The Fight Against Perversion in The Holy Land is Far From Over!

The gay march through Jerusalem may have ben prevented (for now,) but for those of you who weren't aware, the perverts are still planning gay and lesbian events around Jerusalem, including a gay "film festival," and a "drag-queen contest..."

One particularly disturbing event to be held is "Youth Day," which the gay movement "Open House," (the organisers of the events) describe as an event meant for youth aged 15-20 to come and attend. They say it is for "gays, lesbians, bisexuals - and those of you who are still 'unsure'."

Needless to say this kind of filth must not be allowed to take place on the Holy soil of Jerusalem - nor anywhere else in the Land of Israel.

The "youth day" event is schedualled for Monday 7th of August. In protest of this disgraceful event, there will be a "Defend Zion Rally" at 11:00am at the "Rose Garden," outside the Knesset. Mothers, fathers, young and old, men and women - all of you are needed to show your opposition to this abomination.

In attendance there will also be several former homosexuals who have been cured of their illness, and who wish to show their utter disgust at such an event being held to actively ENCOURAGE young girls and boys to take on such a lifestyle.

Please be there, and spread the word!

We must stop this affront to G-D's Holy Name in His Holy Land once and for all!

The following is a press release on Arutz7 concerning the demonstration:

Anti-Gay Pride Protest: Monday, 11 AM, Rose Garden
17:42 Aug 06, '06 / 12 Av 5766

( Victims of Arab Terror, together with Revavah, Women for Family Values, and Jews for Morality, have called upon "the concerned public" to take part in a mass protest against the WorldPride gay event taking place in and outside the Knesset tomorrow.

The protest is scheduled for 11 AM at the Rose Garden outside the Knesset, near the large Menorah.

"Acting contrary to G-d's will cannot help us in the war against our enemies," says VAT founder Shifra Hoffman, among the organizers of the protest.

The organizers hope to hand out literature offering help, from organizations such as Atzat-Nefesh (Advice for the Soul), to those who find themselves bewildered by the WorldPride message.

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