Righting the Wrongs of the Past Through Ahavat Yisrael

Why does everyone ignore the plight of our Ethiopian brethren? Why do we repeat the sins of so many years ago, when Sephardi/Mizrachi Jews from the Middle East and Northern Africa were treated like animals and kept in poverty just because they were different to the secular European Jews who ran things at the time (and still do to a great extent today)? We go on and on about Teshuva in this generation, and then we ignore injustices such as these, highlighted in this article by Ha'aretz, as well as so many others, simply because we are able to close are eyes to it. (And how sad it is that no religious media outlets or publications will deal with this problem or even admit that it exists!)

Yes, it is true; there are many complications when it comes to the Ethiopian Jews, stemming in part from the incompetance of certain religious leaders, and in part from certain overly-eager American-Jewish do-gooders. But what is certain is that many of them are sincere in their Judaism, and they are our brothers and sisters! They suffer daily because of the colour of their skin, or because they are "different" to the secular elite who control the Israeli gov't and authorities.

This should not be so, and if G-D-fearing Jews do not take up their cause and relieve their suffering, then the missionaries who lurk in the shadows to kidnap Jewish souls in the way that they did to so many neglected and poverty-stricken Soviet and Northern African Jewish immigrants, will do the same to our vulnerable brethren from Ethiopia - and they have already started! Who will extend a hand to these Jews? Who will show true Ahavat Yisrael to a community who are isolated, scared and confused - but most of all who are in despair?

If we do not do so, then the evil cults and heretical groups who are allowed by the hellenistic authorities to fester inside our Holy Land (much to our shame), will destroy so many thousands of Jewish souls, and commit atrocities far worse than any "Islamic terrorism" could...

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