Blood Libels Abound in the Arab World

This is just the latest example of hundreds that are peddled every year. In Syria they even made a TV series about a group of religious Jews who stole the blood of xtian children to make Matzot:

Click here to see video.

Of course, it is not news to us - we've known about what the Arabs say about us since time immemorial - but what perturbs me is that it is never publicised in the general media, even in Israel! Why are people not made aware of this. Our leaders and the media are trying to con us. They try to fool us into thinking that there is no real "war" going on between us and the Muslims, but rather between us and "a few extremists, who are shunned by most of the Muslims in the world." In reality this could not be further from the truth - but without people seeing and hearing these things for themselves nothing can be done.

But the question is how? How do we make out brothers and sisters aware of the extent of this hatred? How do we shake them out of the (partially self-imposed) slumber? This is a particularly vital question for Israeli Jews, but it applies to the rest of world Jewry as well. Furthermore, we can make use of these videos to this end and to others, and yet we do not - why?

Check up on the archives (or use the search engine). There are simply dozens of these blood libels that are documented, and they are espoused by prominen figures in gov't, religion, culture and the media. But how is it that none of it gets out to the masses? And why is it that we do not take advantage and [i]use [/i] these videos?

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