Number of Jewish Women in Israel Converting to Islam set to Double this Year

According to Israel's population registry (as quoted on Arutz Sheva), an average of 35 women have converted each year previously. So far, however, in the first half of 2006, 42 women have already converted!

THIS is the sickness that Rabbi Kahane warned us about - and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg...

How many hundreds or indeed thousands of ostensibly Jewish children are running around Um El Fahem or "East Jerusalem," or Arab-occupied Jaffa, or other Arab-occupied areas in Israel, who don't even know it? How many boys and girls who shout "Itbach Al Yahud!" - "Slaughter the Jew!" are actually Jewish themselves, but don't know it?

And how many Jewish girls/boys take Arab partners and DON'T convert, but rather live secular lives, raising their children as Arabs?! And if this is the amount of Jews converting to Islam, then how many Jews are converting to the "more friendly" and "easier to swallow" Xtian religion as well? And how many more join the wierd and wonderful cults of idolatery and blasphemy who have flocked to our Holy Land in order to defile her? And how many Jews simply DO NOT CARE?! ... And all of this IN ISRAEL!!!

For this we came back from our nearly 2000 year exile? For this we prayed 3 times a day (and 4 times on Shabbat and Yom Tov, and 5 times on Yom Kippur) for? As Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd said: we left the ghetto and the shtettle in Europe - and we recreated it in Israel! We left Poland and Lithuania and Iraq and North Africa and Britain and America... and we created Poland and Lithuania and Iraq and North Africa and Britain and America - RIGHT HERE IN ISRAEL!

Well one place we certainly didn't leave was "Chelm"...

The Hellenistic leaders of Israel wanted to stop Israel becoming a "Jewish State," and to stay as simply "a State of Jews." Well soon they may not even have THAT!

It's time to change this sorry state of affairs, where Jewish women leave Judaism in Israel, and where Arab "citizens of Israel" cheer on the Katyushas as they fall on Jewish heads - IN ISRAEL!

But even right now there is a way to help.

Please send in as much as you can and donate your money to this wonderful organisation:, who have saved many Jewish girls and women from a gruesome and unbearable life in Arab villages.

But this is just one symptom of the bigger problem. Until all of Am Yisrael wake up to the fact that Rabbi Meir Kahane was right, I fear that we will see even more such tragedies in our Holy Land...

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