A Call to Action, in the Name of G-D!

In the past few hours the Israeli police have granted permission for the "Open House" homosexual and transexual organisation to hold a "Gay Pride" rally of sodomy and sickness in our Holy City Jerusalem! The parade of perversion is schedualled for 10th of November. (click link for article from Arutz Sheva)

(Click here for article from JPost)

It is the duty of every Jew who can to be there and oppose this event! It is indeed a Holy War for Jerusalem and the sanctity of the Land of Israel in general!

Only a month ago the "Open House" organisation held gay events all over our Holy City: pornography festivals, a "drag-queen" competition, and even a "youth day," despite being forced to do so in a much more "low-key" fashion to that which they had previously intended due to the huge legal and political pressure that was piled upon them, which also saw their planned gay pride rally postponed, presumed cancelled... until today.

But apparently (what a surprise!) it wasn't enough to stop them totally then, and it won't be enough to stop them now. Sometimes we have to stand up and really fight for what we believe in, for the Word of G-D! The time for words has finished, and the time for action has begun. For, in the words of the Mishnaic Sage Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel in Pirkei Avot - "the Ethics of the Forefathers": "Action, not study, is the primary thing"

I will, please G-D, be posting any updates I can get about the details of this parade of abomination as soon as I get them.

Please G-D these spreaders of evil, promiscuity and perversion in the Land of Israel and elsewhere will have all their plans thwarted, and they will be utterly defeated and shamed forever!

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