How to Set Off the Powder Keg...?

This article got me thinking:

49% of Israeli youth don't trust the Israeli leadership... that's not really anything surprising, but it certainly is encouraging, and a change from the "old days," when to challenge the "State of Israel" and her decisions was regarded as plain blasphemy.

But is it enough? The truth is, I think that if the same poll were to be carried out in many other countries the results would be similar... and yet people just go on with their daily lives despite the fact that they themselves know that the govt is harming them. However, in Israel there is potential to spark a move towards major change, simply because of the extremely volatile security situation, the social problems, the oppression of the poor, and the like.

People in the UK or the US or Europe, etc, are upset because their govts are fighting a war they feel uncomfortable about; or because taxes are a little too high for them to afford lots of holidays and a four-bedroom house; or because of corruption up top which reeks to high heaven, but which doesn't really filter down to them so much.

People in Israel, on the other hand, have the war on their doorstep every day. It's not a one-off 9/11 or 7/7 or Madrid or Bali - it's a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week war in which each and every person is a potential target. ALL (or most) of them are either in the army themselves, or will join the army, or have kids going to/in the army. ALL of them are potential targets whether they are on the bus, in a cafe, driving on certain roads, or simply walking through "hostile (read: Arab) areas." High taxation in Europe or the US may be a burden - but in Israel it is simply crippling for the average working-class Israeli, and the rich just couldn't give a damn. Corruption in Israel DOES effect the average guy, because of the mafioso connections and cobwebs that run through everything from the "Trade Union," to the police, to the army, to the intelligence services... and right down to the working-class shmo in Tsfat, who has katyushas fired at him for a few months, and then fnds out that the "Chief of Staff" of the army sold his shares in Israeli military stocks shortly beforehand.

People are simply thrown out of their homes if the govt feels like it and if the Arab pile on enough pressure. Synagogues, schools, Batei Midrash, yeshivot, kollelim, people's livelihoods - all destroyed, dismantled, crushed, and sometimes burned (remember the images from the shuls in Gush Katif?). People are beaten and arrested for simply being in an area declared "judenrein." Religious Jews are the target of libels in the media and the judicial system - both Hareidim and the "settler" camp. People have the right to defend themselves taken away - and if they DARE act in self defense, they soon find themselves facing a long stretch in jail at worst, or at the very least a long and expensive legal case.

Politicians literally play with lives in Sderot and Ashkelon, just so that they can look good infront of the UN. Racial tension is bad in inner-cities in the UK? Well compared to Israel they're nothing, where Arab gangs rape and attack and vandalise anything Jewish in Acco, Haifa, Jerusalem - you name it. Then recall the Russian goyim and their periodic attacks on synagogues in the Petach Tikvah/Rishon LeTzion areas, throw into the mix the oppression of the Ethiopian Jews, and all the other social divisions, and you have a highly volatile powder keg.

And to top it all off: on our Holiest site, the very people who vow to wipe us out have built several shrines from which they constatly blast loudspeaker announcements in Arabic towards the masses of Jews praying (bizarrely) a short distance away... and all the while the Waqf are destroying artifacts dating back to the times of both Temples, in an attempt to dismantle the Jewish claim to Har HaBayit.

The truth is, Israel needs a new regime - this current one is bringing nothing but death, destruction, and the desecration of G-D's Name, and more and more Jews in Israel are becoming increasingly aware of it.

But what does all of this mean? It means that if only someone were willing to light the match the powder keg would explode. But the question is, what would set it off...?

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