It's Like the Blind Leading the Blind... How Much More of This Must We Endure?

I am so terribly glad that I came across this article today! Finally, we have found all the solutions to our problems!

Yes boys and girls, once we burn all our women's open-necked shirts and dangling jewelery, then Mashiach will come, and then we will all be ok! The Arabs will simply turn around and say "how can we continue to rape Jewish girls when so many of them dress so modestly? How can we blow up little kids who are born to women who dress with such sniut? Let's claim a homeland in Las Vegas instead!" And Khaled Mashal, Ismael Haniyeh and Abu Mazen will pack up and leave, and the Qassams will stop, and all the Arabs will leave and all Jews will join hands and sing songs. What wonderfully clever leaders and Rabbanim are leading this nation!

...Even such a thick layer of sarcasm cannot properly relay how angry these kind of things make me. Stupid Rabbanim leading even stupider Zealots in burning clothing, instead of mosques and places of idol worship. Idiotic masses of asses standing around lapping up words of ignorance from a bunch of Rabbanim who have barely even heard of Sderot, let alone lived there and suffered with their brethren there, telling them that the solution to all of our ills is "to get rid of tight clothing."

I know that ynet always look for reasons to bash the Chareidim and other religious communities in Israel - and that is why I usually am repulsed by ynet - but this time their cynicism is well-placed (as much as I hate to admit it).

It's not that sniut isn't vital, and it's not that unfortunately many Jewish women and girls do indeed wear innappropriate clothing - but the fact is that any Rabbi or leader who takes such an initiative against clothing, yet did/does not do so for Batei Knissiot in Yesha or elsewhere in E"Y that are being destroyed, or for people's homes, or for Jewish lives, is either mentally unstable, or simply blind.

It is mamash like witnessing a headless chicken running around its coop like a meshuggena. Like the blind leading the blind. It could not be more frustrating...

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