Whether it is In Jerusalem or Tel Aviv - this Evil Abomination Parade Must be Defeated!

With many sources claiming that due to such pressure from so many fronts, and such a great threat of violence, the parade may end up being relocated to Tel Aviv, many people will be breathing a collective sigh of relief.

However, I think that this is not so much of a "relief," as a terrible opportunity for the national yetzer ha'ra to tell us "it's ok, we're fine now - it's over there in Tel Aviv, not over here in Yerushalayim!"

We can't afford to have that attitude. Does it say in the Torah that such things are only abominable in Yerushalayim? Is the rest of the Land of Israel not Holy?! That's like the Kohen Gadol in the times of the Temple telling a tuma person "stay out of the Kodesh HaKodashim!... But if you go in the Kodesh I won't mind that much..."

Moreover, if we have no right to give away parts of the Land of Israel physically, then how much more so do we have no right to give it away spiritually to the hordes of homosexual perverts and ultimate rejectors of the Divine Will!But there is even more. An Arutz Sheva article hit the nail on the head (quite by accident), when it said:

The coalition of opposition to the march comprises Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders, but it appears that only Jewish opposition will remain if it is held in
Tel Aviv.

Now I don't for a moment doubt that their thoughts on that are of fear and sadness.

("What will we do without those great xtian "zionists" and those useful muslim nutcases!? Oy vey!!!")

But in reality this is HaShem throwing us a line here! Now we have the perfect opportunity to show that WE care about His Holy Land more than any xtians, muslims or secular homophobes! We can show that we are the only ones who understand Him and the Way of His Torah, by driving these twisted perverts out of the Land in its entirety! If we do not, the accusing Angel may then (G-D Forbid) be able to say in front of the Heavenly Court "it was not the Jews, but the xtians and the muslims who drove the gays away from Your Palace's Inner Chamber. Just look at what happened when the Jews were left to fight them all alone - they didn't act!"

This is not just about Yerushalayim - it's about the Land in general! Sure it's a great victory if we can drive them away from Yerushalayim - but that's just one battle, and if we don't drive them from Eretz Yisrael completely we will have G-D forbid lost the war!

So, whether the abomination parade is held in Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv or anywhere else within the borders of the Land of Israel, it is our obligation to fight it however we can.

If we want to wrestle the entire Land from the evil forces/Sitra Achra, then surely we have to prove that we want it - and not just a little piece here and there, but the whole thing!

And it shouldn't be that the Satan should be G-D forbid able to wave infront of G-D's Eyes that THIS is the reason we "beat them" in Yerushalayim either:

Rabbi Amar wrote a letter to Pope Benedict XVI, asking him to help thwart the
event, in the "hope that the combination of religious leaders' protests will
prevent the evil schemers from.. destroying the ways of mankind."

So wherever it is, it is our duty to do what it takes to stop this attack on the heart and soul of Eretz Yisrael - WITHOUT the "help" of our muslim and xtian enemies - one of whom wishes to take our lives and Land through murder, and the other who wishes to take our souls and Land through missionarising...

May G-D gaurd us and watch over us, and grant us success on the day of battle!

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