Once Again - Returning To Chomesh

From an e-mail by Susie Dym:


You may have seen in the paper that Yom Haatzmaut (Tuesday 24 April 6 Iyar) is the next visit to Chomesh -- this time for only one day. Bring walking/climbing shoes and warm clothes, food and water. Busses cost 20 NIS and are round-trip: there and back, same day, don't bring your sleeping bag this time. Sign up now (you MUST do so till midnight of the night before (till Monday midnight).

Northern busses: Register at this number: 0524-627118

1. Golan (Katzrin) 9AM via Tiberias (Central Bus Station) - Golani Junction - Afula

2. Safad 9 AM - Carmiel -- Moreshet - Yokneam

3. Nahariya 9 AM - Acco -- Krayot -- Checkpost (in direction of Nesher)

4. Haifa (Merkaz Ziv near Riri flower store) 9 AM - Merkaz Horev (near Bnei Brit) - Kvish haChof - Zichron Yaakov (maybe)

Southern & Central busses, all leaving 10 AM (register at this number: 052-6302222)

5. Jerusalem - Binyanei haUma

6. Rehovot -- Herzl corner of Yaakov

7. Raanana - Yad LeVanim

8. Petah Tikva - Iriya Square

If your city doesn't have a bus above : If you are coming from a city or location not listed above call us immediately (0524-627118 for North, 052-6392222 elsewhere) before Motzei Shabat, and Chomesh Tchila will try to organize a bus to stop for you. Indicate full name, how many places you need and where from.

Public transport: Excellent service from Netanya straight to Shavei Shomron by Egged Line 73 www.egged.co.il 03-6948888. Remember that many places have good train service direct to Netanya.


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