Prayers for Daniel Pinner


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Tomorrow, Sunday 29 Tevet/29 January, after 7 months in jail, at 1 p.m. Daniel Pinner faces his final hearing in the Beersheba District Court, in which he could be found innocent and go home, or guilty and go back to jail - or a decision could be postponed for a thousand and one reasons, at the whim of the judge and the completely corrupt "justice" system.

At any rate, tomorrow is a fateful day for Daniel, so he asks for prayers for a good outcome. His Hebrew name is Daniel Moshe Tzvi ben (son of) Channah Malka Fayge.

I spoke to Daniel last week when he called me from Masiyahu Prison, thank G-d he is still in good spirits despite his ordeal.

For those who live in Israel, the hope is that Daniel will be witness to many, many of his friends and supporters sitting in the Beersheba courtroom tomorrow at 1p.m. to show him the support and warmth he sorely deserves during his ordeal.

Just as a reminder: You can also call his home number at 03-9068079 (from outside Israel: 972-3-9068079) and leave him a message of love and support; Daniel listens to his messages from the public phone in jail.

Daniel has written some brilliant and inspiring articles from jail, and you can see the latest one on Arutz 7 at or subscribe to get the latest news about Daniel and all of his writings, as well as send messages to the him.

Whatever the decision tomorrow, I will let you know the outcome.

B'ahavat Tzedek b'Israel,

Yeshivat HaRa'ayon HaYehudi

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