Friday, July 20, 2007

59 Years Since the Sinking of the Altalena

The story of the massacre of the crew of the Altalena is a very important one which must never be forgotten. It reveals the hypocricy of the left when they talk of how terrible "the murderer" Yigal Amir was for killing one man (who, as it so happens, was one of the murderers who opened fire on the Altalena), whilst at the same time they whitewash and even glorify the actions of the Marxists within the Palmach, who killed so many good Jews on the Altalena; it reminds us of the lengths that these people will go to prevent the rising of a real, proud Jewish State; and it shows us how naive and stupid some people are for their overwhelming belief that pacifist actions will suffice when fighting against the injustices perpetrated by these people.

Never forget.

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Mike said...

You're right, it's a dark spot on our history. In fact, in Menachem Begin's book "The Revolt" he states that the Hagana leadership told him that they will go to war against him! The Hagana told Begin that if he wants a civil war he can have one, even though Begin stressed every time that he doesn't want power, he is fighting to liberate the homeland! We see it today, appeasement of the Arabs and the cruel treatment towards the Jews. Think about this, in the 21st century, which country expels Jews out of their homes and hands those homes over to an enemy? Not Germany, not Russia, not France... but Israel.