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It's been a while I know, but the kahaneblog is now up-and-running again, hopefully with a whole bunch of new contributors as well, so watch this space!

And what better way to "relaunch" this blog than to continue from where we left off! My last post on this blog was many months ago, well before the Merkaz HaRav massacre seemed to jolt most Israelis into recognising just what a threat the "Israeli-Arab" minority poses to the survival of the country... many many years after Rav Kahane shouted it from the rooftops (but, of course, everyone tends to ignore that uncomfortable fact as usual).

So, let's see what's in the news today shall we?

Aug 28, 2008 19:15 | Updated Aug 29, 2008 0:25
[b]Israeli Arabs nabbed for planning attack[/b]

Every year the Shabak uncover a number of such cases, but this year has surely seen a record number of such cases among Israeli Arabs, both in terms of attacks actually carried out (Merkaz HaRav, the two "tractor-terrorists," the border-guards who were shot a few months ago, several stabbings and the shooting in Jerusalem's Old City just over a year ago... the list goes on) s well as in terms of terror-cells caught before they could carry anything out (thank G-D).

What's really strange though, is the way this has all been swept under the carpet so successfully by the regime in Israel, and with very little backlash from the Israeli public, and even the political leadership of the Israeli "right-wing."

And then there is the issue of prisoner releases.

How in the world is it that when Olmert and his cohorts do the next best thing to physically killing scores of Jews - by freeing those who both have already killed Jews (or tried but failed) and are certain to try again - the people of Israel react with nothing more than a few token protests, and an appeal to the leftist-controlled Israeli courts, which nobody expected to achieve anything whatsoever?! Oh, and let's not forget all the angry grumblings at family dinner-tables and in taxis, among friends, etc...!

Don't Israelis care about their country any more? Ok... maybe a slightly easier question: don't the Israeli people care about their own lives any more? Don't they know that such actions of each successive government directly threatens their lives and the lives of their loved ones?

And there are so many other issues as well to which the Israeli public have reacted so downright passively to that it beggars belief! Even the much trumpeted corruption scandals to have plagued Olmert and co have elicited nothing more than smug smiles, equally smug and slightly biting comments from many political figures, angry grumblings, and a field-day for the Israeli tabloids. No real "people's campaign" against such a thieving regime, no real concrete push for change - nothing of substance. Even if Olmert goes to jail, he is just the tip of the iceberg - the corruption so inherent among the Israeli political elite will continue long after that joke of a Prime Minister is gone.

At the end of the day, the only way to force change is through the people. "People power," should not be under-estimated, and it seems that (ironically - considering how Israelis take so much pride in what they call a "democracy") most Israeli politicians don't actually care about the will of the people per-sa, but merely see them as a way to achieving their own selfish, personal goals. And so, instead of working towards the good of the people, they utilise a staggering amount of demagoguery in order to capitalise on the feelings of sadness, hopelessness and tiredness that fester among the people of Israel. People are sick of war? Promise them peace at all costs. No matter how unrealistic it is, the people will surely lap it up, since they are like paupers who - so utterly maddened by starvation - will jump on a piece of bread even if it is covered with poison.

Every Israeli knows in the back of his/her mind that giving away X piece of land will not solve the problem, since the Arabs have always demanded EVERYTHING, and have adamantly stuck to that line since the State's very inception. The point is though, that accepting that fact means making the kind of difficult decisions that they feel they cannot face, and so they seek a form of national-escapism in the class-A drug that is the "peace process." Again; the drug-addict knows that his addiction does nothing to change the reality of his miserable personal life - in fact, it usually makes things worse - but he doesn't really care any more. He has already accepted (if but subconsciously) his miserable fate, and all he seeks now to do is to run away from facing it for as long as possible. Each shot of heroine provides a fleeting moment of jubilation and satisfaction: "ah! Life is so great, everything is fine!" ...until he comes off of his high, to find that he has merely dragged himself even further towards the gutter.

The parallel here is obvious. But the solution is equally as glaring.

Providing "the alternative," has always been the call of the Israeli Right - yet how many of them actually go on to elaborate and describe precisely what that alternative is? Rav Kahane did, and was eventually banned, and today his followers are almost without exception condemned to the political sidelines and wilderness. In part this is due to the media's effective hate-campaign, but in part it is of our own doing, since most seem to have just dug themselves in at the fringe, and even reveled in that status as a "fringe group."

What a sin. What a calamity.

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