Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How to Set Off the Powder Keg...?

This article got me thinking:

49% of Israeli youth don't trust the Israeli leadership... that's not really anything surprising, but it certainly is encouraging, and a change from the "old days," when to challenge the "State of Israel" and her decisions was regarded as plain blasphemy.

But is it enough? The truth is, I think that if the same poll were to be carried out in many other countries the results would be similar... and yet people just go on with their daily lives despite the fact that they themselves know that the govt is harming them. However, in Israel there is potential to spark a move towards major change, simply because of the extremely volatile security situation, the social problems, the oppression of the poor, and the like.

People in the UK or the US or Europe, etc, are upset because their govts are fighting a war they feel uncomfortable about; or because taxes are a little too high for them to afford lots of holidays and a four-bedroom house; or because of corruption up top which reeks to high heaven, but which doesn't really filter down to them so much.

People in Israel, on the other hand, have the war on their doorstep every day. It's not a one-off 9/11 or 7/7 or Madrid or Bali - it's a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week war in which each and every person is a potential target. ALL (or most) of them are either in the army themselves, or will join the army, or have kids going to/in the army. ALL of them are potential targets whether they are on the bus, in a cafe, driving on certain roads, or simply walking through "hostile (read: Arab) areas." High taxation in Europe or the US may be a burden - but in Israel it is simply crippling for the average working-class Israeli, and the rich just couldn't give a damn. Corruption in Israel DOES effect the average guy, because of the mafioso connections and cobwebs that run through everything from the "Trade Union," to the police, to the army, to the intelligence services... and right down to the working-class shmo in Tsfat, who has katyushas fired at him for a few months, and then fnds out that the "Chief of Staff" of the army sold his shares in Israeli military stocks shortly beforehand.

People are simply thrown out of their homes if the govt feels like it and if the Arab pile on enough pressure. Synagogues, schools, Batei Midrash, yeshivot, kollelim, people's livelihoods - all destroyed, dismantled, crushed, and sometimes burned (remember the images from the shuls in Gush Katif?). People are beaten and arrested for simply being in an area declared "judenrein." Religious Jews are the target of libels in the media and the judicial system - both Hareidim and the "settler" camp. People have the right to defend themselves taken away - and if they DARE act in self defense, they soon find themselves facing a long stretch in jail at worst, or at the very least a long and expensive legal case.

Politicians literally play with lives in Sderot and Ashkelon, just so that they can look good infront of the UN. Racial tension is bad in inner-cities in the UK? Well compared to Israel they're nothing, where Arab gangs rape and attack and vandalise anything Jewish in Acco, Haifa, Jerusalem - you name it. Then recall the Russian goyim and their periodic attacks on synagogues in the Petach Tikvah/Rishon LeTzion areas, throw into the mix the oppression of the Ethiopian Jews, and all the other social divisions, and you have a highly volatile powder keg.

And to top it all off: on our Holiest site, the very people who vow to wipe us out have built several shrines from which they constatly blast loudspeaker announcements in Arabic towards the masses of Jews praying (bizarrely) a short distance away... and all the while the Waqf are destroying artifacts dating back to the times of both Temples, in an attempt to dismantle the Jewish claim to Har HaBayit.

The truth is, Israel needs a new regime - this current one is bringing nothing but death, destruction, and the desecration of G-D's Name, and more and more Jews in Israel are becoming increasingly aware of it.

But what does all of this mean? It means that if only someone were willing to light the match the powder keg would explode. But the question is, what would set it off...?


monty said...

Kahane [z'l] was most certainly right.
Thousands of people demonstrating adamantly country wide and without violence [ if this is possible] might do the trick.

Ivri said...

During the run up to the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif, as well as during the expulsion process itself, such methods were used. Needless to say, they failed. I feel that something more than mere demonstrations are needed. Certainly the regime has shown that it will simply ignore "peaceful demonstrators" who make do with waving flags, shouting slogans, and waving placards.

Protests are a good first step in getting people interested and emotionally involved - but the people of Israel couldn't be more interested and emotionally (as well as physically and spiritually) involved. Something more is needed.

Mad Zionist said...

Seeing how Effie Eitam was threatened with state prosecution just for suggesting the moslems be transferred so Israel can be a true Jewish State, and seeing how Kahane and Ze'evi were murdered when they attempted to advance the same ideas, we see that anyone who tries to rock the totalitarian socialist boat ends up dead or in jail.

If things are to change it will likely be with revolution within the IDF, but since the military is as corrupt and leftist as the rest of the Hellenized government of Israel I see very little hope right now.

God willing, the rightous ideas of Kahane will prevail eventually, but it seems further away now than ever. I am honestly starting to believe the State of Hellenized, Marxist Jews needs to fall to the moslem filth before a true Jewish State can arise. May that happen soon and in our days.

Ivri said...

