Success!... Or Is It...?

So thank G-D the original large-scale gay parade through the streets of Jerusalem has been cancelled, and certainly this is a victory of sorts for those dedicated Jews who fought tooth and nail to prevent it from ever taking place. A huge yasherkoach to them all!

The problem is (as you will have read in the above article) that in fact, it still will be taking place, only (for the most part) behind "closed doors," at the Hebrew University stadium in - yep, that's right - Jerusalem, and accompanied by a scaled-down march of sorts! In addition, the majority of the anti-gay rallies and demonstrations have been cancelled as well.

So how much of a success is this?

The parade will still be going on in Jerusalem - although thank G-D not so publicly, which of course would have been far worse - and they will probably try to hold one again next year. And let's not overlook the fact that they will still have a parade of sorts in public, only in a "safer" area of Jerusalem. How much of a success do I rate this...? Well, we'll see come Friday, but frankly, I'm not terribly optimistic, and I'd urge people to still get out there if they can and protest this desecration of our Holiest City.

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