United We Fight

By David Ha'Ivri of Revava

Following last year's destruction of Gush Katif and Northern Samaria, many felt betrayed by the State of Israel and the army who carried out this horrible deed. Families who had traditionally sent their beloved sons to IDF's elite units, to take an active role in defending our people and land, could not deal with the fact that the "our" army was now being used against Jews most dedicated to the land and nation. Feelings for the IDF will never be the same.

Many reserve soldiers and youth about to be drafted, swore to themselves that they would never don an IDF uniform again. Certainly, this caused mixed feelings, because up to that time, these same people viewed the IDF with the greatest of respect, even deeming it holy. It is not hard to identify with these feelings of frustration and anger towards the mechanism which betrayed them.

Today, the dilemma becomes even greater as the people of Israel are under attack from north and south, bombarded by Islamic armies who wish to wipe us all out. Frustration reaches a new climax when the Israeli PM makes no effort to hide his intention to continue with his expulsion plan, using the IDF as his tool, as soon as the Hizballah enemy is neutralized. It certainly is a predicament. How can one wear the uniform to fight the enemy, when he knows that the same soldiers will eventually be used to destroy his home and displace his wife and children?

In spite all of this, at times like these we must put all issues aside and go out to battle. For how can one sit quietly when Jewish blood is being spilled like water? Is it not written, "Thou shalt not stand by your brother's blood"?

But still there is an issue of treachery toward our soldiers in the field of battle which must be addressed; the government and army policy which endangers IDF soldiers in order not to hurt "innocent" civilians. It is this twisted "morality" which has caused Jewish heroes to fall in this present war. No country or army in the world behaves in such a way. It is not ethical to put our soldiers in harms way, to consider their lives as of less value than that of the enemy population. General George S. Patton is quoted saying "The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." It was good for him and its good for us. The lives and well being of our soldiers come first.

If the leaders of the State feel that we must be more merciful on the enemy population than any other army, they can drop flyers to inform the enemy civilian population to vacate all of the terror infested areas, and then after a given 24-hour period, have the Air-Force bomb and wipe out every building which might harbor the enemy. Do not expose Jewish soldiers by sending them into hostile enemy villages to carry out pinpoint actions against one individual terrorist or another.

If there is a dilemma which must stand before he who wants to go out to war. It is the question of: Are my commanders looking out for my welfare first and foremost? Or are they pitying the enemy population, and turning me into cannon fodder? We must demand that all means are taken to protect the lives of our troops even at the cost of the enemy's civilian population. For this is a milchemet mitvah (Obligatory War) as the Rambam defines it: "To rescue Jews from an oppressor who comes upon them". We are obligated to go out to protect our brothers.

God willing, as we succeed in smashing the Islamic tyrants in the north and south , we will overcome the enemy from within and succeed in struggle for maintaining the integrity of the Land Yisrael.

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