Shake Hands with this!

"What happened!? What went wrong?! We're doomed!!!" lamented the blind, ignorant lemmings on this pivotal day in the "middle east". Last night they'd been shown to be a "close second" - today they came out a safe first. I'm talking about Hamas. Hamas - responsible for the murder of so many hundreds and even thousands of Jews. Responsible for countless terrorist attacks: suicide-bombings, drive-by shooting, stabbings, road-side bombs, car-bombs, sniper-attacks - you name it they've done it. Terrible isn't it? Isn't it?

It is!? But why I ask you? Why is it any worse than accepting the murderer Arafat? Or the murderer and holocaust-denier Abbas? Or the murderous, corrupt, lying Fatah; who - funnily (or not so funnily) enough, are ALSO responsible for countless Jewish murders and suicide bombings, drive-by shootings, stabbings, road-side bombs, car-bombs, sniper-attacks - the lot! You heard of the "Al Aqsa Brigades"? Or the PRC (Palestinian Resistance Committee)? You have? Well guess who pays their cheques? Fatah! Yes, Fatah are indeed the "Sinn Fein" of Al Aqsa and the PRC and various other smaller terrorist splinter groups. And I wonder what the reactions will be if - G-D forbid - the Israeli government continue on their path to self-destruction and begin giving in to "international" and "American" pressure; distinguishing between the "political" and "military" wings of Hamas... Chas Vechalila, lo aleinu! What an unfunny joke our country's "leadership" is.

But I call upon all those who fear G-D to not fear Hamas, and to not be at all worried about this situation. This is, in fact, a great development and a great day for Am Yisrael!

Let's give a (rather graphic) mashal (parable):

when a dog makes a "mess" on the floor, all you dog owners out there will know that to "potty-train" him and teach him to never do it again, one (to put it bluntly) shoves his face in it so he can see (and smell!) what he has done, and there's no running away from what he's done.

It's the same over here. We all knew deep down what filth we were dealing with in Arafat, Abu Mazen, Aba Ala and all the rest of them. We knew full well. But government after government tried to ignore the repugnant stench - and even shake hands with these scumbags - all the while repeating the mantra of "we'd never do deals with the "real terrorists" like Hamas!"

So pathetic.

But it appears that the Almighty has decided to play it our way in His Infinite Mercy. So here you go Olmert - shake hands with this filth! Here you go Peres, Bibi, Peretz, Beilin and the rest of the Hellenist - stick your noses in this!

This truly is a great day for us! It is the day of truth!

Now we must decide: Life or death - Kahane or Mashal - TORAH OR DESTRUCTION!

Please G-D may we merit leaders who will make the right choices, and may this be the beginning of the end for the "Road Map" and any Oslos and other contracts of death and compromise on Torah.

And may we merit in particular the Messianic era of leadership, with Mashiach Tzidkeinu leading us towards the Way of Truth - the Path of Hakadosh Baruch Hu!

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