The Gay Parade Through The Holy City of Jerusalem to Take Place This Friday

As has been reported on many Israeli media outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the abomination parade will indeed take place this Friday, despite the huge opposition to this blatant and open provocation and terrible disgracing of G-D's Holy Name.

It is now up to the Am - the People of Israel - to stop this attack on our Holy City by any means neccessary. Rabbanim all over Israel - from the Chief Rabbanut of Israel (both Sephardi and Ashkenazi) to HaRav Elyashiv, and from HaRav Ovadia Yoseph and HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, to HaRav Shapira and Rav Simcha Kook (Chief Rabbi of Rehovot and decendant of the Holy Rav Yitzchak Kook z"tl) - are joining this call to arms, and it is the duty of any Jew - man or woman - who is physically able to do so to make it to the city and defend it from this terrible evil and sickness. Those who cannot for any reason must emerse themselves in Torah, Tefilla and Tehillim in the hope that our merits shall suffice to utterly wipe out these spreaders of evil, sin and perversion in our Holy Land (and throughout the world).

May G-D grant us success in our time of need, when we go out to do battle for His Sake alone!

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