"Mad Zionist," have you ever thought what might happen were the current State of Israel to G-D forbid "fall to the Arabs," as you put it? They would slaughter any Jew that they could get their hands on - certainly they won't just stop at the Hellenists and assimilationists.

Do not be foolish, the falling of the State of Israel is not an option, and would be the biggest possible desecration of G-D's Name, for then the nations of the world could claim victory over His People. At the same time, we can't just sit idly by and allow the current situation to continue. So again I ask you: how do we change it?

Mad Zionist said...

The falling of the Marxist State of Hellenized Jews would be a desecration like the falling of Hellenized Judea to the Maccabees was at the time of Chanukah. The solution is revolution, and the only way it can happen is if the military can be divided.

Olmert is doing his best to make that happen right now, so we'll see. Hopefully Greater Israel Jews will unite in substancial enough numbers to fight the anti-Jewish enemy within and defeat the abomination of leftists entrenched in power. In short, we need another Chanukah, another Maccabean revolt, a battle for the soul of Israel, and a real Jewish State to emerge as a result.

Ivri said...

I agree that a revolution is the only solution, but the question I am putting forward is how best to achieve such an apheaval.

As for your first point: sure, the Hellenized regime needs to go, but for ANY Jewish government to fall to the goyim would be a terrible chillul HaShem. The regime needs to be overthrown by the faithful of Am Yisrael - no one else.

But once again, the question is: how...?

Mad Zionist said...

Non-violent demonstrations against the government was absolutely worthless in the battle to save Aza, and, so, too, would it be of no use to bring down Olmert & company. The way to win is by showing the silent but scared masses of Greater Israel Jews that they really can win.

How? Letting them see the military lose when they come to evict the next yishuv. How do they lose? FORCE! The moslems can beat the army back with pellet guns, rocks, and antique rockets, and, so, too, can the Jews.

We must realize that the Hellenizers have declared war, and that their empty souls can be forced to retreat because how many Jews in the IDF will be willing to kill or be killed by Jews to achieve Olmert's political goal?

Standing up to the military with real guns and real ammo is the only way to force them back and gain the confidence of the Jews who politically agree but are too afraid of Olmert's gestapo to say or do anything. The yeshuv underground must mobilize.

Ivri said...

I agree 100% that simply having lots of "peaceful demonstrations" has been proven (although it should have been obvious anyway) to be completely useless against the current regime in Israel, but I don't think what you support is correct either.

For a start, in any armed conflict between the few "extremists" and the IDF, it is barely a competition. Jews slaughtering each other while a world full of anti-Semites watches in glee is hardly the solution in both a practical and Torah sense.

Mad Zionist said...

Ivri, you over-estimate the stomach that this IDF has for a fight. If the Hezbalon war and continued Oslo concessions Olmert has been making to the vermin have taught us anything it is that, when push comes to shove, the Hellenists are not willing to engage in a bloody war, no matter how weak the enemy's military might be in comparison.

If you doubt Torah legitimacy on fighting the pursuer who seeks to kill you, well, I think you need to look deeper into how we are obligated to deal with rodef. Also, look at the Maccabees who fought the Hellenist Jews in a Jewish civil war if you doubt our right to defend ourselves and our land.

We are not to be pacifists who sit back and take what the Hellenizers dish out just because they happen to be Jews. If they want to expel Jews and give our land away to the vermin filth than we are obligated to stop them.

Ivri said...

During the war against Hezbollah, the IDF had to deal with a militia of several thousand committed fanatics. That the army's defeat was a disgrace is no question, but in the process they killed well over 1000 Lebanese, most of whom were Hezbollah operatives.

Conversely, there aren't 100, let alone 1000 Jews willing to fight, and noone will provide them with weapons either (as Syria and Iran did for Hezbollah).

If we're going to win we can't live in a dream world. There is no comparison.

And besides, Israel gave in because of their pathetic worries concerning "international pressure" - noone's going to give a damn if they slaughter a few hundred "Jewish radicals." It's just not realistic. I don't doubt our moral obligation to fight them, but the point is to win.

Mad Zionist said...

IVRI, your points are all valid. Still, as we saw in Amona when there was greater resistance than the police expected, and horrific images of bleeding, battered MK's, women and children in the news, Olmert and company were seriously taken aback from casually giving further expulsion orders. Greater resistance would only further weaken the resolve of the Hellenized leaders, and is the only way to even remotely hope to turn back the horrible tide.

Ivri said...

I think that the resistance at Amona was heroic, but there are two things that you should bare in mind.

One is that the houses were still torn down anyway, because at the end of the day, no matter how heroic the fight was, the winner was always going to be the soldiers and police.

The second is that Amona was something quite different to what you were suggesting.

It is clear that Amona was the beginning of something more like proper resistance, but it is also pretty evident that it still wasn't enough.