Is There all That Much to Cheer About...?

Ok, so Ben Gvir throws a party, everyone (including myself) is happy and relieved that yet another rasha is out of comission and will be unable to hurt our Nation again.

...But so what? There are plenty more out there you know. And after we suffer 100 or so days of Olmert's leftist bumbling and goyi-butt-licking, we'll have elections... and who will win? Probably the sell out Netanyahu - or less likely the extreme-socialist Peretz (as all the "Kadimaniks" throw themselves off the top of the Azrielli Mall in Tel Aviv, having already committed political suicide by putting all their eggs in the Sharon basket(case)!) ...And all the while Lapid drinks himself to sleep every night after having his seats cut by more than a half, Meretz continue to nash their self-hating teeth at every oportunity they get...

Meanwhile, the "Kahanists" can't stop arguing amongst themselves, the Chareidi parties are contemplating adding a new wing to their latest yeshiva ("if only we can squeeze some more money out of those tziyoinim! Ach - which Mitzvah shall we sell today!?"), and the NRP and NU are sitting dribbling in their (much decreased) chairs in the Knesset, after using all their limited brainpower to argue and fail to reach an agreement on a merger between their two hapless parties.

...and the arabs just have a big laugh at our stupidity.

If we don't pull our act together (and I mean specifically the Kahanists), we most certainly will have nothing to cheer about - because the time of Mashiach is nearing, and if we don't bring him through our merits then G-D will force him here - with all the painful consequences that follow in such a scenario...

Now is the perfect time. The hellenists have suffered a great loss - if we act now HaShem is certainly on our side!

HaShem Yishmor.

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