Terrorists Attacked You? State of Israel: "Pay Them!"

Terrorists Attacked You??
State of Israel: "Pay them!" Honenu: "Oh, no!!"

Based on an article by Yair Shapira, Besheva newspaper, 7/9/06

Almost a decade ago, Dr. Michael Ezer, a historian and former USSR refusenik who had made aliya to Kedumim, Israel, was stoned on his way home. Several dozen Palestinians blocked the road and lobbed large rocks at the car, smashing the car windows including the front windshield. Dr. Ezer managed to escape, and even to apprehend one of the attackers, Tsafadi, who had slipped, rock in hand, when trying to run away. Dr. Ezer transported Tsafadi to the nearest army patrol and handed him over.

End of story? No. Believe it or not, the State Prosecutor's office insisted on prosecuting -- no, not Tsafadi for an attempted lynch -- only Dr. Ezer was indicted: for "assaulting" and "kidnapping" Tsafadi, of course. In parallel, no action whatever was initiated against Tsafadi; in fact Tsafadi and his cohorts were never even questioned. An Israeli court dutifully convicted Dr. Ezer of assault -- because he had held Tsafadi by the ear, although no ill-effects of this "violence" were discovered by the doctor who examined Tsafadi just after the event -- nor did Tsafadi complain of such.

The story goes on. An Arab organization discovered Tsafadi's "cause" and, enthused by the verdict, filed a civil suit against Tsafadi's near-victim -- Dr. Michael Ezer. The Israeli courts ruled against Dr. Ezer again, and he was recently ordered to pay 48,000 NIS (about $10,000) to his own attacker, Tsafadi.

Not to be outdone, Dr. Ezer countered with a civil suit of his own against Tsafadi. Surely, he reasoned, the emotional distress felt by someone who is stoned by a mob, barely escaping with his life, must be larger than the emotional distress one experiences if someone merely holds you by the ear. Surely? Not in modern Isarel. The judge who heard the case rejected it. Dr. Ezer was told that Tsafadi owed him nothing.

Dr. Michael Ezer, a man of very modest means (his criminal conviction also had the effect of torpedoing his modest academic career) is now stuck with a bad verdict, a bad precedent (that is, bad for the Jewish people -- not for him personally) -- and only one more chance to appeal. Honenu, the legal aid fund, is now raising the funds that are needed to mounting a spirited defense on behalf of Dr. Michael Ezer. If this succeeds, it will fend off an avalanche of future Palestinian "court cases" filed on behalf of Palestinian perpetrators -- against their own Jewish victims. If this fails, contributions will be needed so that Dr. Ezer can pay the verdict rather than being harrassed further by Tsafadi.

Friends of Israel & of the Jewish people: Join the struggle to reverse this ridiculous precedent. Save a generation of hapless Jewish victims from future harrassment by Palestinian perps. Make a tax deductible (both in US and in Israel) donation. Write out a cheque to Honenu (the Israeli legal aid fund) and send it directly to the home of Dr. Michael Ezer, P.O.B. 435 Kedumim 44856. Please add a few words of encouragement to this long-suffering man. Thank you so much.

Residents of the US can donate to the New York office:

8204 Lefferts Blvd, Suite 381
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Tel: 718-441-7300
Fax: 718-849-8423

Contributions are recognized by the US
Tax Authorities (Tax ID: 30-0198003)

PS Praise for Honenu:

"To All My Good Friends, Shimshon was freed, just a little while ago, to house arrest with Rabbi Herbst. This evening we will drink to [his] freedom [and] we will sleep better tonight even though there will be a trial in the future. We owe so much to Shmuel Medad (Zangi), the founder of Honenu, who came to the appeal at the Supreme Court and spent hours there today in order to get Shimshon released from prison. Rarely do we find an individual so caring and good as he and we are very lucky to have been able to receive his help. When considering a wonderful organization to which to contribute funds....let it be Honenu . Arnold & Marilyn Cytryn" -- from email sent by Shimshon's grandparents, the Cytryns, to their distribution list, last week (11/9/06).

Background: Caroline Glick's article on Shimson Cytryn:

Visit the Honenu Website in Hebrew or in English for more on their righteous work and amazing accomplishments.

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