The "Secret" is Out...

Well, to be honest, to many of us it was never much of a secret.

Only three years after the murderer El Said Nosair killed Rabbi Meir Kahane z"tl h"yd, after a speach in Manhatten in 1990, during which he had urged emergency Aliyah for the Jews of America, the first WTC attacks occured.

Nosair had not been convicted of murder through a technicality, and so got off on a much more lenient sentence of possession of illegal weaponry. However, after the WTC attacks occured, Nosair was implicated and convicted for his part in the attack, as well as finally for the murder of Rabbi Kahane.

For years there had been speculation about the fact that the murder of Rabbi Kahane was connected with the later Al Qaeda attack. In addition, it had been alleged that were Nosair to have been checked out more thoroughly after the murder of Rabbi Kahane, the authorities would have been able to crack the Al Qaeda cell and stop the WTC attacks before they happened.

Until recently this had never been confirmed, but, as you will read in this article, all of that changed this past anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers:

NYPD Detective Breaks His Silence on Kahane and the WTC


See the Israeli Channel 2 documentary on the connection between the Kahane murder and the first WTC attacks, as well as the wider Al Qaeda conspiracy of Jihad against the entire world.

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