Parshat Bamidbar


Jerusalem, Israel
HaRav Yehuda Kroizer SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva

2 Sivan 5767/18-19 May 2007

No way, I said when I heard the news. Yeah way - my friend told me. Nada, I said, still not believing it. Yes, it's true, my friend said, and showed me the news article. There I sat dumbfounded, not able to move for what seemed like an eternity, having to read and re-read the article over and over again.

Yes, our good friend, the United States of America, is not taking part in the festivities of Jerusalem's reunification day celebrating 40 years since the Six-Day War. The boycott by the U.S. and most of the world's nations, including the European Union, was to show that they do not recognize the legitimacy of a unified Jerusalem under control of Israel. Understandable with the E.U. and other nations, who live off of the hatred of Israel and Jews, but our good friend the US? Our great partners? Friends forever? How is it possible???

No need to say that I was shocked, but of course, our government was quick to react, falling over themselves and telling us that all is well with our friendship, and not to worry. Foreign Minister Livni, who informed us this week on how well the Gaza withdrawal worked and that Israel will certainly give away more land to the bloodthirsty Arabs, was quoted saying the connection between Israel and the U.S. is inseparable. Whew - That was close! Now I feel so much better!

Fools, any normal person should explain to the members of our government that every government in the world goes after their own interests; if it will be in the interest of the US government to help Israel, they will - and when it will not be in their interest, they will throw us to the dogs, as they have done to many countries in the past (e.g. Taiwan). Friendship forever? Inseparable? Nonsense! But our faithless leaders must continue to live in the bubble of "we are not alone" in this world and that we indeed have friends who will help us in our hour of need.

If only they knew of the greatness of the Jewish people, if only they knew of the high esteem that the Creator of the world holds for His people, we would be able to face the world's nations in a totally different light.

In our parsha, the Torah teaches us: The L-rd spoke to Moses in the Sinai desert. The Midrash adds: What did He say to him? Take the sum of all the congregation of Israel. G-d said to Israel: I love no other nation more than I love you. Therefore, I raised your heads high, just as My head is raised high over all the creatures on the earth. Moses said to G-d: My Master, of the seventy nations, You do not command me regarding any one but Israel. G-d responded, It is because I cherish them more than all the nations. They are My treasure; it is them I desire and whom I chose.

Have we traded all this greatness for - as the prophet Jeremiah said, "In whom do they put their trust - in Egypt, the broken staff?" Of course - the nations of the world cannot come to terms with the Jewish people returning to their own land, as the prophets prophesied so many years ago. How much more so when they see the Jews succeeding, and controlling Jerusalem, hence proving to all that the Jewish people are G-d's chosen. This is the bottom line. They, the nations, understand this all too well and will never recognize Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, for this will disprove their credibility. It is time for the nation who sits in Zion to also understand this, and exchange our illusory friendship with the nations - for the friendship of the Master of the world.

With love of Israel,
Levi Chazen

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