November 10th at 10:00 AM. until 4:00 PM) is picking up strength and activists in and around the world.

On Monday, October 30th, a meeting is scheduled at the Knesset to raise the issue once again before the police superintendent Ilan Franco, prior to the deadline for issuing a permit for the parade.

YOU CAN GET INVOLVED BY FAXING OR EMAILING stating your opposition, and protesting the event on ANY date scheduled.

Superintendent of Jerusalem Police

Ilan Franco
Telephone: 02-5391100
Fax: 025391466

Superintendent of Police

Moshe Karadi
Telephone: 5308100
Fax: 02-5308118

Members of Knesset on the Interior Ministry Committee that will decide if the parade will take place:

MK Eli Yishai, Head of Shas faction:,
Telephone: 02-6408406/7
Tel: 02-6662252/3
Fax: 02-6662909

MK Edri, Minister of Jerusalem:
Telephone: 02-6753939/754, 02-67537354
Fax: 02-6753929

MK Hirshson:

MK Gidon Ezra:

M K Avi Dichter:

MK Yuli Tamir:

MK Roni Baron:

MK Yitzchak Herzog:

MK Pines-Paz:

MK Rafi Eitan:

MK Yitzchak Cohen:

MK Eitan Kabel:

Legal Advisor to Knesset Meni Mazouz:
Telephone: 02-6466521/2
Fax: 6467001

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski:

Telephone: 02- 6297997
Fax: 02-6296014

Other officials to email:

PM Ehud Olmert,,,

Shas MK's:;;;;;;;;;;nzeev@knes

Mafdal and National Unity MK's:;;;;;;;;

Yahadut Hatorah MK's:;;;
**Coincidentally, November 10th is the 68th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night the Germans smashed the windows of all Jewish establishments, shops and synagogues, an event that initiated the Holocaust.**

Coordinator of the Task force to uphold Kedushah
City Councilor Mrs. Mina Fenton


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