The World is Angry at Israel!!!


HaRav Yehuda Kroizer, SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva


by Barbara Ginsberg, Maale Adumim, Israel

The world is angry at Israel. And that is great! It means that we are slaughtering the enemy. We made Hizbullah choke on their words that “Hizbullah defeated the Goliath”, defeated indestructible Israel.

The world is angry at Israel for fighting a "war" as a war should be fought.

Israel’s strategy has thank G-d proved effective and the world screams “stop”.

Civilians were killed and some 50 Lebanese in Kana. Well, my friends, that is called war. Israel unlike any other nation, drops flyers, to warn the civilians to leave the area they are going to bomb. Whether the deaths were caused by Israeli bombs, or by Hizbullah to get the sympathy of the world, does not bother me.

The world is angry at Israel, because Hizbullah, in their abnormal, animalistic rage, attacked the UN personnel and their building, both in Lebanon and Gaza. The very people who help these terrorists and are always on their side. Great! Let the world be angry.

Where was the anger of the world when Israel’s innocent civilians were killed and hurt in our Northern towns? Where was the world’s anger when Gush Katif, Sderot and Netivot had missiles and Katyushas raining down on them – in so-called times of peace? Where was the world’s anger when citizens were blown to pieces by suicide bombers? Where was Tony Blair? Why did he not appear on TV and shout, - Stop! Enough! There was a deafening quiet as Jews were being blown to pieces.

Enough – we must continue this war and win. Israel has no choice.

I remember the U.S. using napalm fire against villages in Vietnam, killing innocent civilians.

The French fought in Algeria and thousands of Muslim civilians lost their lives in French bombing raids, and vigilante reprisals.

And the chutzpah of Tony Blair to angrily speak on TV that it is,.”enough.” The Jewish people remember Britain’s occupation of our country - keeping Auschwitz survivors from entering what was then called Palestine. Turning their backs and closing their eyes as the Arabs slaughtered Jews The moral Tony Blair’s country used the noose to end the lives of Irgun and Stern fighters. The British were not for a goodwill gesture to set men free, as foolishly Israel is constantly doing today with her arch-enemies.

Please, G-d, let the world be angry with us. It means that we are winning - and how great it is to be a winner and hated by the world. Please G-d, help us and let this be.

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